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The Earth Did Move

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: Angel and Cordy's First Kiss
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Cordelia was being her normal cheerful self until the vision hit her like a ton of bricks. She tried to remain standing but it hit her so hard that it knocked her down. Cordy caught herself on a nearby table and took the vase with her to the floor. She saw so many things all at once. She felt so many things. But she was a pro at the whole vision thing. They were sent from The Powers That Be and usually had great meaning.

But even with being a pro she still couldn't believe what the great meaning of this vision foretold. She picked up the phone and cringed at the intensity of the sound of the dial tone. While punching in some numbers she thought, dial tones and making phone calls don't mix well with vision hang overs.

Just as he staked the last of the vamps that had attacked a girl behind a bar, Angel's pocket began to ring. "Gosh I hate this thing. Hello?" he asked more than said. "Cordy what's wrong? Ok I'll be there in a minute: call Gunn and have him and Fred meet me there." He was off. Cordy needed him. He was always there when she needed him.

"So let me get this straight," Gunn said for what Cordelia thought was the hundredth time that night. "Angel is going to try to kiss you and that's going to be the key to unlocking all evil in the world." She felt really bad. Everyone's staring at me like I'm nuts. I'm not. I know I'm not... am I? She thought to herself.

"Look it's really simple. In the vision, the second me and Angel touch lips, there's this earthquake and like all of LA goes Ka-boom." Cordy explained. Angel finally speaking said with a completely straight face, "Ka-boom. Very technical term. Well, Fred, get on the web and find out all about earthquake predictions and seismology reports for the area. Gunn, go get The Host; we'll need him to read Cordelia. And Cordy, why don't you lie down for a while." She knew he'd make her, so she didn't argue, but she thought, I don't wanna go lie down and take it easy.

Every time Cordelia tried to lie down on the bed she just popped right back up. She'd always wondered what it would be like to kiss Angel. He's attractive in the brooding-never-smiling-or-laughing kinda way, she thought. She'd always thought that kissing him would make the Earth move then she thought again, but not in the literal and destroying LA sort of way.

Meanwhile Angel paced back and forth in the entry way to the hotel. Where was The Host? He needed him. He loved Cordy and had been contemplating telling her how he really felt. When he did, though if she felt the same way they'd kiss and the world would end. No, that couldn't be. He had thought, but still he was sworn to help mankind. Causing an earthquake that killed LA is not the road to redemption, Angel thought to himself. He was sure of that.

"Hey Angel cakes," The Host said when he arrived. Angel skipped all pleasantries: "Cordy had a vision that said that if me and her kissed, LA would be destroyed." The Host stared at Angel. "Okey Doeky Angel Baby. Let me have a swing at her. Well not literally of course. All though that has helped sometimes. Not with her pur-say but on occasion." The Host walked up the stairs of the Hyperion Hotel towards Cordelia's room despite Angel's strange looks. He wouldn't hit her, Angel thought, would he?

With a soft tap on the door The Host entered the room. The second Cordelia saw him she began to sing at the top of her lungs and as fast as she could. "Twinkle twinkle little star how I..." The Host made a face and then said, "Honey, your soul's reading so loud that I don't need you to sing. I could sense you from the front door." Cordelia looked down at her feet, "So then what's wrong."

Angel continued to pace downstairs. "What's taking so long," he asked more to himself but Fred decided to answer anyway. "Angel," she said in her normal country accent, "she'll be ok, you'll be ok. LA won't be destroyed. Maybe it's just like a bad reception from TPTB." Angel made a vague attempt to smile.

"Well ex-princess of Pylea, you're in love," The Host said matter of factly. "With who?" Cordy asked innocently. "The black wearing, trench coat sporting, vampire with a soul: the brooding caped crusader himself. Angel," The Host answered. There was silence. The Host could sense Cordy's dismay. "Look doll face, the world won't end. It's just, well, you had like a vision-mare. You know when you have a bad dream, it's about something bad happening to someone you care about or to yourself. Well, honey, you care about Angel and about this city and his redemption. So you had a nightmare about it. It was a vision-mare. It won't come true." The Host explained. "So that's it?" Cordelia asked.

"So that's it?" Angel asked. "Sure, Angel Face, she's all better, cured and ok. You won't kill off all the LA population just by smooching with the princess in there. So go for it. You know you wanna," answered The Host. Angel tried to play it off, "No. I don't know what you're talking about." "Angel Cakes there is no point in trying to hide it from me. I've read it on you since you first walked in and sang 'Mandy.' By the way, never sing that again. Well gotta run. Ciao." And with that The Host was gone.

Angel walked up the stairs to the room Cordelia occasionally used as hers. He'd never felt butterflies in his stomach before now: he thought they felt more like eagles or something much bigger than butterflies. He tapped on her door lightly. She answered with her normal bright smile but when she realized who it was her smile turned fake and she laughed nervously.

"Come on in," Cordelia told Angel. He did so. What is he doing here? she caught herself thinking. "Well The Host helped me and I'm all better. So I'll go down stairs and work. I mean I'm so silly right," Cordelia kept babbling on while Angel took his seat on her bed, "it's not like we'd ever kiss, right?" she asked like a frightened little girl.

She wants reassurance, Angel thought silently. "Of course not," he said. Cordy continued with her babbling, "yeah I mean us. Ha. That's a laugh. I mean, you know. Human. Vampire. Broody. Cheery. We mix like night and day, oil and water. Ha ha." She could tell that she was hurting his feelings so she stopped. She'd always known the attraction was there but could The Host be right? Could there be love?

"Angel?" Cordelia questioned. At that Angel got up and kissed her. The vision was right: the Earth moved. But not in the deadly sort of kill-all-of-LA way. But in the-first-kiss-of-true-love way.

"There is love there. True Love," said the voice in Cordelia's head. It was another vision.

"No rest for the weary," Angel said as he put on his black trench coat and went off into the night to save the day.

Cordelia watched from the window. "The earth did move," Cordelia said to herself with a smile.

The End

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