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Road Trip

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: Angel visits a small Texas town to save the great granddaughter of a woman he was in love with in the 1930's.
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"Ahhhh," Cordelia screamed in agony. Angel ran up to her and caught her before she could fall to the floor. It was her third vision of the day but they still couldn't figure out whom the girl was that Cordy saw. Fred had run to the medicine cabinet to get the aspirin even before Cordy asked for it. Gunn was still buried in the books looking for the street name and number.

"Yo Angel," Gunn piped in.

"There is no street with that name. I know, I know but keep looking," Angel ordered.

After swallowing two aspirin, Cordy said in a weak voice, "It's not in LA."

They all stopped what they were doing and looked at Cordelia. "It's in a small town right out side of Dallas, Texas," Cordy said and went on, "Angel go help her. You know the street name and address." Without a word Angel grabbed his coat and headed out.

"I'll make plane reservations," Fred yelled she only hoped he heard her.

The vision was clear to him. The Powers That Be just had to make things personal. With the address and the city now, if he wasn't sure before, he was now. His friend was in danger. He had to get to her.


"What was that all about," Gunn asked once Angel had left. Cordy was the only one that knew, still weak from the vision and still looking at the door that Angel had used to exit, she quietly told them the story.

"About 70 years ago," she began, "Angel was crossing the country just to wallow in self pity and pass the time. He passed through Dallas and stopped at a local bar. There was this beautiful raven-haired girl singing. He was mesmerized by her voice. For a week he would come and listen to her. Then finally getting up the nerve he told that her voice was beautiful. She blushed."


"Well, thank you kind sir," the raven-haired girl said to Angel. "I'm Jennella Rodriguez," she introduced herself.

"I'm Angel. It's a great pleasure to finally have a name to the voice." She smiled a smile that Angel was sure would be the end of him.


Cordy had a distant look on her face as if she could see it all playing out. "They became friends and he told who he was and about the curse and his past and she loved him even more that she knew the truth. He stayed with her and she took care of him. One night she didn't come home from work at the normal time so he decided to go looking for her.

"To make a long story short she'd been raped and left for dead in an alley behind the bar. Angel found the guy and kicked the shit out of him. But it was too late. She was pregnant. Now you have to think of the times. It just wasn't lady like to live with a man that you weren't married to and then to have a kid.

"The baby was born and the father came and killed Jennella and stole the baby. Like hell was Angel going to let that rapist raise a baby. He went after her and killed the dad and put that baby up for adoption. Since then Angel's been in contact with all Jennella's family. Her daughter that was born in 1930, Lucy. Lucy's daughter Annabelle who was born in 1958 I think. And then Angie who was born in 1982. Angel and Angie are always writing to each other. They're really good friends."

Fred and Gunn sat in silence. They didn't know what to say. So Cordy went on, "No one knows, not even Buffy. And the only reason I know is that I found a letter that Angie sent Angel. I've never seen her so I couldn't tell if that was her I saw in the vision but with the way he rushed out of here. I think it was. But I found her letter and asked him about it. It took about two months and about 5 letters but I dragged it out of him."

They were all quiet. "I have to go help him," Cordy said. Even though her vision hangover was still going strong she got up and headed out the door. She looked at her fellow workers, "who's up for a road trip?"


Angel wasn't quite sure what he was going to tell Angie but since he had already rang the doorbell he had to think quick. Just then a girl, well woman of about 20 years of age and with raven hair accented with fake red highlights answered the door. He didn't have to say anything. "Angel," the girl exclaimed and hugged him with such force that she almost knocked him over.

She looked at him with a smile that he knew would be the end of him. He gently touched her face. She was as beautiful today as her great-grandmother had been 72 years ago. She invited him in. All the girls in that family knew who and what Angel really was from Jennella to her daughter to hers and now Angie knew. They somehow overlooked it and loved Angel just the same.

"So... um... do you need any...um... help," Angel asked. She gave him a curious look. She then said, "When you called from the plane I fixed up a room for you. Actually it's the basement but it'll be safe from the sun. I also ordered some pigs blood from the butcher and I..." she trailed off when she saw the worried look in his eyes. She sighed and then told him, "I sort of, um, got in a fight with this guy. He's, um, not too human, he's a vampire. I'm well in debt and he wants me to pay with blood. Mine preferably. Preferably to him not me. I'd rather like to keep my blood. Oh Angel I didn't want to call you and take you away from your job but..."

At this point Angel interrupted, "You're my family and you just were going to let yourself be killed and..."

"Angel, we're not family. I know you saved my grandma and ever since then we are all just supposed to look at you like family but I can't. My mom and dad are dead. Real family would have called or visited to see if I was ok. But now for two and a half years I've done it on my own. Now I'll do this on my own. I'll get money and take care of my baby on my own." If it had been a cartoon Angel's mouth would have hit the floor.

"A baby?" Angel asked. Angie merely touched her stomach. She looked as though she had grown up in the two seconds since the word baby had slipped out of her mouth. With tears in her eyes she told him how history had repeated itself. She'd been raped and left for dead. Now she carried the child and was looking for easy cash. So she made some bad business investments and her "boss" sent some vamps after her.

Angel felt the rage build up in him. The same rage that had caused him to kill a man 72 years earlier. He was going to find the guy who did this to her.

