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A New Beginning

By Sadira Jewelsten

Summary: Cordy takes care of Connor and tells Angel and Wesley off following "Sleep Tight".
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters from "Angel". They belong to Warner Bros.
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"It's okay, big boy," Cordy assured a fussy Connor as she attempted to put him down for a nap, "you're safe now. Aunt Cordy's gonna take care of you and so is Aunt Fred and Uncle Lorne. Shh. All right, buddy. It's okay." Cordy soothed as she picked Connor up and began to walk around the room with him while humming a lullaby.

"Any luck getting him to sleep?" Angel asked as he came into the room. Cordy shook her head.

"Don't worry, though. I'm sure he'll go down soon. In fact, I can see his eyes closing now." She smiled triumphantly as she put Connor in his bassinet and covered him with a blanket. "There ya go, sweetheart." Cordy bent down and gave Connor a kiss on the cheek. "Sleep tight." As she walked out of the room, Angel followed her and proceeded to sit down in an armchair, but hesitated when he saw Wesley seated at the counter, reading a book.

"I-I'll just go and-"

"Hold it right there," Cordy said, forcing him to step back and stumble into a chair, "we need to talk."

"We do?" Angel asked uncertainly.

"Yes we do," Cordy replied with a stern look towards both Angel and Wes.

"What about?" Angel asked, obviously a little clueless.

"About what happened with Connor," Cordy said softly. "You and Wes need to bury the hatchet and the first step in doing that is to realize that both of you are at fault."

"Excuse me?" Angel said, glaring at Cordy, "We "were" at fault?"

"Are at fault, were at fault, it doesn't matter how you say it. Both of you have something to do with this." Angel nodded, but he still wasn't getting it. Just then, Wesley came over to them and sat across from Angel.

"I'm willing to talk if he is," Wes said, looking at Angel evenly. Angel nodded, but he was still glaring him.

"Now," Cordy said, sitting down between them and glaring at Wesley, "let's start with you. You find a prophecy about Angel killing Connor. You don't talk to anyone about what you found. You don't consider that you might have misinterpreted something. Instead you kidnap Connor and instead of going to Gunn or Fred for advice Mr. Shanshu, you get advice from Holtz?! The very man you know darn right well wants Angel dead-"

"Cordy," Angel interrupted her.

"What? Oh, sorry. Deader than he already is. Geez, Wesley! For all the brain-power you have, why didn't you use it? You could have gone to Lorne. You know he lives for this kind of thing. Or better yet, you could have gotten on one of those modern conviences called a telephone and called ME?! Ring! Ring! You know I would have come back in a second if I knew that Connor was in danger. I love that kid. But no. You decided to fly solo and you crashed. Bigtime."

Wesley didn't know what to say. He knew deep down in his heart that what Cordelia had said was true, but he didn't know how to respond to her words at the moment. Cordy then turned to Angel who looked like he was enjoying her lecture to Wesley a little too much.

"Now that we've covered Wesley's part in this," Cordy said, sitting back in her chair and pushing a strand of her shoulder-length brown hair out of her face, "let's talk about you." She pointed at Angel and he sank back in his chair. "Instead of asking Wes what was going on point blank, you decided to cut yourself off from everyone and act like nothing was wrong."

"Cordy I-"

"I'm not done yet. Like I was saying, then you go on a blood spree and almost hurt the one person you love more than anything else."

"I didn't hit Connor. I didn't mean to let it go that far," Angel said quietly.

"The point is, it did go that far." Cordy said pointedly.

"Cordelia I have something to-" Wesley started to say, but Cordy stopped him with her hand.

"Uh-uh! I'll let you know when I'm done. Until then neither of you say anything."

Both men fell silent. Just then, Connor started to cry again.

"Now I'm done," Cordy said, as she got up to check on Connor. Angel couldn't help but smile slightly. He had endured Cordy's lectures before, but this one was especially cute. She had said a lot of things that were true, but the way she had said it reminded him of how she used to act back in High School.

"Aw, Connor, what's the matter, honey?" Cordy asked softly as she came into the room to find the child crying and laying on his right side. "It's okay, sweetie. It's all right. Come here." She picked him up and cradled him close, hoping that would calm him down. "There ya go." With that, she sat down in a nearby chair and began to rock Connor back and forth gently, hoping it would help him go back to sleep.

The End

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