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Summary: Buffy is torn between love and the next best thing.
Part of The Via Dolorosa Series
Disclaimer: Yada, yada... Why Joss, why??
Author's Notes: This is the next part in my Via Dolorosa series. I bring Riley -- fishboy-Finn back..as Buffy's /gulp/ boyfriend..Heavens, forgive me.Father Tuck is mine, analogy with Robin Hood and his merry men.
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Part 1

I guess I'm not that good
at keeping love alive for long.
I thought I knew the answers
But the answers were all wrong.
My first love was my true love
And it should've been my last
The only time I'm happy's
When I'm dreaming of the past...

"Hey, Giles"

"Oh, hi Willow. Is there anything you want to discuss with me?" Giles gave her a quick look, adjusting his glasses firmly on his nose.

"Well, yes. It's about Buffy.I mean have you noticed the way she's been behaving lately, she hasn't been herself after..well, since.." she trailed off, her glance expressive enough.

"Since he left" Giles finished for her quietly.

"Yes..." she sighed. " She lets people trample over her, her -- the slayer, the one who used to be so self-confident and defiant. There is this new girl Brenda McFeey, she's, for some reason, treating her like dirt. And Buffy is letting her.. It's like when he left he took a part of her with him, the part that made her her."

"But she has a new boyfriend now, that Riley-fellow. I thought she was coping fine. She's been distracted lately, but I thought it was because of him."

"Yes, I know she has him, but it's not like she needs him, like she needed Angel. Her mom likes him though, she never did like Angel, in a way say she's..relieved to have a normal, down-to-earth boyfriend for her daughter... I myself introduced them, but now..I have the feeling I've made a mistake..And he is so dull. I don't know what she finds in him. I believe she doesn't either..Giles, don't you see, we have to do something about it."

"Hmm," he shrugged defeatedly. "What could we possibly do? She's the one who chose him and as much as I dislike the boy, I must say at least he's harmless."

"But she doesn't love him, and what's the most gruesome part -- she doesn't care. She seems to think that no one can love her. We just have to bring Angel back..I know you know where he is, he would never leave without giving you some emergency address."

"Well, yes, I shouldn't tell anyone but, as you already guessed... I've been keeping him updated on what's going on in case we need help."

"Does that include the Riley-drama?"

"Well, I might have mentioned that Buffy has a new boyfriend, but I haven't given details."

"Good, then there is still some chance. He'll come running once you tell him what a creep Riley is..So where exactly is he?"

"Hmm" Giles seemed to be deep in thought.


Meanwhile... you'll never guess where...

Te Deum Laudamus..(Lord We Praise Thee)

"Salve Regina, mater misericordiae:
Vita, ducedo, et spes nostra, salve
Ad te clamamus, exsules filii Evae.
Ad te suspiramus, gementes et flentes,
in hac lacrimarum valle.

'Eja ergo, Advocata nostra,
illos tuos misericordes oculos ad nos converter
Et Jesum, benedictum fructum ventris tui,
nobis post hoc exilium ostende.
O clemens, O pia, O dulcis Virgo Maria."

"God be with you Father Leery"

"God be with you Father Tuck".

A ruddy, somewhat plump little man in a black cotton dress hurried down the hall in a very grim looking, simple building that was the Mission of St.Ives. A place for seclusion and reflection, for those uninterested in earthly matters.

The monk, who had been referred to by the name of Father Tuck, passed by several doors until reaching a secret opening behind a wall-painting.

"So, Angel." He said coming behind a man of about twenty-seven with dark hair and soulful eyes, that sparkled with something akin to amusement when catching a glimpse of the short fellow. "Drawing, I see?"

"That's all I seem to be doing lately." Angel smiled gently at him.

"Well, lad." With that Father Tuck gave him a whole-hearted slap on the back. "Don't ya think it's time to return to the world outside. Not that I'm forcing ya, I've come to love ya like me own son. But it's been six months.."He gave him a playful wink. "Time to surprise that gal of yours."

"What girl?" Angel gave him an odd look.

"Oh, come own, I may be old but I'm not dense, lad. I see whatcha drawing there... And better not let it outta this room, or we'll ruin some of the fathers' motivation. You get what I mean.." Father Tuck raised his eyebrows suggestively.

Angel smiled, a real genuine smile.

"See - you're getting much better. That's a nice smile-ey there, you're doing it much more often now."