His thoughts were interrupted, as a demon crashed in the room from a window. Angie screamed with all her might, "No! Angel help me!" Angel was already in the process of doing so. He kicked high in the air and hit the demon smack in the head right before he had the chance to grab Angie. Angel grabbed some sort of oriental sword that Angie had used as decoration and severed the unconscious demon's head off.


The drive took almost 2 days and they finally arrived at the house. But no one answered. So Cordy tried Angel's cell. "Hello" he answered and he sounded almost happy.

"It's Cordy, we're here at the house and wondering if you saved the girl or what. Are you at a club?" Cordelia asked as Fred and Gunn gave each other funny looks at the thought of Angel being in a club.

"Yeah," Angel said in a semi-screaming voice as he was trying to talk over the music. He told Cordelia, "I'm here watching Angie perform. You should really come. She great. She's on again in 15 minutes." Angel gave them directions and they headed to the club.

They arrived at the club and were surprised to find Angel in the front row instead of his usual lurking in the shadow self. They joined him at the table. He filled them in on the situation. Then Angie took the stage and his faced beamed with pride. Cordelia almost couldn't take her eyes off of him. But when she did there was no doubt about it. Angie was not the one in the vision.

"Are you sure?" Angel asked for about the fifth time. Cordelia sighed, "I'm positive Angel. That's not her." They waited for Angie outside. She finally appeared. "Wow nice ride," she said. Angel smiled and led her to the passenger's side.

They arrived at Angie's house. Angie had the window boarded up but she felt safe with Angel there. She still felt bad that she told him he wasn't family to her. So when she found him sitting alone she decided to talk to him. "Um, so where is everyone," she asked. Angel looked up at her. She wasn't the little girl in pigtails that used to send him pictures for him to put on his fridge. She was a woman. A gorgeous woman. He didn't answer her question.

"You look so much like your great-grandmother. I loved that woman so much," Angel said and looked down.

Angie knelt down beside him. "Angel, we're not family. If I we were you'd be here for Christmas's and you'd send birthday cards. I write to you and you write back but not the way family does. It's more like a woman to her friend or her lover. And I know you know this is true. We're not family and we're not friends: we're more. That's why you haven't written to me in about a month. Cause you're afraid."

Angel looked at the young woman kneeling down beside him. She was right. They were more than friends. He had the urge to kiss her and he began to move in for it when Cordy screamed in the kitchen. Both Angel and Angie ran in. She was clutching her head in pain. Another vision.

This time the girl was clearer than ever. The girl in the vision was her. Cordelia was in danger.


After the vision they decided the best thing to do was get Cordy as far away from the house as possible. Angel had the Host wire some money in. Angel had Gunn Fred and Cordelia fly home a head of him. Then Angel decided that he'd pay Angie's "boss" a visit.

Angie was nervous. She had no idea how the "boss" would handle Angel's threats. And when they got there she wished she didn't have to find out how he'd handle it. "No you see she promised me that if I lent her the money she'd sing at the club for a month every night and now she doesn't want to sing. So it's simple. My boys are hungry and they want to eat soooo she's what's on the menu," the "boss" said. Angel never changed the expression on his face.

"How much did she borrow?"

"Two thousand dollars."

Angel pulled out a roll of money from his trench coat and threw it on the "boss's" desk. "It's more than enough," Angel said and turned and walked out the door with Angie in his arms.

They were at home packing things up. Angie was going to move. She went into the back room. She heard the door slam behind her. She thought it was Angel. She was wrong. She let out a scream. The vampire stabbed her in the stomach and let Angie fall on the floor. He threw Angel's roll of money at her. "The Boss says never insult him with an offer again. This time he'll take your child next time. He'll take you." The Vampire jumped out the open window.

Angel heard a scream and ran into the room just in time to see the vamp jump out the window. He could hunt him later right now he was focused on Angie. She was bleeding on the floor. He called the ambulance.


"Mr. Angel?" asked a nurse.

"Yes," he answered.

"You can see her now," the nurse told him and led him to her room. Angie looked pale if he couldn't see the rise and fall of her chest he was sure she could pass as dead. Angel sat down in a chair next to her bed. He felt his 200 and some odd years of age.

He reached for her hand but when he touched her she awoke. "Hey there, gorgeous," he smiled at her. She weakly smiled back.

"Hey there, handsome."

They looked at each other for a while. "I lost the baby," she began with tears welling up in her eyes, "But they say that I'll be ok. Just need some rest. At least you got your money back, huh?"

"Hey money is nothing. Look I've talked to the doctors, and they said that you need at least a month's worth of easy-does-it and then you'll be good as new," Angel informed her.

Once Angie fell asleep Angel called the hotel in hopes the gang was back. They were. He informed them of the events that happened.

It was two days later and Angie was released. Angel took her home. They arrived and Angie was surprised to find her whole house in boxes.

"What's going on?" she asked Angel. Angel shyly told her his idea.

"Umm... I just thought you might wanna come to LA for a while. At least 'till you're all healed and no one's trying to kill you."

Angie smiled at his caring for her. She smiled and felt tears well up.

"No one's ever wanted to take care of me before. Ok. I'll go. Under one condition," she said.

Angel answered, "anything."

"We finish what we started," she said and kissed him. He had a feeling he was going to like her conditions.

The End

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