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First Time for Everything

By Sadira Jewelsten

Summary: Connor says his first words.
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own any of the characters from "Angel". They belong to Warner Bros.
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It was a warm day in LA. Cordelia Chase was sitting in the kitchen of the Hyperion, trying to get Connor to eat his lunch. However, the one and half year old had other plans. He turned his head whenever Cordy put the spoon near his mouth and he pushed her head away.

"All right, buddy," Cordy said as she put the spoon back into the jar of vegetables, "your Daddy wants me to feed you before he comes home so you have to eat. I know, veggies seem yucky to a kid your age, but trust me, they're good." Connor shook his head and continued to smile at her. "Well, let's put it this way, you have to eat this before you can get out of that highchair. So what do you say to that?" She asked as she dipped the spoon back into the jar.

"Mama," Connor replied to her question. This made Cordy blink and almost drop the spoon.

"What did you just say?" She asked in disbelief. Connor was silent, his eyes fixed on the spoon in Cordy's now shaking hand. "Forget about the spoon for a minute," Cordy told him. "Tell Aunt Cordy what you just said. Say it again."

"Mama," Connor repeated as he started giggling, obviously very pleased with himself. Cordy tried not to scream in surprise.

"Hey you two," Angel said, coming into the room. "How's it going?" Cordy smiled.


"Mama," Connor said again, pointing to Cordy. "Mama, Mama, Mama!!" Angel gasped.

"Did you hear what Connor just said?" He asked, his face breaking into a smile. "He called you-"

"Mama, I know," Cordy replied. "And that has to stop now."

"Why?" Angel asked with a frown. "Because I'm not Mama. I'm-"

"Mama!" Connor interrupted loudly, pointing a finger at Cordy. Angel grinned and laughed softly.

"Well apparently, Connor thinks you are."

"I'm Aunt Cordy," Cordy said, turning to Connor. "It's just Aunt Cordy, sweetie. Can you say that, honey?"

"Mama!" Connor said, then he started to laugh.

"AUNT CORDY!" Cordy said exasperated.

"Hey, hey," Angel said soothingly. "it's okay. Don't get frustrated with him. After all, he's just sixteen months old. He has time to learn." Cordy nodded and grinned slightly.

"You're right. It's okay, kiddo," she said, giving Connor a kiss. "Your Daddy's right." With that, she left the room. Angel smiled as he picked Connor up and gave him a kiss.

"Just between you and me, little guy," he whispered in Connor's ear, "Mama is just fine."


A few hours later, Fred and Cordy were in charge of taking care of Connor while the guys went to kill a creature that Cordy had seen in a vision. As Connor played in the lobby, Cordy sat in a chair reading a book while Fred tried to French braid Cordy's hair. Just then, Connor crawled over to them and tried to climb onto Cordy's lap. After a few minutes of trying he burst into tears out of defeat.

"Aw, Connor, what's the matter, sweetheart?" Fred asked as she picked him up and set him on her lap. "Do you feel left out, baby? It's okay. Come on." As she secured him in her lap, Connor stopped crying and pointed to Cordy.

"Mama," he said again.

"Mama!" Fred gasped and nearly dropped her brush. "Did you hear what he just-" Cordy nodded.

"Yeah. I know. He started saying that this morning. Angel was thrilled."

"And you're not?" Fred asked, frowning slightly as she shifted Connor to her other knee. Cordy thought for a moment.

"I am, but it's just that I thought Connor would always know me as Aunt Cordy. Not Mama." Fred grinned slightly.

"Well if you ask me, it's not so bad." Then she turned to Connor and asked, "Can you say Aunt Fred? Huh, sweetheart? How about Fred?" Connor didn't say a word. "He's probably still too young," she concluded with a frown.

"Don't worry, Fred," Cordy comforted. "He'll say it in time." Fred nodded and began to tickle Connor's tummy, making the child giggle. A few minutes later, Connor pointed to Cordy and tried to reach for her.

"Aw," Fred said with a grin. "He wants to sit with his Mama," she giggled and tried to ignore Cordy's glare. Cordy took Connor and set him in her lap.

"Cordy. Cordy. It's not really that hard to say. No it's not." She smiled down at Connor who in turn took a couple strands of Cordy's hair and held them. He didn't pull, he just held them.

"That's so sweet," Fred said as she put the finishing touches on Cordy's braid. Cordy nodded. She loved Connor to death, but she wished with all her heart that he would just call her by her first name. Anything but Mama. It wasn't that she didn't like it, it was just that, she wasn't Mama.


That night, Cordy put Connor to bed and spent a great deal of time with him. Giving the child a small pep-talk. "Now, when you wake up tomorrow, you're going to call me Aunt Cordy, right?" She asked, putting the blanket around her nephew.

"Mama," Connor answered, looking at her with his big blue eyes. Cordy sighed in frustration.

"Just say Aunt Cordy, please? It would make me really happy. Don't you wanna make me happy?"

"How's it going in here?" Angel asked as he came into the room.

"Okay," Cordy replied. "I was just putting *your* son to sleep." She said, emphasizing the word "your". Angel glared at her, but then he smiled.

"You're still a little startled by the whole Mama thing, aren't you?" Cordy nodded. "Well it's going to be okay. I promise. It's not a big deal," he said, grinning down at Connor. "Connor's a smart kid. He'll learn to call you Aunt Cordy within time."

"And if he doesn't?" Cordy asked with a frown.

"Well, then, would him calling you Mama be so bad?" Cordy thought for a moment.

"No. Not really. It's just that, we're not... and I'm not his ..."