"With you, it's kinda hard not to." He gave the old man a playful look. "I guess you are right... about me leaving. I've received a note from Giles saying he needs my help."

"With supernatural matter?" Father Tuck suddenly became serious, his eyes full of concern and apprehension.

"I wouldn't say so. He's looking for a substitute teacher in Art. The previous one got eaten by a Mogosh demon. Or rather vanished without a trace into the police records of Sunnydale."

"I see.. But you'll meet the girl? Yes?"

"That's what I'm afraid of..I mean she has a new life now, a new..boyfriend." He almost choke at the word. "If I am lucky we won't run into each other, it's a big school after all. And she isn't exactly the art-type of person. I wish I could say no, but I owe it to Giles.."

"You must be on your way, lad. We can offer ya no more.."

"You'll come visit though.."

"I sure will... And Angel -- do visit the lass, you deserve it." Father Tuck gave him a final bear hug before seeing him to the door, trying to blink away the tears that were threatening to fall.

"I sure am gonna miss ya, lad. I've grown very fond of ya."

"I wonder how that happened, I mean knowing what you know I don't think I would have been fond of me."

"You're too hard on yourself, Angel, lad. Ya should listen to the others from time to time, not to your own demons."

"Well, yeah" *not bloody likely*, with that Angel gave him a lopsided grin, finished packing his stuff (which was actually a jacket, few books and lots of sketches) and proceeded to leave, without looking back. He had made that a motto -- to not look back, when he was leaving something he didn't want to leave... Like Buffy. *wonder what she's doing right now*


His lips were soft and warm. She could feel the passion flow through their joint forms..*Concentrate Buffy!*... *strong arms, deep brown eyes, cool lips that somehow set her whole being afire...* she mentally smacked herself... *Remember Riley, your boyfriend, now concentrate* and with that she resumed counting sheeps... *shit..Cows, Riley likes cows... one cow hopping over the fence... hey, can cows jump..two cows tripping in the fence..three cows beheaded by a passing truck*

"Oh, Buffy, sugar-pie, you're great" Riley whispered almost seductively as they were intercepted by Willow and the gang.

"Hmm, Buffy" Willow cleared her throat. "Can I have a word with you?"

"Sure, Wills, what's up?"

"What were you doing there, falling asleep?!" Willow whispered loudly driving her away from Riley.

"Excuse me, I was kissing my boyfriend.."

"Yeah, a phone post would've done it with more passion. Buffy don't you see, since.."

"No, stop.I don't want to hear it. I've got a boyfriend now, Willow and like it or not I love him. It's not the same kind of gut-wrenching romance I might have had before, but at least it is solid. I don't believe in dreams anymore Wills. That's what Angel was -- a dream. When he left six months ago I thought I would die, but I survived, and moved on. That's what you wanted me to do, wasn't it? SO what? I did it. I found Riley, and he's nice and... solid. He gives me everything I need. I don't even remember Angel's face anymore. He's gone, vanished from my memory." *you wish*

"Since you insist." Willow sighed. "Giles, wanted to see you about some alleged demon raid on the food supplies in the cafeteria. You'd better go check with him.."

"Sure, Wi.."

"Miss Summers, how nice of you to drop by?" Snider squeaked. "Now, as all you little vandals are present. Would you care to inform me what happened with Mr.O'Henrey?"

"He died?" Xander suggested ever-ready to help.

"So, you've noticed. What did you do to him?" Snider waved a finger in front of Buffy's face.

"Look, Principal Snider," Cordelia butted in. "We don't know what happened to him. And Buffy doesn't either. Maybe school pressure from certain officials on high positions whose cabinet is down the hall to the left, got more than he could take.."

"What exactly are you implying you little... All right that's it..You're all suspended..Oh, actually I have a better idea -- you are to enroll in the late Mr. O'Henrey's art class, as of now."

"But, but.." Buffy wanted to object but Snider gave her his most saccharine smile.

"You have something to say to me Summers?"

"No, Mr. Snider, sir." She cast her eyes to the ground, missing the glances all her friends exchanged.

"What just happened there? I saw Snider down the hall looking incredibly happy?" Riley inquired bringing Oz along.

"Cordy just got us all extra art lessons by the new replacement teacher."

"Cool" Oz commented from behind Willow.

"I kinda heard some girls blabbering 'bout the new teacher.." Riley said. "They thought he was nice.."

"I believe they used the words "sexy as hell"" Oz corrected.

"Well, we'll see, but I must see Giles, cover up for me would you?"

