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The Test

By Sadira Jewelsten

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Summary: An enemy of Angel's from the past, comes back in search of the Gem of Amara. He takes Cordy hostage and an old friend of Cordy's saves her life.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters from "Angel". They belong to Warner Bros. The only character I own is Amy who is Angel's daughter.
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It was a warm day in LA. Cordelia was sitting in the basement, waiting for Angel. When he finally came down, she grinned.

"Did you get Amy settled?" Cordy asked. Angel nodded.

"Yup. Now let's see if she stays asleep."

After they got the equipment set up, Angel got in front of Cordy.

"Show me your stance," he said confidently. "Remember what we talked about. Don't take your eyes off your oppoinent for a second." Cordy got into her starting stance and stared him in the eye. "Good girl," Angel praised. "Now take your left wrist and-"

Wham! Cordy swung at him, sending Angel backing into a wall.

"Sorry!" She blurted out. "Are you okay?" Angel nodded, but he held his right shoulder.

"I'm fine. Remmeber what I said, don't worry about me. I'm unhurtable." Cordy nodded, but gave him ice for his injury anyway. After a couple minutes of rest, they went back to training. Angel was impressed with Cordelia's progress. She had really been practicing and learning how to do the moves just right. After the basics were done, Angel tried to teach Cordelia a new move.

"You want me to come at you from behind," Cordy began, making sure she understood.

"Yeah," Angel replied. "Don't worry about hurting me. Just worry about where you are." Cordy nodded and prepared to do the move. As Angel took his stance, Cordy tried the move and ended up catching him off guard. Angel went flying across the room and landed in a pile of laundry. Cordy gasped.

"I'm so sorry," Cordy said.

"Don't apologize," Angel replied. "You didn't hurt me."

"Yeah right," Cordy said with a smile. "If I didn't hurt you, then why are you holding your side?"

"No reason. Let's try it a different way." As Angel came around to help Cordy position herself, they both heard Amy start to cry.

"I'll see what's wrong," Cordy offered.

"You need to rest." Angel shook his head.

"No, it's fine. I haven't seen her all day. Besides, I need a break." Cordy nodded and laughed softly to herself. She enjoyed training with Angel, but she wished that Fred would get into it too. It wasn't a bad idea for everyone to be prepared.

As Angel entered Amy's room, he found her lying on her right side crying a little.

"Hey there pumpkin," Angel said gently as he picked Amy up and gave her a kiss. "What's a matter with my girl, huh?" Amy started to calm down a little bit as Angel carried her out of the room. "Are you hungry? Is that what's the matter?" Angel asked as he started downstairs. After he had gotten Amy her bottle, he sat on the couch and held the bottle while his daughter drank the milk up hungrily. A few minutes later, Cordy walked into the living room to find Angel feeding Amy her bottle.

"Hey there sweety-pie," Cordy said, sitting next to Angel and patting Amy on the shoulder. "How's my favorite niece, huh?" Amy looked at Cordy and reached out her arms.

"Just hold on there, sweetheart," Angel cautioned. "Let's finish your bottle first then you can sit with Aunt Cordelia. Okay?" After Amy was finished with her bottle, Cordy took her from Angel and sat her in her lap gently. Then she started tickling her tummy making the young child giggle.


A few hours later, Amy was playing in her playpen while Cordy and Angel continued their training. Fred had asked to watch her and Angel had obliged, wanting to make sure that Cordy knew the new move and understood what it involved before she had to use it for real. After their training session was over with, Cordy went back upstairs to read and check on Amy. As for Angel, he had an appointment with Lorne and then he had to make a brief stop at the police station to pick something up from Kate. So that left Fred, Cordy and Gunn in charge of Amy for the time being. Cordy didn't mind at all, netiher did Fred, but Gunn had wanted to play a game of checkers with Cordy and was kind of disappointed that she had baby-sitting duty.

"We can play in the living room," Cordy had suggested. "Amy's watching "Dora the Explorer" and you know how much she loves that." Gunn nodded and decided to get the board out in the end. They set it up in living room and began to play. A few minutes into the game, a VERY unwanted client came into the lobby. Cordy turned around to see Gavin Park standing in the doorway.

"Oh I'm really disappointed," he said. "I was hoping to run into Angel."

"Well he's not here," Cordy said as she glared at him. "So I suggest you get out of here now."

"Easy there Miss Chase. I'm not here to cause trouble."

Cordy laughed scornfully.

"Oh I've heard that one before."

