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This Whole Telling The Truth Thing

By Monica V. Martinez

Summary: When one of Angel's employees dies, he tries to befriend the widow. This leads to some "moving" events.
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"Honey slow down," Martha, or Marty as her friends called her, told her husband. "Babe having contractions at seven months isn't normal. We have to get to the hospital now," said Raul Viramontes. "But speeding and getting into an accident won't get us there faster," Marty began yelling at Raul. He turned to face her, "We're not going to get into an accident." Marty began screaming, "watch out." It was too later for Raul to watch out. Raul hit another oncoming car. His car flipped into a ditch. With his last breath he whispered something into his wife's ear and touched his child that was still in Marty's womb.


It was late at night and Angel was pacing in his room. He could hear someone approaching. "Angel" Eve poked her head in. "What do you want?" Angel asked impatiently. "Temper temper boss," Eve said but after a look from Angel she went straight to the point, "one of your employees is dead." "Gunn? Wesley? Lorne? Oh God no Fred?" Angel asked immediately interested in what Eve had to say.

"You have more employees than that Angel," Eve explained. "She's got a point Angel" Wesley said upon entering the room, "but technically this was my employee. He was a curandero, a Mexican medicine man. I hired him to help out my department. His name was Raul Viramontes. He, his wife, Martha and their unborn child died in a car accident about thirty minutes ago. They were all dead when the paramedics got there."

Eve's cell phone rang and embarrassed she left the room to answer it. Angel and Wesley looked at the door for a moment. "What the hell do you mean she's awake? She's been dead for like thirty min... . Well I just told my boss... Fine I'll untell him but whoever gave me the wrong information... well let's just say I'm going to have his head... LITERALLY," Eve yelled from outside Angel's room.

Eve returned to the room and straightened the coat of her designer suit, "Mrs. Viramontes has... I hate this word... miraculously recovered from her death." Angel and Wesley looked at each other for a while. Wesley spoke first, "I'll wake the others." "I'll get the car," Angel returned and they both exited.

Angel returned to his room Eve simply said, "Cedar Sinai." "Thanks, now get the hell out of my room."

Driving to the hospital everyone had questions. "Angel, it's scientifically impossible," Fred asserted. "She's got a point. Angel man this just reeks Wolfram & Hart," Gunn said then realized, "wait; we are Wolfram & Hart. Maybe it's not our branch but it has to be... " "Raul," Angel said. "Who," the whole back seat chimed.

"That would be our employee," Wesley stated. "Was he powerful enough to do that? Heal death?" Fred asked. "We'll soon find out," Angel said. "This is all fine and dandy Angelito but why am I here?" Lorne asked. "When she's conscious... she's going to give us all a little concert," Angel said.


Four and a half hours later, Angel, Lorne, Gunn, Wesley and Fred were still staring at the unconscious girl. "This is pointless Angel Let's go. They'll call us when she wakes up," Gunn suggested. "She doesn't have anyone," Angel said quietly as he walked over to the girl, "She's only 22 and she's a widow, she's lost her child and she's all alone in this world." "Angel I'm sure the hospital called her family," Fred tried to reassure Angel.

"Her parents died when she was a child and her older sister who raised her died about a month ago of cancer. His only family is in Mexico and has disowned him. They didn't approve of their marriage," Wesley informed the group, "I did some reading while you all were getting ready." "So Raul and the baby were all she had?" Fred questioned. "Now she has us," Angel said.

"How'd I know he was going to say that? Come on let's go get some coffee, we're going to be here a while," Gunn pointed out. They all began to make their exit, "You coming boss," Lorne asked. "I'll wait here with her," Angel said.

Angel was tired of sitting; he got up and walked over to Martha. He reached out for her hand. When their hands met she stirred. "Angel?" she asked. "What?" "Are you an angel?" "No." "Are you the devil?" "NO! I'm Angel" "You're an angel?" "No my name is Angel." "Oh sorry, I guess the accident... well I thought I was dead. I thought you were... Yeah let me go back to sleep and wake up and we'll start all over," Martha rambled. Angel smiled.


"Was he in pain?" Martha asked about her husband. "I don't know. I only know what the doctors told me," Angel answered. "That's a yes," Martha said. She was showing no emotion. "So the owner of a big corporation like you must be busy. You fulfilled your requirement. Headline will read: President of W&H visited widow of dead janitor. You can go now," Martha said.