"Sure, thing sugar-pie" Riley gave her a quick kiss, while all the others present turned around in disgust.


Part 2

"... And I am watching you mister." Snider called from his office after a tall, well-built man in a long dark coat.

"Hail Hitler," Angel muttered under his breath, as he closed the Principal's door. He had spent the first fifteen minutes trying to convince the chicken to leave the haven of his closet, swearing he wouldn't bite him, and the next fifteen receiving threats that were equally futile. Great day, so far. *at least I didn't run into Buffy*

He sighed once again before opening the door to his class. *at least I think it is my class*

"Ahem..Is this the Art 101?" He asked a redhead who just stared at him, leered rather.

"Oh, yes, you must be new. I am Brenda McFeey." She pressed into him shamelessly. "You can have the seat next to mine."

"Well, actually," He proceeded to the teacher's desk. "I'm your new teacher. My name is Angel... Giles. And I'll be teaching your Art 101 until the new teacher shows up."

"So.." he was just about to ask what they had done so far, when the door opened and Willow, Oz, Cordelia, Xander and Riley rushed in.

Angel blinked twice to make sure he wan't dreaming. Cordy grinned like an idiot, perfectly aware of how stupid it was to grin at you obviously new teacher. Xander just gaped, Oz raised a brow. Riley looked about confused... and Willow, she lunged forward straight for Angel's neck.

"Oh, Angel..I can't believe it's you..Oh, god, she'll be SO surprised." She got a hold of herself, grasping the whole teacher-pupil situation, but still repressing a wide grin."Bite him" she pointed to Riley.."He's such a bore" she whispered.

Angel just stood there transfixed. This wasn't in the deal, this was not at all in the deal..

"Xander do close your mouth," he quickly reverted to teacher mode again. "And have a seat."

Xander just nodded, flashing him a genuine smile. *something's definitely wrong with the boy*

"Boy, I wanna see Buffy's face, when she finds out" Xander whispered.

And just at that the door swung open once again and Buffy charged in muttering excuses..And froze at the spot, feeling an oddly familiar tingle all over her body. *oh, God, this isn't true*

Angel slowly turned around, speeding up the inevitable. Her jaw literary dropped down to the ground. He was so incredibly handsome, she vaguely asked herself if there could ever be anyone who could possibly look better in white.

He had put on a white blazer on top of his black pants, after Giles had managed to convince him he should emit "A friendlier image". But she, she was so much more beautiful than he remembered. Temptation incarnate..

They both got wrapped up in each other's eyes, feeling the wave of desire and passion surge at them, and drowning in it.

Angel was the first one to snap out. *she has a boyfriend now, she doesn't want you anymore.*

And the moment was gone. He turned away, asking her to take a seat in a dispassionate voice.*God, this is going to be very hard*


The rest of the lesson passed smoothly without further interruptions and calamities. Buffy trying to look anywhere but at him, acknowledging how she had not at all forgotten what he looked like, how he kissed, how he made her feel..

This was hell, he was convinced. Being so close to her, and not being close to her at all. Not being able to touch her, to hold her close. He was dying all over.

The bell finally rang after what seemed a century to the lovers.

"Uhh, Mister Giles, sir... Mr. Giles" Brenda called him form the first row.

He looked at her as if seeing her for the first time. *what does she want with Giles?* Then it hit him.

"Mr. Giles, yes, that's me -- Mister Giles" he choked at the words. "Please call me Angel. Giles-the librarian is my nephew.."

"You mean uncle" Xander to the resque.

"Yeah uncle" He gave Xander a thankful look.

The group started giggling at Angel's involuntary slip. Angel himself shocked them all, breaking into a large grin.

Buffy was dazzled... He had such an amazing smile, she mused over half-slitted eyes. She suddenly had to fight another onslaught of lust for this incredibly handsome man. Her Angel *no longer yours* her conscience called and she knew how right that was. But she wasn't over him, she could never be. She loved him, and she had to get him back *add that to the list of priorities -- get Angel back* their gazes locked and she could swear for a moment there was the same fire that consumed her. *no, scratch all other things, and get Angel back.*

She gave him another gentle smile, reveling in the feeling of completeness that just being near him inspired. And then it happened...

"Buffy, sweety pie," Riley wrapped his arms around her waist. "Won't you introduce me to your friend? You obviously know him?" *what a loser*

She wished he could sink into the earth as Angel came and shook hands with her "boyfriend", introducing himself as Giles' nephew, who was often visiting in the summer and helping out at the library.