"I come in peace," Gavin assured Cordy. "I just need to see some files of mine that were accidentally left here."

"What files?" Gunn asked as he stepped in front of Cordelia protectively. Just then, Amy started to whimper.

"Shh, it's okay. Aunt Cordelia's right here," Cordy said soothingly as she picked Amy up and started to patt her on the back. "Shh. It's okay. What's the matter, huh?" As she kissed Amy's forehad, she realized that the child was burning up. "Uh Gunn, I need to talk to you in the kitchen, now," Cordy said in a hush tone.

"Okay. Just let me get rid of this nice man," Gunn replied.

"What's going on?" Fred asked as she came in with a book in her hand.

"Come with me," Cordy replied. "Now."

"O-okay," Fred said unsure of what was going on. Cordy continued to rub Amy's back as she started crying.

"I know, sweetheart. You're gonna be okay. Shh. I know."

"What's wrong?" Fred asked in concern. "Is Amy okay?" Cordy shook her head.

"I'm not sure. She feels warm to me."

Fred nodded and felt Amy's forehead for herself.

"You're right. She does feel warm. Do we have any medicine?"

Cordy shrugged.

"I'm not sure. I'll check." Fred nodded and waited for Cordy to come back. A few minutes later, she returned empty handed.

"I can't find it," Cordy concluded with a frown.

"What are we gonna do?" Fred asked in alarm. "Angel trusted us to take care of his daughter. We're letting him down." Cordy shook her head.

"Not neccessarily," Cordy replied. "I have an idea." Fred nodded and sat down at the kitchen table while Cordy went to the phone.

"What are you doing?" Fred asked as she saw Cordy at the phone.

"Calling Angel on his cell," Cordy replid.

"Then he'll come home," Fred said. "He won't think we're responsible enough."

Cordy rolled her eyes.

"I'm just seeing if he knows where it is." Fred nodded and relaxed some. After two rings, Angel answered.

"Hello?" He asked into the phone.

"Hey, it's me," Cordy replied. "How's the investigation going?"

"Okay I guess. I'm on my way to the police station now. I should be back in an hour. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah. Everything's fine. Gavin Park stopped by again, but Gunn took care of him." Angel chuckled.

"I'll bet," he replied.

"Amy's sick!" Fred exclaimed from so abruptly that Cordy had to pull the phone away from her ear.

"Is she okay? What's wrong with her?" Angel asked in concern.

"Nothing serious. We have it under control."

"That's not what I asked," Angel replied. "What's the matter?"

"She has a small fever and she's coughing a little bit. We're taking good care of her. I promise."

"I know you are," Angel said earnestly. "Do you know where the infant Tylenol is?"

"We were kind of hunting for that a couple minutes ago," Cordy admitted to her friend.

"It's in the bathroom on the upper left shelf."

"Upper left, got it. And don't worry about Amy. She'll be okay."

"I know. It's just hard not to." After Cordy hung up the phone she retrieved the Tylenol and gave it to her through an eyedropper.

"That was simple enough," Cordy said with a sigh of relief as she sat Amy in her lap and prepared to rock her to sleep. Fred nodded.

"Thank goodness you knew what to do," Fred replied. Then she smiled at Cordelia. "You're gonna make a great mother when the time comes. I know you will."

Cordy smiled back. She knew Fred was right. She also knew that she was in a sense a mother now. She cared for Amy and helped Angel out whenever he needed it. She loved Amy to death and felt attached to the child. And that was enough for her.

About an hour later, Angel returned.

"Is she okay?" He asked a worried expression on his face.

"Yeah. She's fine," Cordy assured him. "I just gave her a bottle and put her down for the night." Angel nodded and sighed with relief.

"Thanks," he said. "I really appreciate it. I'll be right back down."

"Sure." Cordy replied. "After you're done checking on Amy, maybe you and I could-" She got into a fighting position and kicked the air. Angel laughed.

"Sure. Meet me downstairs." Cordy nodded and left the room.

As Angel entered Amy's room, he flickered on the night-light and bent over his daugther's crib. "Hey you," he said softly. "Did Aunt Cordelia and Aunt Fred take good care of my baby girl? Huh?" He softly kissed Amy on the cheek and made sure she was covered. "Good-night, sweetheart. See ya in the morning."

After Angel had left the room, he went to the basement where Cordy was anxiously waiting for him.

"Now let's see what ya got," Angel said. "Let's put this to the ultimate test."

"And how would we do that?" Cordy asked.

