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Doyle and Angel Talk

By "madkin"

Summary: A little more conversation.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, the characters aren't mine, blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue.


Doyle: So.

Angel: What do you want Doyle?

Doyle: Just want to take a look at watcha reading.

Angel: Why?

Angel closed his book.

Doyle: Cause. After finding a picture of your slayer, I'm starting to wonder if you really read at the end of the day.

Angel: And if I don't tell you then what are you going to do?

Doyle: Bug you the rest of the night so you can't look at her or read.

Angel: I read.

Doyle: Uh-huh. So how often do you look at her?

Angel: I... Not often.

Doyle: Right. Can I see the book?

Doyle grabs it from him.

Angel: Doyle. You already know my life story including I fell in love with her. Ok.

Doyle: Hey. Your right, so you won't mind if I take the photo for a few days.?

Angel: Give me the book back.

Doyle: Ok. And thanks for the picture. I'll take good care of it.

Doyle tosses the book back. With the other hand he's holding up the picture of Buffy.

Angel: Doyle you can't have the picture it's the only one... Never mind.

Doyle: What? The only one what?

Angel: It's the only one I have.

Doyle: Well then you could tell me about her or I keep the picture, maybe go show it to some demons.

Angel: No! Just give me the picture and I'll tell you what you want.

Doyle: Thats more like it. So how old is she?

Doyle slid the picture back over to Angel.

Angel: 18.

Angel picked it up and looked at the picture.

Doyle: Old slayer.

Angel: I met her when she 16.

Doyle: Was she okay with you leaving?

Angel: No. I mean she wasn't begging me to stay but she wasn't jumping up and down.

Doyle: Does she now that your in LA?

Angel: I'm not sure. Her watcher knows. Just in case.

Doyle: What's her number?

Angel: 603-5622. Wait. Why?

Doyle: Phone.

Angel: You're not going to call her.

Doyle: Actually yes I am.

Angel: You're not calling her.

Doyle: Yes I am. And you can't stop me.

The phone starts ringing.

Doyle: Hi, my name is Doyle. No nothing happening to Angel.

Cordy comes in.

Doyle is dogging Angel.

Doyle: No Buffy we don't have a demon to kill. No Angel's fine. No... I called cause...

Cordy pounces Doyle. The line went dead.

Doyle: Owe. Cordy. What was that for?

Cordy: Why in the world would you call Buffy? Especially in front of Angel? It's not like we need help with a case. Why?

Doyle: We were talking decided to call.

Angel: Cordy it's fine.

Cordy: It's not fine, now you're going to be all broody and things aren't going to get done and you just got off your last broody mode.

Angel: I did not.

Cordy: I don't want to hear it I'll be in, in the morning. Good-night.

Well Cordy was making her speech Doyle managed to swipe the picture.

The End?

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