Giles interrupted the uncomfortable scene as he walked in to inquire after Angel's first lesson and froze in his tracks.

"Oh..MY..I didn't know, I swear, Angel" He made a small apologetic smile, while Angel was shooting daggers at him.

"Good move, Giles..You fooled me there for awhile." Willow whispered somewhat hurt.

"It wasn't me, Willow, I didn't know you'd take art..By the way why are you taking art?"

"Oh, it's a long story, Giles." They all exited laughing, telling Giles about it. Only Buffy and Angel, silent and in deep thought.

So afraid to love you
more afraid to lose
Clinging to a past that
doesn't let me choose...


Part 3

"So what? It's been like almost a week since he returned and you two still haven't sorted things out?" Willow was incredulous.

"Well, he's been sort of avoiding me," Buffy replied. "not exactly but close enough... As I tried to talk things out, he just shut me out, saying that our lives have changed and that he doesn't want to stand in the way of my happiness."

"Typical... but are you really happy with Riley?"

"Oh, Wills," Buffy sighed. "I don't know what to do anymore. It's like the past I've been trying to forget won't go away and suddenly even I don't want it to go anymore. I still need him, but I am not sure if he needs me, he hasn't even told me where he was all that time. He just shows up when I need him, patrols with me and helps out with Giles but nothing more. When I try to speak to him he shuts me off, as if he's afraid of me.."

"Well, Buffy, maybe he needs time. Maybe he needed time to think things through, I mean he used to live (metaphorically speaking) for you, you were the sole thing in his universe. But dependency is not a very healthy form of relationship. He needs to start living for himself. Find his own path.."

"I understand, I only wish I were on that path... I wish I could capture his attention, make him lose this breath, fascinate him just as he fascinates me. I wish I could be worshipped, loved, desired.."

"How do you know you're not?" Willow smiled knowingly, it was obvious those two pined for each other. They just needed a gentle push.. "Maybe you just need to remind him what he's missing?"

"You mean make him jealous?" Buffy stared at her friend in disbelief, now that was something she hadn't expected from little Willow.

"Oh, come on, Buffy, don't play the innocent. That's about the only reason you're still keeping Riley around."

"Actually you've got a point there..."

"Ok, this is not working out" Angel reasoned leaning over Xander. "You're trying too hard. Paining is not P.E. Xander, don't try to capture it exactly as it appears; you have cameras for that. You need to focus and portray it like you see it, its unique reflection on you, the beauty underneath, what it does to you, how it affects you. Now think about something you love, the first thing that comes to mind, close your eyes and draw.."

"Uhh, what?" Xander looked totally puzzled. Others seemed to also be in the dark.

"I'll show you" Angel reconciled, taking the pencil and closing his eyes.

After a few moments of concentration, during which Buffy felt the mad rush to go over there and kiss him, he started drawing quickly and without opening his eyes. They all stared in awe as a woman's face showed up beneath, obvious resemblance to the model, but he continued oblivious to all and gradually the face got clearer and more familiar contours.

"Hmm, that's quite good. Actually... kind of looks like Buffy." Xander stated the obvious, a smirk on his face. Those two were crystal clear to him.

"What?" Angel's eyelids fluttered open and he stared in shock at what was definitely Buffy's face looking at him from the sheet, eyes full of longing and tenderness. He gasped. "Not quite what I was aiming at." He muttered under his breath.

"You know I think I finally got it." Xander gave him a wink. "Draw something close to you.."he trailed off expressively.

Angel blushed and turned his gaze away, missing Buffy's radiant smile. *great, stupid, stupid, stupid. Who are you trying to convince. This isn't working out. You can't even be in the same room with her without thinking about her non-stop.*

"Anyway, your assignment for tomorrow is to draw something close to you, of emotional value. Doesn't matter what. Just let go and draw; don't try too hard."


On the next day...

"Now let me see what you've got?" Angel started walking in the isle looking at the drawings. Some of them were quite good, except the ones with food and football, one boy had even drawn his favorite sock.

He reached Oz. "That's a nice... *hmm, what the hell is this* cartoon character?" He raised a brow.

"It's a wicca." Oz clarified, clutching tightly Willow's hand. Angel smiled at them warmly.

"Xander," Angel looked at him in surprise. "This is really good." The drawing was rough, obviously done impromptu and it depicted a decrepit pizza-place used to be little Xander's most favorite spot in the world.