Just then, Fred came down the steps and handed the phone to Angel.

"It's a client," she said. "I said you would meet her right away."

Angel nodded and took the phone.

"Well there goes my test," Cordy said grimly. "So much for putting my skill to the test."

After Angel got off the phone, he started giving people orders.

"Fred, I need you to do some calculations and stay with Amy. Cordy, open up a case file and help Fred baby-sit."

"Oh goody!" Cordy said sarcastically. "You get to go kick some demon ass and I get to stay home and play Mom." Angel ignored her comment.

"Gunn and Wes will track this girl's family down and get some info."

"And what will you do while Dick and Harry search for clues?" Cordy asked in a sharp-tongued tone.

"I'm gonna to find this woman and try to help her."

"Remember what happened the last time that happened don't you?" Cordy recounted.

"What?" Fred asked curiously.

"Well Mr. Wanna Help went looking for a girl that I saw in a vision and got his torso punctured with a five foot pole." Fred nodded and looked worried.

"Angel, do you think you should really do this? I mean what if something terrible happens? What if you find this woman and she's not really hurt? What if she's something evil and banishes you to another demension? What if..." Fred went on for several minutes until she caught Cordy's eye and stopped. "I'll shut up now. I guess you know what's best." Angel smiled at her reassuringly.

"I'll be fine, Fred. I promise. Cordy is just over-dramatizing." Cordy glared at him. After Angel left, Cordy gave Fred a look.

"What?" Fred asked.

"Nothing," Cordy replied.

A few hours later, Cordy decided to go home. She was tired and beginning to get a headache. The only person she felt sorry leaving was Amy. But she knew she would be okay in Fred's care.

"What do I do if Angel calls and asks for you?" Fred asked nervously.

"Just tell him I went home. Simple as that."

"All right. If you say so."

As Cordy walked around the corner to her block, she felt as if she was being followed.

"Who's there?" She asked in a shaky voice. Then she got a little bolder. "Who's there!?"


At that moment, a man jumped her from behind. Cordy fell to the ground, but managed to get back up.

"Nice try," Cordy said thorugh gritted teeth. "I know a few tricks of my own."

With that, she started putting Angel's training to good use.

"Wow!" The man replied. "You know some stuff." Cordy nodded.

"You bet I do," she replied. As she backed away slightly, keeping her eye on him at all times. Then she tried the new move that Angel had taught her. Big mistake. Her timing was off and she landed sideways on her left ankle.

"I guess you're not as good as I thought," the man replied. "You're not worth my time anyway."

He took off down the street at full speed, leaving Cordy to fend for herself. Sobbing from pain, Cordy crawled to the door and tried to open it, but it was no use.

"Phantom Dennis!" She called through her tears of pain. "Open the door now!" At once, the door swung open. Cordy crawled inside and closed the door behind her. Once she was at the couch, she picked up the phone and dialed Angel's cell.

"Hello?" Angel asked.

"An-Angel, it's me," Cordy said trying to remain calm. "I need your help."

"Cordy, what happened? Where are you?"

"I-I'm at my apartment. I-I was jumped by some guy. I-I-I tried to defend myself but I screwed up." Cordy sobbed. "I totally screwed up."

"It's okay. Cordy it's all right. I'll be right there. Are you hurt?" Before Cordy could answer, she started feeling dizzy. Then she blacked out. "Cordy? Cordy! Cordelia!" Angel said frantically. There was still no answer.


About an hour later, Cordy awoke to find herself in the hotel.

"What's going on?" Cordy asked. "How did I get here?"

"Cordy," Angel said gently. "it's okay. You're gonna be all right."

"Do you remember what happened?" Wesley asked as he sat down on a chair next to Cordy's bed. Cordy shook her head as tears rolled down her face.

"Hey," Angel said gently, putting his hand on her shoulder. "it's okay." He assured her. "Cordy, it's gonna be okay. There's no pressure."

"I messed up," Cordy whispered through her tears. "I messed up big time. I went too fast. I did it all wrong. I wasn't ready when the time came. I..." Her voice trailed off as more tears came. Then she let out a painful sob and scrunched up her face while clutching her forehead.

"Easy, easy," Angel said gently. "Cordy, it's okay. What do you see?" Cordy just continued to sob as she tried to ignore the pain. A few minutes later, she calmed down enough to tell Angel what he needed to know.

"I-I saw the guy who jumped me on my way home. But he looked different."

"Different?" Angel asked. "Different how?"

