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Making a Difference

By Sadira Jewelsten

Summary: Angel and the gang help a woman and her daughter escape a situation that is fairly common and sad among families today.
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters from "Angel". They belong to Warner Bros. The only character I own is Amy who is Angel's five year old daughter.
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"Mama!" Connor said as he sat in his high-chair, watching Cordy make breakfast that morning. "Mama!"

"Mama's getting breakfast ready little guy," Cordy told him. "I'm here though. I'm not going anywhere." Connor smiled at her and continued to look around the kitchen.

Just then, Connor threw his toy down on the floor. It landed about a foot away from his high-chair. He started to fuss and whine. Pointing to the toy then at Cordy.

"Aw, Connor, what's wrong, huh?" Fred asked as she came in and saw what was going on. "Did you drop one of your toys? Here ya go."

"You're gonna be sorry you did that," Cordy told her friend.

"Why?" Fred asked as she sat down in a chair at the table and began to tickle Connor's tummy.

"You'll see."

Fred shrugged. She still didn't know what Cordy was talking about. Just then, Angel came into the room. Seeing his father, Connor began to whine and fuss again.

"Hey buddy!" Angel said cheerfully as he came over and gave his son a kiss. "How are ya, huh?" Connor responded by reaching for Angel with both arms. "Do you wanna get out?" He asked, as he put a book on the table for Fred to look at. Connor continued to fuss and reach for his father. "All right. Here we go." Angel began to unhook Connor from the seat, but Cordy stopped him.

"No way," Cordy said instantly. "He stays put. At least until I get breakfast done." Angel frowned.

"Is Mama being mean, Connor? Huh?"

"I'm not being mean," Cordy said with a frown and a glare towards Angel. "I just don't want him running around while I'm trying to cook breakfast." Angel nodded. Then he turned to Connor who was still fussing.

"It's okay, Connor. It's all right. What do you want? Are you hungry?" Connor shook his head. "Do you want Daddy to color with you?" Connor shook his head again.

Then getting frustrated, he blurted out clear as a bell, "Angel!"

Angel gasped and grinned. Fred dropped her book.

"Angel!" Connor repeated again as he grinned.

"That's right, sweetheart," Angel said as he took Connor out of his high-chair and hugged him close. "That's Daddy's name. You're right. Good job."

"How does the blender work?" Cordy asked curiously. "I was wondering because I thought we could make some pudding later." Angel nodded.

"I'll show you in a minute." Cordy nodded. Then she smiled down at Connor who was in Angel's arms.

"Did Daddy take you out of your high-chair after Mama told him not to? Was he bad?"

"Yeah!!!" Connor replied happily.

"Hey," Angel said, pretending to be hurt, "you're supposed to stick up for me." Then he kissed Connor on the forehead. "It's okay, little guy. I still love ya. Here ya go." He handed Connor over to Cordy and she put him back in his high-chair. Connor started to fuss and even cry. "It's okay, buddy," Angel assured him, "it's all right. It won't be for long. I promise. Do you want Daddy to color wtih you? Here, let's color something together, okay? Will that make you feel better?" Connor's cries dimmed down to fusses and soon he was smiling again. "That's my little guy," Angel said iwth a loving grin as he kissed his son. Then he turned to Cordy and asked, "Where's his animal coloring book?" Cordy shrugged.

"I think it's in his playpen." Angel nodded and went to get it.

"Are you being a fuss-budget this morning, Connor?" Fred asked the child as she tickled his tummy, making him giggle. "Are you being a fuss-budget?"

"Say yes," Angel answered for him. "Tell Aunt Fred, say 'I don't like sitting still for a long time.'"

"Aw, well after breakfast, you and I will hang out." Fred promised as she gave Connor a kiss. Connor smiled and then turned to look at Cordy.

"Mama!" He said happily as he watched Cordy put a plate of pancakes on the table. "Mama!"

"I'm right here sweetie," Cordy assured him as she came over to the high-chair and patted Connor on the shoulder. "I'm right here. Are you hungry? Do you want some peanut butter crackers?" Connor nodded. "I'm glad we agree," Cordy said as she prepared to fix her son's snack. "I'm glad we agree."

"All right, kiddo," Angel said as he got some crayons out and put the book on Connor's high-chair tray, "let's do it."

"Yeah!!!" Connor responded happily as Angel turned to a page in the book that had not yet been scribbled on. Just then, Fred came into the room.