"Jani... ? That's not why I'm here," Angel said softly, "I'm just here to... to... well help." "Look," she said calmly, "I lost my husband, and my unborn child all in one day. I, for thirty-eight minutes was dead. Now for some reason, only known to the darker powers of the world, I'm alive when my innocent baby girl is dead. Tell me this Mr. Angel, how can you help me?" "I don't know," Angel said as Martha rolled her eyes, "but I'm gonna try." Angel got up from the seat he'd taken by her bedside. "By the way it's just Angel."


"Angel, I get that since Raul worked for you as a janitor I'm entitled to some compensation. Like his life insurance or something but this is too much," Martha said as Angel helped her move into a suit next to his penthouse in the Wolfram & Hart building. "Let me carry that," Angel said indicating the box she was moving. "Angel you coddle me more than Raul did the first time I was pregnant," Martha said with out realizing what she had said. Angel had to ask, "What do you mean the first time?"

"That's not something I'm ready to talk about," Martha said and ran from the room. Angel dropped the box and ran after her. He caught up to her and made her face him, "you don't have to tell me Martha. But this is your home now. You never have to run." "I'm scared. I don't get why you're helping me. It's not like Raul was one of your big shot lawyers. He was your janitor. Your handyman. He's highly replaceable." "Martha, he's not replaceable to you. Therefore he's not to me either. Besides, where else are you going to go?" Angel asked.

"Angel, you paid for the funeral, you put my house on the market and covered all moving cost. Plus you're letting me live out of your building for free. It's hard not to wonder. Especially when you ask questions that you shouldn't," Martha explained. "Ok here's the deal," Angel began, "I don't ask. You don't complain about the free rent?" Martha smiled. Deep down she knew he wasn't a bad man but she'd never believed in something for nothing. "Ok, deal," Martha said and started to walk back to the suit. "Angel," she called back. He didn't answer but only looked at her. "Thank you," she said and quickly gave him a kiss on the cheek.


"This wasn't her first time being pregnant," Angel informed the gang. "Do you think that's relative?" Wesley asked. "Yes," Angel stated simply. "Why?" Lorne asked. Angel thought about it for a while, "I don't know yet. But that's what I want you to find out." "Bravo mate," Spike appeared suddenly, "save the damsel thirty-eight minutes too late." "Not now Spike," Angel scolded but Spike went on. "Why'd you bring her here? Are you interested in getting into her knickers?" Angel moved as to punch Spike. Fred stepped between the two men who looked about to strike, "Spike!" "What? I didn't do anything. He's the one who's all giddy cause the girl gave him a peck on the cheek," Spike teased.

"Let Angel be," Marty stepped in, "Those in limbo find joy in other's pain. Spike." "How'd she know my name?" Spike said a bit scared now. "Are you scared? You give that tough guy look but inside that soul of yours is trembling with fear," Marty said as she walked towards Spike. As she did everything in the room began to tremble. Suddenly, Marty fainted and everything stopped.

Angel rushed and caught Marty before she hit the floor. After a moment she came to in Angel's arms. "What are you doing?" she asked Angel, "Where am I?"


"How is she?" Wesley asked. "She's asleep now but she's scared. She doesn't know what happened. She's terrified," Angel answered. "She bloody well should be," Spike interrupted, "that broad is scary. She's a human earthquake." "Scared Spike?" Gunn asked. Spike laughed nervously, "I'm the ghost. I do the scarring around here." "Hey" "Ahhh" Spike jumped. "It's only me Spike," Fred said.

"Well?" Angel asked when no one else would. "Nothing," Fred said. "Nothing?" Angel asked. "That's bull love. There's something wrong with that girl," Spike noted. "Shut up Spike," Angel yelled. "Well all the blood work came back normal. According to the blood work she's a normal healthy girl," Fred said.


It was around noon when Angel was awoken by a terrible scream. Into his room Lorne came running and screaming. Angel jumped out of bed dressed only in pajama pants and no shirt. Confused he asked, "Lorne what is it? What's wrong?" "She's going to kill me," Lorne cried. "Lorne," Marty yelled as she stormed into Angel's room soaking wet dressed in nothing but a towel. "Marty," Angel started but before he could get past the nickname he'd been calling her she started yelling.