"Well he looked like he was from the 18th century. And that he was 17 years old or something. There was something else too," Cordy continued. "You were there this time. It looked like you were biting him." Angel stared at Cordy.

"I was biting him? Was I defending you?" Cordy shook her head.

"No. An-and it wasn't you as in you. It was your evil side."

"You saw Angelus in your vision?" Wes asked as he came closer so he would be able to hear. Cordy nodded.

"I don't understand it. Why would the PTB send me a vision like that?"

"I do," Angel said quietly. "The guy who jumped you... His name was Daniel Conell."

"You know him?" Wes asked in disbelief.

"But how?"

"I turned him in 1836." Angel replied, trying not to look at Cordy.

"So maybe he was looking for you because you're his sire," Cordy concluded. "But I don't understand why he came after me?"

Angel sighed.

"Sit down and get comfortable. It's gonna be a long story."


1836 London

Angelus held onto the reins of a horse that followed Darla into the deep dark of the night.

"Did you like that surprise, my darling evil boy?" Darla asked, gazing back at her lover. Angelus nodded.

"Ah yes. It was like no other night of killing I've had before." Darla smiled.

"Well perhaps you'd like to make it an all night affair?" Angelus smiled.

"What are you hinting at my darling?"

"Well for one thing, there's a man over in that clearing who looks like he has lost his way."

Angelus looked over to where Darla was pointing and saw someone he recongnized.

"Well, well! Is that Daniel Connell?" He asked. Darla shook her head.

"I'm not sure. Why do you ask?"

Angelus shrugged.

"I've been looking for him." He rode over to where the man was and jumped off his horse. "Do you need some help finding your way back my friend?" Angelus asked. Daniel nodded.

"I would gladly appreciate it."

"Okay then. Follow us. Darla and I know of a safe place for the night."

Daniel nodded and followed the two people on horseback towards a cave. After they had gotten there, Daniel fell straight to sleep. As for Darla and Angelus, sleep was as foreign to them as eating solid food.

"What do you say we share him?" Angelus said gallantly, grinning at his girlfriend. Darla shook her head insistently.

"No, no my darling. You've earned it."


The Present

"So you just had yourself a good old feast there, didn't you?" Cordy asked with a slight smile on her face as she brought her hands to her lips and made a fang-like gesture. Angel nodded and tried not to laugh at what Cordy was doing. As for Fred, well she couldn't help herself.

"Guys come on now," Gunn said, getting the group back on target. "Angel's trying his best to tell us a story. Now the least we can do is give him our undivided attention."

"Thank you," Angel said, turning to glare at Cordy and Fred.

"You're welcome, bro," Gunn replied. Then he made the same gesture Cordy had done and burst into laughter.


1856 London

"Did you get your fill my darling?" Darla asked, sitting next to Angelus on the floor. He nodded.

"Yes. And I have to say, draining him was no hard task either."

"You drained him already?!" Darla said in amazement. "You never cease to amaze me, Angelus. You were always ahead of your peers."

Just then, the rain began to fall and thunder crashed throughout the night. Daniel awoke with a start. He sat up and tried to regain focus.

"What has happened to me?" He asked, feeling the effects of Angelus' feast.

"Calm down, my dear boy," Darla assured him. "The effects will wear off soon. Trust me."

"Effects of what?" He asked, not sure of what Darla was referring to. Then he realized what had happened. He jumped up and started ranting and raging at Angelus. "The next time I see you, I will be sure to get my revenge on both of you and anyone you are close with will suffer as well." With that, he left the cave.


The Present

Angel tried to ignore Cordy's glare and the tears that now flowed freely from her eyes. Tears of betrayal and hurt. Tears of pain. Both physcial and emotional.

"Cordy, I'm-I'm sorry." Angel blurted out truthfully. He didn't know what else to say to make the situation better.

"You can't be sorry enough," Cordy whispered. "Do you realize what kind of position you put me in? Obviously you don't because you were too busy thinking of yourself!"

"Cordy I-"

"Don't say anything," Cordy replied in a whisper. "Just get out. Get out now." Angel nodded and left the room.

"Are you gonna be okay?" Fred asked in concern, sitting beside Cordy. Cordy nodded and received Fred's comfort graciously.

Meanwhile in the living room, Angel tried to sort things out the right way. As he picked up a book of ancient scrolls, he heard Amy begin to cry again. As he turned towards the stairs, his foot accidentially hit a storage shelf, causing its contents to sill onto the floor. He cursed to himself and bent over to pick them up, Amy still crying in the distance. Just then, Fred walked into the room.

