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Summary: This is the second part to "That's Miss Shansu to You." Eva (Miss Shansu) has fallen into a coma and the guys each have memories about their encounters with her.
Part of The Miss Shansu Series
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"Eva," Angel called out to his love. He sat at her bedside, where he had been for the past days and nights. He called out her name every now and then, willing her to wake out of her coma. "How did it come to this?" he wondered out loud.

"Angel, love," Eva ran into his office calling him.

"Yes," Angel said staring at the files on his desk not really noticing her. He should have though. Miss Eva Camilla Shansu, formally Mrs. Maria Alejandra Texada, was wearing a black spaghetti strap, form fitting, mid-thigh length dress that shimmered when she moved.

"What do you mean 'yes'?" she demanded. "Here I stand before you, the picture of beauty. I'm wearing a custom made dress and all you can say is 'yes'?"

Angel finally looked up. He looked her up and down and gave her a quizzical look.

"I'm decked out in diamonds," she pointed to her ears and neck. She let out a frustrated sigh and flopped down in a chair in front of his desk. "Anniversary. Dinner. Dancing. Kissing. What do these thing have in common?"

Angel smiled as if he had no clue, "they are all things I haven't had or done in years."

"Agh," she let out another sigh.

Angel almost couldn't hold in his laughter. He picked up the phone and spoke one word. "Harmony," he called to his secretary and then he set down the phone.

Eva was intrigued. She watched Angel's every move very carefully. He picked up a remote control that she hadn't noticed was on his desk. He pushed a button and the blinds covering the window looking outside opened revealing the starry, cloudless, LA night.

Suddenly, with a sweet knowing smile, Harmony burst through the office doors pushing what looked like a room service cart. There was a big silver dome covering what Eva assumed was a plate of food for her and another smaller dome covering what she thought was blood for Angel.

Angel pushed another button as Harmony exited, still grinning. Soft instrumental music was played softly enough to be background music if they wanted to talk but loudly enough that they could dance to it and have it be the only sound in the room.

Angel still sat at his desk taking in all of Eva's surprised expression. She walked over towards him. He turned in his chair following her movement. He put the remote back down on the desk. She stood very close to the chair. When Angel rose up he put them so close together they almost touched.

As a matter of fact, every time her chest rose when she took a breath her body would press against his. With the rise and fall of her breathing she touched and pulled away from him. Touched and pulled away. Touched and pulled away.

"I love you," both Eva and Angel said in unison.

He leaned down to kiss the woman who was destined to grant him a human life and as they kissed there was a chorus of "aawww how cute," Angel realized that the blinds of the window looking out into the office were open. Harmony, Fred, Lorne, Wesley and Gunn were watching everything.

Angel moved for the remote again but Eva stopped him. "Allow me, Angel, love" she smiled sweetly, picked up the remote pushed a button and the blinds closed.

Angel smiled sweetly at the memory of his and Eva's first month anniversary. Angel celebrated an anniversary with her every month since they had met. They had to skip this month because she was in a coma.

He willed her to wake and to smile at him as she had that night, to kiss him and to call him "Angel, love" her nickname for him. He willed her to wake up with all his might. She didn't.

"Why don't you get some sleep?" Wesley said suddenly standing beside Angel.

"I don't want to leave her. I don't want her to wake up alone."

"They'll call you if anything happens."

"Like they called me when Cordy died?" Angel said, sounding bitter even to him.

"Angel... "

"No, Wes," Angel began to get angry, "Cordelia died alone in a hospital bed while we were... "

"... saving your life," Wesley completed. "And Angel she wasn't alone. Her spirit came to you to save you. She was with you, kissing you and holding you when she died. When she died she was exactly where she always wanted to be... with you."

Angel didn't know what to say. So much had happened in the last few years. First Doyle died, then Cordelia a few years after that and not even a month after Cordy, Fred. Angel couldn't stand to lose one more person.

Angel spoke carefully, "Why is it that those I care about are the first ones to be targeted? Is it a sign that maybe I shouldn't care about people because that's how they get hurt?"

"That's not it Angel and you know it."

"What am I supposed to think Wesley," Angel stood and walked over to the window over looking nighttime LA. "If she were with her ex-husband I'm sure her health would never be in question. Because I'm in her life, because she loves me, she's in this bed dying."

"Angel, we don't know she's dying, and if she is we don't know it's because of you" Wesley comforted.

"I do. I know she's dying." Angel turned to face Wesley, "I feel her slipping away. There's this feeling about her. You know it's like a light. Once you get down to knowing the real her, every time she's around you can't help but smile. She radiates this general love of life. And it's like a light emanating from her. No matter who you are, you're touched by it. I feel that light dimming."

"Hey Wezzz," Eva teased. Wesley hated it when she called him that but even though it irked him he couldn't help but smile.

"Why, hello, Miss Shansu."

