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Buffy and Her Slayer Powers

By "madkin"

Summary: What if...?
Disclaimer: I own nothing, the characters aren't mine, blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue.


Buffy was fighting off some demons when she got hit with the dizzy. Cordy had a vision of Buffy in trouble, but didn't know it was Buffy. So Wes, Gunn, and Angel come to the rescue. Here we are...

"Shh...It's okay. It's okay" Angel said holding Buffy in his arms just like after she had crushed the master's bones.

"Wes, who's the chick?" Gunn asked. "Buffy" Wesley said shocked. "Buffy like Angel's ex aka slayer?." Gunn stated as much as asking the question. "Yes" Wesley said.

"Buffy, shhh.. it's okay... tell me what happened. "Angel said trying to get Buffy to calm down."I..They..I... Angel help me." she said looking into his eyes." I will. I promise." He said still holdng her.

Gunn walked up to Angel and Buffy leaving a shocked Wesley behind him. "Angel Uh we should probably go back to the hotel." Gunn said calmly.

When Buffy saw Gunn she started to fight Angel's arm around her, but he kept holding on. "Buffy it's okay he's a friend. You'll be alright. Just trust me. Ok?" She nodded and let Angel pick her up.

"Angel what's..." wesley started but was cut off by Angel saying " Shhh..." angel said quietly. "Um what's wrong with her?" Wes asked " She's lost her powers." was all Angel would say.

The End?

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