"Lorne stay the hell out of my shower! I know you have a thing for singing and what not... but just because I sing in the shower does not give you the right to walk in on me naked," Marty yelled. "Marty look I know we've all gotten comfortable living here together for the past month and a half but walking around in a towel is not..." Angel was cut off. "Acceptable? Neither is having a green demon walk in on me when I'm in the shower. Have him stay out of my room and I won't cause any trouble. You hear me, Lorne?" Mary stormed out and as she did the door magically slammed behind her.

The door opened again and there stood Marty on the other side of it. "Did I do that?"


"I'm sorry Angel. We had no reason to run supernatural tests," Fred apologized. "She made the whole room shake just with her mind and then didn't remember ever leaving her room and you don't think that called for a full supernatural examination," Gunn scolded. "That's fine Fred. Just put a rush on them now," Angel ordered. Fred left the office sadly. The rest of the gang watched her go and then looked at Gunn, "What?"

"What did you read in her shower singing Lorne?" Angel asked. "Sorry Angel cakes. I had to sneak into the bathroom 'cause I couldn't hear her. That's when she caught me and the whole 'she's going to kill me' scene took place," Lorne answered.

"Ok Wesley what do you have for me?" Angel asked turning to his friend. "The only thing that I can conclude is that she must be suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. Those who suffer from it tend to who signs of telekinesis," Wesley explained. "I think it's something more but I just can't figure out what. But I'm sure that Raul is behind it," Angel aloud but more to his self.


Angel watched her sleep as he did the first night they met. He wanted to see if it was true. He had to know if he'd fallen for this lovely young widow. He walked over to the bedside and sat down next to her. Marty gently awoke with, "mmm, what time is it?" "Ten in the evening," Angel answered. "How long have I been out?" Marty asked again. Angel answered, "since around eleven when I made you come take a nap after the whole Lorne walking in on you in the shower and the whole slamming the door with your mind scene."

"Oh yeah that. I was kinda hoping it'd all be a dream," Marty said. She paused thinking about what she'd done earlier. She finally spoke up, "How'd I do that?" "I don't know yet. But I'm going to do everything in my power to find out," Angel affirmed. "I'm scared. I mean what's happening to me. This is not normal," Marty said getting worried. "Hey," Angel said as he grabbed her hand, "I'm going to make everything better. I promise." She fell into his arms in an embrace and he knew. He knew that it was true.


For two weeks Fred ran every lab test Wolfram & Hart could offer. "How's it going?" Gunn asked. "Well to be honest with you... Just as bad as it was going fifteen minuets ago when Angel sent Lorne to ask me. The same as thirty minutes ago when he sent Wesley and fifteen minutes before that when he sent Harmony. He's running out of people to send."

"I'm sorry. I'm just doing what the boss man asked. You looked stressed are you ok?" Gunn asked. Gunn walked over behind Fred and began to massage her neck. She smiled and took in the moment. Then realizing what was happening she backed away. "Charles no we can't. Not after... Not after what happened." Fred explained. "What did happen Fred?" Gunn asked. She looked at him with no answer at first, "I don't know," then she realized, "I just know that nothing can ever happen again."


Eve sat in Angel's office with a smirk. She'd planned this perfectly. Before long Marty would be so scared of her powers Angel would have no choice but to get rid of her. Whether he killed her or sent her off... that is to an asylum. There was no way that the woman who is chosen to be the seer's mother would be anywhere near Angel.

Eve recalled her last phone conversation with Raul Viramontes, "I don't care how much you love her. This is your job. Kill her and the baby or we'll kill all three of you. Got it."

"What are you grinning about?" Spike asked as he entered while Eve was thinking over her plan? "Nothing, just daydreaming," Eve answered not prepared for the interruption. "Right like a woman like you would ever have happy daydreams. I'm sure they're sadistic and evil," Spike said. Eve returned, "I never said they weren't sadistic or evil. I was smiling because they were."

Suddenly Marty walked into the room. She looked possessed. "What's going on here," Eve asked. Angel followed Marty in, "That's what I'd like to know one minute I was watching her sleep and the next she was up and about." "I seek the one who is sent to unmake me," Marty said in an evil voice, "I will unmake you first."

Eve started to get scared and all of a sudden everything in the room began to shake. Marty screamed as loud as she could. The scream eventually died down but her mouth was open as if she were talking. "What the bloody hell is going on," Spike asked, "have I gone deaf?"