"I'm going to make you a deal. Well actually two deals... one I want you to stop calling me Miss Shansu and just call me Eva. In turn I'll call you Wesley instead of Wezzz. Deal?"

"Deal," Wesley agreed.

"Two I want you to help me get a Christmas gift for Angel and in turn I'll help you shop for Fred."

"Why would I want to get Fred a gift?" Wesley went defensive.

"Because you love her," Eva teased.

"I most certainly... "

"Do! You do love her and you'll never get me to believe otherwise so let's not argue. Now will you help me?"

Wesley smiled. He looked down at Eva and then back at his boss and friend, "yes there is this certain light about her. A certain je ne sais quoi."

"How's the research coming?" Angel asked once again turning to look out the window.

Wesley walked over to Angel he placed his hand on Angel's shoulder, "I've got my whole department working round the clock to find out what's wrong with Eva. We'll help Angel and if we can we'll bring her back to you."

"Ahem," said a voice from the door, "I'm sorry to interrupt but I've got some papers for you to sign boss."

"Ah Charles," Wesley said less than happy to see him.

"Gunn," Angel seemed to lose all emotion and go straight to his mask where emotions ceased to exist. He was neither angry nor friendly, "I told you that I was not to be disturbed while visiting with Eva."

"I'm sorry," Gunn apologized.

"You've apologized now leave," Wesley demanded.

"Wes," Angel scolded.

"My apologies," Wesley said, "He can stay if you want him to. I, however, must get back to research." Wesley left the room.

"What can I do man?" Gunn asked, "What can I do to help?"

Angel thought for a moment, "there is one thing I can't do for her that you can."

"Miss Winifred Burkle you shouldn't have," Eva mocked scolding.

"Well, it's Christmas, the time of giving and you gave me the best gift. You helped Wesley pick out something I'd love. That's better than any thing you could wrap in a box," Fred smiled as Eva unwrapped her gift.

Inside the box was a shiny antique style cross necklace.

"It's blessed," Fred said.

"Oh Fred... "

"I know how religious you are and I just wanted you to have something. I know you can't wear it cause when you hug Angel you'll burn him but I wanted you to have it just to have it. You know."

"Fred, it's the most beautiful and thoughtful gift. Thank you," Eva said as she embraced her friend.

Gunn clasped the cross necklace on the comatose girl. He laid the cross centered on her chest and lifted the hospital gown to cover it so that Angel could still hug her without getting burned.

Gunn looked worried to Angel. Angel knew that it was about Wesley and with that one look that he had been given by his hurting friend Angel knew what to say, "yes, he's still angry and he has every right to be but give him time. Time heals all wounds."

"Time heals all wounds huh?"

"Gunn?" Eva called out.

"What?" Gunn snapped.

"Hey don't bite me in the ass. I didn't do anything."

"Sorry Eva. I didn't meant to. It's just... "

"It's just everyone's ticked at you because you let that coffin thing through customs. Gunn you couldn't have known. No one could have known."

"Wesley would have known. Angel would have known and even if they hadn't known they wouldn't have been so greedy as to make that deal with the doctor."

"Gunn, listen to me. You're hurting now. I get that, but beating yourself up isn't going to bring her back. In time they'll forgive you because they'll see that there was no way you could have known. You were a victim of circumstance. But I do want to say this on the record... you don't need to be a super genius to be special. You're needed here weather you're Charles Gunn Attorney at Law or Charles Gunn Charles Gunn. Ok?"

"Why didn't you tell me that before I went to the doc for the second brain boost? It would have saved Fred."

"I know you love her and I know you miss her but trust me time heals all wounds," Eva said and gave Gunn a kiss on the cheek.

"Time heals all wounds... " Gunn reminisced, "you sound like Eva."

"She always knows what to say huh?" Angel said finally walking back over to his loves bedside. "Thanks," Angel said pointing at the cross necklace, "I never could have put that on her."

"You're welcome. I'm glad I could do something. Knowing the law really doesn't help at times like these, not even being the muscle helps."

"It doesn't mean you're not needed or not special to our team Gunn," Angel comforted.

"Once again you sound like her. Thanks man. Hey, you know what else I'll do for Eva?"


"I'll go to the hospital chapel and pray. I haven't prayed in years. It'd make her happy. Her being so religious and all. I'll see you later man," Gunn said as he exited.

Lorne entered as Gunn left. They passed each other at the door.

"How's she doing, Angel cake?"

Angel sighed, "the same."

"Why don't you go get a warm cup of blood and I'll sit with our sleeping beauty," Lorne offered.

"I don't want to leave her," Angel started to object.

"You need blood, you look pasty. Now, skidaddle."

Angel reluctantly left, "I'll just be gone a few minuets at the most ok?"

Lorne nodded as Angel closed the door behind him. The green demon looked down at the girl, "you really do only look like your sleeping. I guess you were right, no pain for you. But look at all of us Eva, we're in pain and you aren't even gone all the way... yet."

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