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Crossing Paths

By Nzinga27

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Summary: A mysterious woman returns something that Angel lost.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, the characters aren't mine, blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue.


Chapter 1

"I hate Spring Cleaning!" Cordelia said as she emptied the garbage. "Tell me about it, I didn't know there's so much stuff," Fred said as she saw another old box. "Be careful, that's Angel's gothic stuff," Cordelia said as she got the broom. "Whoa!" Fred said as the box fell. Cordelia rolled her eyes. "What's this?" she said as she saw a gold necklace on the floor. It was shaped like a crescent moon.

"It is a Talisman, a gift from a old friend," Angel said walking in as he was holding Connor. "Imhotep, gave you that 150 years ago," Lorne said. "Yes, just before he died. He was a good man" Angel said holding the Talisman. "How did he die?" Wesley said. "Sirus - a very powerful demon - killed him to regain his honor. When they were young Sirus tried to steal it and was banished. As a result he became a demon," Gunn said remembering the story. Angel sighed and put the Talisman around his neck. "It's time for me to wear this in honor of Imhotep. Sirus is dead" he said and looked at Connor. "This was Daddy's," Angel said taking Connor back to his room.

"Well that was a nice history lesson," Cordelia said as she turned on the TV. "Tonight on Music Fever we have a premiere from Alicia Keys and Nsync. See you here at 6 pm," a dark haired woman said on a commercial. "Victoria Blair is too beautiful," Fred said looking at the commercial. "Oh it's just the makeup" Cordelia said as she started to read a magazine.

In an office building in downtown Los Angeles, employees are trying to withstand the annoying music being played in their boss's office. "She's the woman who's going to make you a star Theresa," Damion Crane said to his girlfriend as they watched the Music Fever commercial. "I've already called a guy who works at the show to arrange a get together. You're going to be on top," he added and gave her a kiss.

"Vicki, baby you got to do this favor for me," James Perez said to Victoria Blair in her dressing room. "What is it, James. What's the favor?" Victoria said as she greeted him with a smile. "Hair and makeup in 5," a person yelled out. "James tell me," Vicki said. "OK ,this guy wants to meet you. He wants you to play a video his client made up," James said. "James, I don't do that type of stuff. This show is for the fans. I can't dictate what goes on the air - you know that," Victoria said. "You don't understand: this man will hurt me. He's ruthless," James began to say. "Then I really don't want to do it James. I'm sorry but no," Vicki said as she got up. "We need you in makeup now!" the person yelled again. "I got to go, James. Bye sweets," Victoria said and gave him a quick hug.

"Damion Crane," Damion said as he answered the phone. "James, so when does she want to meet me and Theresa?" he asked. "Victoria doesn't want to meet you she's swamped and she doesn't do that type of thing. I'm sorry Damion," James said and quickly hung up the phone. "Oh really? No one says no to Damion Crane," Damion said and looked out the window.

"Taking a walk?" Wesley said as he observed Angel putting on his jacket. "Yea, I'll do some patrolling. I'll be back soon," Angel said. "Thanx for taking care of Connor," he said to Lorne and closed the door. "Turn on Channel 6! It's coming on!" Fred said to Wesley. "What is?" Wesley said. "Music fever! I want to see what Victoria Blair is wearing today," Fred said, glued to the television. "Who in God's name is Victoria Blair?" Wesley said. "Probably one of the most popular TV hosts and the most beautiful woman in LA. Even I knew that, Wes," Gunn said with a laugh.

"You look great!" James said as he fixed Vicki's denim skirt with a matching suede belt. "Have a good show!" he yelled as she went to the set. "Hi welcome to Music Fever. I'm Victoria Blair. Let's get this party started!" Victoria yelled as the extras yelled with her. "Number 10 today is POD "Youth of a Nation," she said as the video played. "She's has so much style," Fred said. "She probably has a stylist," Cordelia said. "She looks very popular," Wesley simply replied.

"Well, sorry to say it's the end of today's show. I know I know - just as things were heating up," Victoria said sarcastically. "Cheer up! Tomorrow we have the battle of the dancers and of course the top 10 requested videos from you guys. See you tomorrow and good night!" she said to the screen as Alicia Keys' song "Girlfriend" played.

"Good show," the directed said to Vicki as they started to walk out of the studio. "I know you must be exhausted. Get some rest," he added as tons of fans approached Victoria. "Sam, I wont get some anytime soon," she said with a laugh and signed a few autographs. Then a few minutes later two guards led her to her car as fans followed. "Just one more!" a fan cried out. As the fan was saying this Angel was walking in the same direction.

"What is going on" he wondered and walked. Victoria walked into the car and closed the door. The car started to drive off. As it did Angel was walking and noticed fans following the car so he glanced at the car and saw Victoria's face. His eyes widened and he gave a little gasp. "She's beautiful," he thought. Victoria also saw Angel. "That man's eyes," she thought as she tried to turn around to find him. She sighed and said "So how are you tonight Bo?" "Bo has the night off," a man said with a snarl. "Who are you?" she screamed. "An employee of Damion Crane's," the man answered. Victoria looked behind her and noticed another car following her. "You can't escape."

"Just enjoy the ride," the man said. "Like hell!" Victoria said and opened the door. Jumping out, she started to run. The man from the other car got out and chased her. "Look sweetie you're only making this harder for yourself," the man said as he grabbed her from behind. Victoria bit his hand and kicked him in the knee. "You bitch! you need to be taught a lesson" the other man said as he was about to smack her.

"I don't think that's a good idea," Angel said as he caught the man's hand from behind. "Is this your boyfriend?" the other man said still holding Vicki. Angel punched the man in the mouth. "Enough of this," the other man said and pushed Vicki to the ground. Angel shook his head and did a roundhouse kick to the man's side. Victoria looked on with amazement. The man Angel punched earlier got up and pulled out a knife. Victoria gasped. Angel took a trash can and threw it at him causing him to fall. After that the two thugs drove off in a hurry. Angel looked on and turned to Victoria who was still on the ground.

"Are you alright?" Angel said helping her up. "Yea, I guess so. Just a bit shocked. Are you ok?" Victoria said. "I'm fine," Angel said getting a better look at her. Victoria noticed her purse, keys and wallet on the ground. Angel picked them up for her. "What a gentleman," she said to herself. "What was that all about?" She said as Angel handed her purse to her. "Taxi!" Angel called out and opened the door for her. Victoria turned around to see if she left something. "Can I drop you," she began to say. "Where did he go?" she said. "Hey lady, are you coming or what?" the cab driver said. "Where did he go?" Vicki asked again. "He went. Wow I just saw him. Are you getting in?" the cab driver asked. Victoria got in and then she noticed a necklace. It was shaped like a crescent moon. "This must be his," she thought.

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