Suddenly Marty was talking only it wasn't her voice it was that of Eve. It repeated the conversation that she had with Raul. "I don't care how much you love her. This is your job. Kill her and the baby or we'll kill all three of you. Got it?" "No, that is my child and I don't care what she is meant to do... I won't kill her and neither will you." "She's the seer. If she is brought to term she will join with Angel and they together will fight the forces of evil and all the work that Wolfram & Hart has put into the apocalypse will be for nothing." "That's your sob story. Now leave me and my family alone."

All was quiet and Marty began to walk over to Eve. Eve became frightened and asked for help, "Angel?" "This is going to be good. Angel we should get some mud in here this cat fight is going to be the best," Spike suggested.

Marty began to follow Eve as she circled the room looking for an exit. Every time she neared an exit Marty used her mind to block the way out. Marty finally spoke, "You tried to set my husband against me. But when he wouldn't turn on me you turned on your own employee. You set up the accident. What you didn't count on was the fact that he transferred his powers over to his child. But his child, my child was already dead. I got all the powers. He whispered in my ears to seek the truth. The truth found me Eve. My baby, for seeing that she was going to die also transferred her powers over to me. So not only am I the seer and a curandera but I've found my own powers. I'm naturally telekinetic. Your mission failed. You wanted to prevent the seer from helping Angel fight the impending apocalypse. I will join forces with Angel and when your bosses bring on the apocalypse we'll be ready to defend the good forces of the earth."

"Angel, help me," Eve pleaded as Marty backed her into a corner of the office. "Sorry. Hell hath no furry as a mother scorned. And I'm not about to get into the middle of this," Angel answered. "Spike," Eve begged. "Sorry doll. I must agree with Angel. Yuck that sentence tasted foul coming out of my mouth," Spike said as he disappeared.

"It's just you and me Eve," Marty said. "I'll never let you touch me," Eve said. She picked up a near by object and threw it at the window and jumped out the hole it made. Angel moved to the window to rescue her. Marty moved her hand up and Eve was lifted back into the room. "You were under the false impression that I had to touch you to harm you. You're wrong," Marty said. Marty using some unseen force began to choke Eve.

"Marty this isn't the way," Angel pleaded. "If you had a child you'd understand," Marty said. Eve yelped out with the little breath she had in her, "Connor." Marty looked at Angel. "But contrary to what you and Miss Eve here think," Marty said. Eve was released and fell on the floor gasping for air. Marty spoke as she exited Angel's office, "Death is too good for you Eve. I suggest you run. Run and never come back. Because if you do try to come back... I'll see you long before you even develop the thought. And trust me next time not even God, Angel or the Senior Partners will be able to save you.


Marty was in her room lying in bed. "Marty," Angel asked sounding more like a question. Marty stepped in, "no need to explain. I'm the seer. I can also see the past. I know about Connor and what you did to him. Angel you didn't kill him, you saved him." "I don't want to talk about me," Angel decided, "I want to know how it all came to you. A few hours ago you were scared that you were going crazy. Then you did the whole song and dance down stairs."

Marty laughed, "Why didn't you ever let Lorne read me?" "What," Angel asked "At the hospital the first night we met? Then you called my room and I noticed him lurking into my bathroom. You stopped him all the times he tried to read me," Marty recalled. "Because I thought that Raul was the one who had done something wrong. I thought that he had cursed you or hurt you or something. I didn't want Lorne to read that on you and then have to tell you your husband was evil," Angel concluded. "He worked for Wolfram & Hart. He sacrificed his son while he was in my womb when I was first pregnant. I didn't know it then but I know it now. He was no saint. Hey but no one is. What I want to know is why didn't you ever tell me that he wasn't a janitor?" Marty asked. Angel thought, "sometimes telling lies is easier than telling the truth." Marty nodded, "but sometimes telling the truth is more rewarding then telling lies."

"Here's the new deal between you and me Angel. You're always going to tell me the truth. One because if you don't I'll be able to see it and two because you love me," Marty said. "Hey that's not fair. You can't just take that from a guy I have the right to tell you that. Not have it read from my mind," Angel whined. "Fine, don't lie to me or hide things from me and I won't read you. But just to let you know I didn't read that Spike told me that one," Marty laughed. "SPIKE!" Angel yelled and Marty continued to laugh. "Let's get dinner and you can tell me more truths," Marty suggested. "Ok so I have to tell you the truth what do you have to do for me?" Angel asked as they started walking out the door of her suit. She stopped and looked at him. She kissed him on the lips and then kept walking. "I can get used to this whole telling the truth thing," Angel said as he followed Marty to dinner.

The End

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