"Angel?" She asked quietly.

"Yeah?" He said quickly putting the ring into his pocket. He got to his feet and forced himself to smile.

"Do you want me to see what's wrong with Amy? She's been crying for a while." Fred said looking from Angel to the shelf that was now half empty.

"No, it's okay," Angel said walking towards her. "I'll see what's wrong." He walked towards the stairs, leaving Fred alone in the living room. As he entered Amy's room, he turned on the light and went over to her crib. "Hey you," he said softly as he reached Amy's crib. "What's the matter with my girl, huh? What's wrong?" Angel asked as he picked Amy up and held her close. "Did something scare you?" Amy looked into her father's eyes and immediately calmed down. "That's my girl," Angel said gently. "Now let's go downstairs and get you something to eat."

After he reached the bottom of the stairs, Fred came over and patted Amy on the shoulder.

"Aren't you supposed to be sleepin', sweetheart?" She asked Amy. Angel smiled.

"Yes she is, but I think she's hungry."

Fred nodded and followed Angel into the kitchen. After Angel had finished feeding Amy her bottle, Fred took over her care while Angel went to try and patch things up with Cordy. As he stood outside Cordelia's bedroom door and sighed heavily. He didn't know whether she was ready to talk yet, but he had to try.

"Cordy?" He asked as he knocked softly on the door. "Cordy, it's me."

"Go away," Cordy replied, her voice tearful and shaky. "Just leave me alone!"

"I just wanna talk," Angel continued. "That's all."

"Well, it's not always about what you want," Cordy said. "Now leave me alone, please."

As Angel started walking away, he heard her scream in pain. He knew she was getting hit by a vision. Quickly, he burst through the door and ran over to the bed, catching her before she fell off the bed.

"It's okay," he soothed. "It's all right. You're okay, Cordy. Easy." Cordy nodded, but the tears just kept coming.

A few minutes later, she was calm down enough to tell him what she had seen.

"Someone's looking for you," she said breathlessly. "I'm not sure who it is."

Angel nodded as he helped her to lay back down. After she had rested for awhile, Angel turned to her and said, "Do you think you can stand?" Cordy shook her head and sighed.

"It hurts too much," she replied.

"How about you try it just once?" Angel suggested. "I'll be here. I won't let anything happen to you. I promise." Cordy hesitated for a minute, but then allowed Angel to help her up. Angel gently held her hand as Cordy raised herself off the bed. As her foot touched the ground she gritted her teeth in pain and choked back a sob.

"Ow!!" Cordy said falling back. "It hurts too much."

"It does look a little swollen," Angel observed. "Just rest for a while." Cordy nodded and sighed with relief. Just then, a red circle appeared on Cordy's left ankle. Angel started at it in disbelief.

"Angel what is it?" Cordy asked him, her voice shaking from the pain. Angel seemed to be in a trance and it seemed that the ring on her ankle got brighter and brighter. Just then, Wes, Gunn and Fred burst into the room.

"We heard Cordelia screaming!" Fred exclaimed in alarm.

"Did she have a vision?" Wesley asked.

"What did you see?" Gunn asked anxiously. Cordy nodded and tried to calm down.

"I want to know what this is," she pointed to her ankle. Wesley gently touched it.

"It appears to be a mark."

"I know that," Cordy replied sarcastically. "What I don't know is how did it get there and what the heck is it?"

"Guys," Angel said from behind them.

"There's something I have to tell you."


1856 London

Daniel sat calmly in the dark warehouse, with a smile on his face. Behind him, three vampires sat watching intensely to see what his next move was going to be.

"It's done." He said getting up from his eat.

"How do you know it worked?" A vamp named Morris asked.

"I just know it did." He replied, glaring at Morris for questioning his judgement.

As he walked for the door, the female vampire got up from where she was sitting and said, "So what was it you did again?"

"I already explained it!" He shouted at her.

"Weren't you listening?"

The female vamp didn't answer.

"I sent one of his friends a message."

"A message?" The girl asked.

"By performing the spell that I just did, it not only sent the girl who gets the visions a message, but it also made a mark appear on her body so Angelus will know who it's from." He smiled as he said this and then turned and began to walk away.

"So," The tall vampire said following him. "What's next?"

"We wait," Daniel began, still walking. "And then we attack."


The Present

"Does it hurt?" Wes asked, examining the mark on Cordy's ankle. Cordy shook her head.

"No. It just itches like crazy. Now my ankle itself, that hurts." Wes nodded.