"Angel, we have a guest," she said. "Actually, it's a woman and a child. They seem to be in need of help." Angel nodded as he got up and headed for the lobby.

"Da-da!" Connor said as his lower lip began to quiver.

"Aw, it's all right, Connor," Angel said gently as he turned back and gave Connor a kiss. "Daddy will be back." Then he turned to Fred and said, "Can you hang out with him til I get back?" Fred nodded and grinned.

"Sure." Then she turned to Connor and said, "We're gonna have fun. Now let's see..." She sat down next to Connor's high-chair and reopened the coloring book.


"We didn't know where else to go," the woman was telling Angel. "He's been abusing us since Janie was three. He mostly hits me, but whenever she tries to help, he gives it to her too." She indicated her daughter who was curled up in her lap. Angel nodded as he glared out the window.

"Well you and your daughter can stay here as long as you need. And don't worry, I know you've heard this before, but HE is not going ot hurt you ever again. At least while you're here."

"Thank you, Mr. Angel," the woman replied gratefully. "We really appreciate. Oh and in case I forgot, my name is Sarah Larson." Angel nodded and grinned.

"It's nice to meet you Sarah. And it's just Angel."

Sarah nodded and began to pick up her suitcases along with Janie's.

"Here, let me get that," Gunn offered. "It's really no problem." Sarah nodded, but helped anyway.


Angel walked back into the kitchen to tell the gang what was going on. When he entered, he found Fred sitting next to Connor's high-chair still coloring.

"What's up?" Fred asked, looking up from the picture that she was coloring. "I saw Charles taking a suitcase upstairs."

Angel nodded as he sat down beside her and took Connor from his high-chair.

"That's because we have a slight "normal" problem on our hands."

"Uh excuse me," Cordy said as she looked up from her almost made breakfast. "We have a normal case? Is hel-"

"Uh-uhn," Angel said, shaking his head, indication Connor's presence in the room.

"-I mean is Santa on strike or something? We never have normal cases."

"Well it's sort of delicate," Angel said cautiously. "A woman and her five year old daughter are being abused by the woman's husband."

"Ooh," Cordy said softly. "That's bad." Angel nodded.

"Well she must have a lot of nyunsha to come for help like this," Fred said admiringly.

"Huh?" Angel and Cordy said together, giving Fred a confused look.

"Mama," Connor said, looking up at Cordy.

"Here, let's get you washed off," Cordy took Connor from Angel and got a washcloth to clean his face and hands.

"Nyunsha is the Pylean word for strength," Fred explained, blushing slightly. Cordy nodded as she continued to clean her son up.

"Well, that explains it. So what are we going to help her?" She asked, turning to Angel.

"Well we can start by putting a sanctuary spell on the hotel until this guy is caught and put where he belongs."

"Okay, what then?" She persisted.

"Well I haven't really figured that part out yet," Angel admitted to the girls.

"All right, honey, it's okay," Cordy said to Connor who had started to fuss as she put him back in his high-chair. "Here. Go back to Daddy."

"Not a chance," Fred said with a smile as she took Connor from Cordy and set the one and a half year old in her lap, "he's gonna hang out with me. I haven't spent time with him for a while." Then she turned to Connor and started to tickle his tummy. This made him giggle and he quickly stopped fussing. "Yes. There you go. You're gonna spend time with Aunt Fred, yes." Fred giggled as she continued to make Connor laugh. She loved her nephew with all her heart and she enjoyed spending time with him.


It took Sarah and Janie a little while to settle in at the Hyperion and to feel safe. This was expected, considering what they had gone through for the past four years. Angel and the gang had tried their best to help them, but as Angel kept stressing to his friends, Sarah and Janie just needed time. Time was the key factor for them to heal and be able to really feel free and secure. Lorne agreed to help with the sanctuary spell, but he also told Angel that it would take awhile. About two weeks. Angel wasn't happy about this, but he figured it was better than nothing. Janie became comfortable with the gang and was growing fond of Fred best. She especially enjoyed helping the older girl take care of Connor. Janie was an only child so she enjoyed having a temporary little brother. Helping Fred care for Connor, made Janie almost forget about what was going on. It also helped Sarah to know that Janie was in good hands while she did some thins that she had to do such as talk to Angel and describe various things that had happened to her and her daughter. It was painful and very hard, but Sarah figured if it would get her and Janie closer to freedom, it was worth it.

The End?

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