"You, you ..like it? Really?" Xander didn't think it was that good, especially since he drew it during lunch break.

"Yes, it's somewhat abstract, but it shows a unique perspective and personal style, rather unusual in such a young man as you. But in the future keep your lunch far from it." He stared at his ketchup-smeared finger. "You should really consider taking drawing lessons to perfect your style. I know a very talented painter who I think would be interested, do you mind if I take that?" He gestured towards the drawing.

"Not at all." Xander was stunned. He had never been good at anything in his life. Until this moment none of his teachers had praised him. It was a nice feeling, though. He mused on as he felt Cordelia's hand in his.

"It was really nice, Xander" She smiled at him affectionately. Maybe if he became a famous painter he could buy her that adorable necklace she saw at Tiffany's. Plus, he was so cute when he faked thoughtfulness.

"Hey, what's that" Xander pointed towards Buffy's paper, drawing everyone's attention to it.

Angel felt it his duty to also take a look, after all he was checking homework and she was in his class.

She had spent hours trying to get it right, drawing from memory and it turned out quite good. It was a griffin -- half lion, half eagle; its sharp talons circling the letter A.

The others just stared in misapprehension but she knew that the one it was meant for knew just right what it was...

Angel sure knew what that was, and where exactly it was currently residing. He wondered what she meant by this, what she was trying to prove.

"It's cool" Oz commented.

"yeah, Buffy it's beautiful." Riley gazed at his "girlfriend" proudly.

"Like the man wearing it." She whispered, her gaze fixed on Angel's face. He suddenly gave her a strange look and was about to say something when the door swung open, in time to save him.

Father Tuck stormed in, Snyder on his heels.

"God bless you childe. Do stop following me.I can manage on me own" He pushed the principal out, inundating him with benedictions.

"What a dope!" he sighed, wiping his brow. "Angel, lad" He rushed towards him, giving him a firm clasp, despite his protests. "I came to see how're ya doin"

He scanned the room, his gaze resting on Buffy before giving her a playful wink.

"Uhh, class, this is Father Tuck, from the Mission of St. Ives. What you probably don't know about the place, is that it has one of the largest libraries in the state and some of the fathers are keeping a close observation on the arts."

"When they're not busying themselves with food." Father Tuck remarked, laughing wholeheartedly.

Buffy immediately liked the friar. From the affectionate look in Angel's eyes she knew he must be very important to him. Now it suddenly became crystal clear to her where Angel had spent the last few months. She tried to suppress the giggles that ensued once she tried to picture his amazing body clothed in rough cotton. Well, at least that eliminated any female competition. Though from the look on Brenda's face she wasn't so sure.


Father Tuck stayed for a while, and seeing that Angel was coping fine and that he couldn't "get it into that thick skull of his" to talk to the girl, he returned to the mission, on the condition to stay in touch and help whenever some prophecy was needed. Because you could find a lot of those in the mission's library, St. Ives was once the meeting place of the watchers council. It was considered a holy spot, as vampires and demons didn't dare go near it, for fear of crucifixes and holy water.

Anyway, Buffy was getting desolate as Angel was completely ignoring her, paying more attention to Xander, of all people. Actually he was giving Xander free art lessons, until his friend returned to Sunnydale and started teaching him properly. As a matter of fact, it was Xander that asked for help, surprising the others as well as himself.

Now the gang was assembled in the library, Angel explaining something to Xander about a painting; Cordelia admiring her reflection in her pocket mirror; Willow trying to appease a slayer, almost fuming with repressed longing and desperation. And Riley, well, he had doubts of his own. *my little Buffy's been neglecting her one and only love -- me, she's been drooling over this Angel-guy. Maybe I should start training to get some muscle, she'll drool over me then. Nahh, mama always told me I was the most attractive man in the world. I should find another way -- yeah, I'll just ask Bessie, my cow. I should go phone her..* and with that he left to find a phone booth.

"Should he be here." Angel asked Giles when Riley left.

"Well, Buffy kind of saved his *pathetic* life, and then we had to explain all the..."

"big bad things that go bite in the night." Buffy finished for him. "in that order of though, Giles, I need a free night. Riley is taking me to the Bronze." She chirped, making Giles drop his glasses and Angel pale even more if that were possible.