"Well we have to find out what it is. I'll get my books and see if I can find it." Angel nodded.

"Good idea. I'll stay with Cordy and Fred can do some research on the computer."

"Fine with me," Fred replied with a grin.


At the LA train station Daniel looked around nervously. He didn't know he was going. He didn't even know how to find Angelus.

"Are you in need of a hotel for the evening?" A young man asked him. Daniel turned around to see a young man about the age of twenty standing behind him. He nodded.

"Yes. That would be nice."

"There's one about two blocks away from here. It's called the Hyperion. You can probably stay for free." Daniel nodded and smiled.

"Free hotel? That sounds good." The young man nodded and then left.


At the Hyperion Angel leafed through a couple of books, and Fred searched through web sites.

"I found it!" Fred exclaimed.

"What? Let me see," Angel asked anxiously. Before Fred could answer, they heard a lamp fall from the second floor. Then they heard Amy start to cry. Fred and Angel ran to the second floor with Gunn behind them. Wes stayed with Cordy to make sure that she stayed safe and sound. Angel ran up the stairs, taking them two at a time, with Fred and Gunn in toe. He hoped and prayed that Amy was okay. Maybe the wind had knocked a lamp over and Amy just got scared by the loud crash.

Unfortunately, that wasn't the case at all. Angel ran down the hotel corridor and burst into Amy's room. Amy was lying in her crib wraoped up in her blankets. The same way Angel had left her. She had apparently fallen back to sleep.

"Oh thank goodness!" Fred said joining Angel in the room. "For a moment there I thought something had broken into the hotel and was after her."

"Something did." Angel said staring at something. Both Gunn and Fred followed his gaze to the opened window.

"I'm guessing neither you, Wes or Cordy left that window open? Am I right?" Gunn asked nervously. Before Angel could reply they heard windows smashing downstairs. Then they heard Cordy scream in alram. Angel raced to the door then turned back to Fred.

"I want you to get Amy out of here. Take her to your room and lock the door. I'll bring you a bottle and some fresh diapers along with her stuffed bear. Okay?" Fred nodded and picked Amy up.

"Come on, sweetheart. Let's get you to a safe place." She whispered gently as she held Amy close and walked out the room towards her own sleeping quarters. After Angel had brought Fred what she needed, he ran downstairs to check on Cordy. Gunn and Wes were already there. It looked like they were fighting something, but Angel couldn't tell what it was. Then he saw Cordy in the corner. She was scrunched in a ball and was crying from pain.

"Cordy!" He said in alarm and ran over to her. "Are you okay?" Cordy shook her head.

"It came through the window. I tried to help Wes fight it, but it was too strong. It threw me against a shelf."

"Did you get hurt?" Cordy shook her head. "My ankle is still hurting, but I didn't get hurt from the fight. Just startled I guess."

"Okay. It's gonna be okay. Here, let me help you up," Angel helped Cordy to her feet, but she immediately fell towards him.

"It hurts!" She sobbed.

"Shh. It's gonna be okay. Let's get you upstairs to Fred's room where you'll be safe." Cordy nodded and leaned on Angel as he helped her upstairs to the safety of Fred's bedroom.

After he made sure Cordy was safe, he went back to join the fight against whatever had invaded his hotel. When he got closer, he could see seven or eight vampires surrounding Wesley and Gunn. He had to do something to help.

"Get the stakes from the weapons cabinet!" Angel ordered Gunn.

"I'm a little busy here!" Gunn shouted as he tried to kick a vampire towards an opened window.

"That goes for me too," Wesley said.

Angel nodded and went to get them himself. Just then, he heard screams coming from upstairs. He raced towards the staircase and hurried towards Fred's room. As he entered, he saw that Fred was laying on the floor with several cuts and bruises and Cordy was fighting off two vampires single-handed.

"Cordy!" Angel shouted. "Do the move that I taught you."

Cordy nodded and tried, but it was harder to do with a sprained ankle. Angel came up alongside her and tried to fend off the vamps. Then one vamp in particular caught his eye.

"Daniel," he said with a glare. "It took you long enough."

"Angelus," Daniel replied. "Long time no see."

"Get out," Angel said quietly. "Now."

"Not until you give me what I want," Daniel said. "And you know what I want." Daniel glanced at the ring on Angel's finger.

"You're never getting the Gem of Amara. Never."

"Fine. Have it your way then," Daniel replied. He turned towards Cordy and said, "You're coming with us, young lady."

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