"So what?" Angel asked, almost laughing. "It doesn't matter to Connor that we aren't married or we aren't going out. We are really good friends. I happen to know a lot of people who have children and who aren't married. And their kids call their really close friends Mama and Daddy. It's just because they've ben around them for so long and they don't know what else to call them. It doesn't mean anything's wrong." He bent down and kissed Connor on the forehead. "Isn't that right, buddy?" Connor giggled and reached for Angel's nose.

"Da-da," he said, pointing to Angel after he stood up again. Angel grinned, but then stepped back a little. "Did you hear what he just called me?" He asked, breathlessly to Cordy. Cordy nodded.

"See? It's pretty shocking the first time you hear it, isn't it?" Angel nodded.

"Da-da," Connor repeated, pointing to Angel.

"That's right, Connor," Angel said, picking his son up and hugging him close. "I'm your Daddy. Good boy. Good boy." He gave him a kiss then he put him back in his crib.

"Mama," Connor said, pointing to Cordy.

"Oh will you stop it already?" Cordy asked, her voice sounding frustrated. Connor began to cry.

"Aw, shh. It's okay, big boy," Angel comforted. "Aunt Cordy didn't mean that. She's just tired. Come to Daddy. Come here." He picked Connor up and patted him on the back. "That's my boy. That's my boy. All right, son. It's okay Connor. All right. It's okay. It's okay." Cordy frowned.

"I'm sorry, sweetie," she apologized as she touched Connor's shoulder gently. "I didn't mean to be mean. It's just that..." Her voice trailed off as a smile crept across her face. A few minutes later, Connor calmed down and Angel put him back in bed.

"There ya go, buddy," Angel said softly. "Sweet dreams now."

He kissed Connor on the forehead and tiptoed out of the room. But Cordy held back for a moment. After she made sure that Angel ahd left the room, she knelt down beside Connor's crib and whispered, "Good-night, sweetheart. Mama will see you in the morning."


Later that night, Cordy woke up in one of the rooms at the Hyperion. She sat up and brushed a strand of hair away from her face. As she was about to lay back down, she heard the unmistakeable sound of Connor crying. As she entered the room, the baby was laying in his crib, crying up a storm.

"Hey, hey, hey now," Cordy said softly as she picked Connor up and began to rub his back gently, "do you have any idea what time it is, buddy?" Connor responded by calming down a little, but not by much. "All right, Connor, all right, sweetie, it's okay. Shh." Cordy soothed as she began to walk around the room with him. Then she sighed. "Mama needs to get some sleep. So why don't you do us both a favor and relax those lungs, okay?" Connor hiccupped. "I'm glad we agree," Cordy said with a small smile. "Now let's get you back to sleep, huh?" With that, she began to hum a lullaby. A few minutes later, Connor was half asleep again. As Cordy put him back down in his crib and covered him up, Angel came into the room.

"I thought I'd heard Connor crying," he said worriedly.

"You did," Cordy assured him, "but he's okay now. I took care of him."

"Mama to the rescue," Angel teased with a grin. Cordy glared at him, but then her face broke into a smile.

"I guess Connor calling me Mama isn't so bad. I actually like it. And who knows, maybe when he's two or three, he'll call me Aunt Cordy." Angel nodded.

"Now that's the spirit," he said as he walked over and gave Connor a kiss good-night.


The next morning, Cordy awoke to find everyone in the lobby. Fred was reading a book and Gunn was playing with his gameboy that Angel had bought him for Christmas. As for Wes, well he was busy doing research. As Cordy came into the room, Connor crawled over to her and said with a smile, "Mama!" Cordy grinned slightly and picked him up.

"Hey, sweetheart. And how is my favorite boy, huh?"

"Say fine," Angel answered. "Say I ate all my breakfast for Daddy and Aunt Fred even was brave enough to try and feed me." Fred blushed and giggled.

"It's not as hard as it looks really."

"Did I miss something?" Gunn asked, looking up from his game consult, "Did Connor just call you Mama?" Cordy nodded.

"Yeah. It's his new thing. I'm letting it stick at least until he is a little older. Then I'll teach him to say Aunt Cordy." Gunn nodded.

"That's cool."

"Mama was also his first word," Angel said proudly as he came over and tried to take Connor from Cordy. "Wasn't it, little guy?" As he took Connor out of Cordy's arms, the child began to cry. "Aw, shh, it's okay, buddy. You want to stay with Mama. Here ya go. Go on." He handed Connor back to Cordy who took him lovingly into her arms and sat down on the couch. Connor immediately calmed down and even smiled a little.

"That a boy," Cordy said as she set Connor in her lap. "Good boy." With that, Cordy started talking to Connor and tickling him. A sudden argument, made her turn around.

"Fine are you challenging me to a game of Super NES?" Angel asked evenly.

"I sure am." Gunn replied. Angel grinned and followed his friend.

"Come on," Cordy said to Connor as she picked him up. "Let's go see your Daddy lose to Uncle Gunn." Connor giggled happily and just smiled as Cordy carried him into a room where a TV, VCR and videogame consult was located. Angel put in Pac-Man and the two grown men went at it. Fred and Cordy cheered from the side-lines as Fred joined in the tickling fest. "Can you say Aunt CC?" Cordy asked Connor hopefully. "Come on, sweetheart. Say Aunt CC." Fred shook her head as Connor continued to giggle as Cordy tickled him. "I don't think he's gonna say that yet," she said with a frown.


"It's okay. I just thought he would he would-"

"CC!" Connor repeated as he looked up at Cordy. "CC!" Cordy smiled and hugged him.

"Yes that's right! Good job." Then she turned to Fred and smiled. "It looks like we have a pretty smart kid here."

Fred nodded in agreement and grinned as she started to tickle Connor again.

The End

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