"Buffy, you should patrol, it's your duty as the slayer to protect innocent people." *plus I am doing you a favour* "Go train. Use Riley" *don't return him*


After an hour or so of Riley pretending to be Super Man and Buffy holding in and trying not to hurt him, Angel decided to take over the training. He removed his red shirt, causing Buffy to glue her eyes to his gorgeous body, as well as every female within a radius of 10 miles. By that time it was pretty obvious who the owner of the tattoo was, much to Riley's dismay.

They started moving in perfect unison, each kick countered before it was delivered, like a bizarre, heated mating ritual, that left them gasping and gleaming with a light sheen of perspiration. Angel frowned.

"Don't hold back, Buffy"

She raised a brow. And gave it to him, and gave and gave but in the end it was still him pinning her down to the floor.

"Well, Giles, "she sighed after Angel helped her up and much to her disappointment, dressed up. "I still need that free night."

"The Slayer.."

"No, Giles. I'll partol instead of her, it's been low on vampiric activity lately anyway." Angel offered, his heart breaking with every word.

Buffy gust gaped. He was supposed to be acting insanely jealous not supportively nice. He was supposed to go there and snap Riley's neck, for God's sake. She sighed, now she really had to go out with Riley.

Who, by the way did come up with a plan to win Buffy's heart. He just had to practice his enchanting capacities on some nice willing subject. So he figured out, the dead ones would be dying for a rendezvous with the handsomest man alive (him). He stole a curse from Giles' books while the others were occupied in watching the fight,in order to resurrect himself a dead chick. What a mistake!


Later that night Angel was patrolling with Xander. And being tortured by him.

"Come on man, I'm sure you still having lots of strong feelings for Buffy."

"I can't believe I am hearing this..from you, Xander. *of all people* Please, I'm having enough doubts as it is. Don't add more. Anyway, she's with Riley, her boyfriend." He cast a surreptitious glance around..Something was weird. Definitely weird. But what exactly?

"Oh, come on. You're not serious. You think she really likes the guy. You have to be brain dead not to notice that she's trying to make you jealous. She doesn't love Riley, never has. You should go there and take what's yours." With that he left for the Bronze to check on Buffy's date or rather laugh at the spectacle.

Angel seemed deep in thought. Maybe Xander was right, maybe she did love him. No, it couldn't be. He was bad, she deserved something better. He had work to do, he should go check the old Farmer Plaza, now used as a storage place. He passed by it earlier and noticed something suspicious, but he couldn't quite place a finger on it. Just a feeling... He pushed it away, maybe he should go check on Buffy.

Just as he seemed to have made up his mind, he felt the barrel of a gun pressed to his back. He slowly turned around to face his worst nightmare.

"Darla.." He stared at her petrified. She was supposed to be dead, he could very vividly recall the stake plunging into her non-beating heart.

"Angelus.. I can't believe what the boy told me is true... You are human.." The last she spat disgustedly.

He gazed at her undaunted.

"What do you want, Darla?"

"What I've always wanted, my love..You, all mine"

He had to fight the urge to lounge at her, having in mind the gun that was still pointed at him, which in his present state could prove very risky.

"I've never been yours." He noticed the camera pointed straight at him. *the boy had more serious problems than I thought.* Maybe he could use that to his advantage... Yes, that's it... Keep it here..YES.

"We'll see.." she approached him, claiming his mouth in a vicious kiss. "Hey, that wasn't in the deal!" Riley squeaked, dropping the camera. "You were supposed to scare him off, not kiss him. You didn't kiss me"

She faced him with a cruel smirk. "Change of plan. I don't need you anymore." She morphed.."How do you feel about dinner?" He screamed like a sissy, running away from the vampiress. She caught up with him quickly and hit him with the gun, all the while not letting Angel out of her sight.

"He was such a dope anyway.. Thought he could use my body in exchange for blood..Apparently your Buffy has been dissatisfied with his performance in bed lately." The sting of her words made him flinch, flooding his mind with images of Buffy and Riley in a heated kiss, Buffy and Riley making love in the shower. He closed his eyes in pain, trying to block it out. "I can't blame her though, it's quite different f*king a vampire -- cold, hard body, no need for breathing... I bet she enjoyed it more with you. What happened -- you got tired of her, too little experience?" She laughed -- a cruel and cold sound that ringed in his ears. "Maybe we should leave her this little present?" She pointed towards Riley and the camera. "Say DEATH" She kissed him hungrily, pressing the gun into his chest with one hand and ripping his shirt off his body with the other. She trailed her hand down his muscular chest, and grinned menacingly..

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