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Fred Does Her Research

By "madkin"

Summary: Inquiring minds want to know.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, the characters aren't mine, blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue.


Chapter 1

Fred sat down across from Angel, in his office.

"Angel, can I ask you something personal?" Fred asked him. "Sure Fred what about?" Angel responded looking up from his book. "What happened with you and Buffy?" she asked as innocently as she could. "Fred I can't...talk about it." He said his voice shaky. "Ok. Thanks anyway." she said walking towards the door.

Fred sat across from Wesley, in the lobby.

"Wesley can I ask you something personal about Angel?" she asked. "Fred you should probably talk to Angel about whatever it is." Wesley said getting uncomfortable with the subject. "I did he said he couldn't talk about her." She said. "Her who Fred?" he asked curiously. "Buffy" She said in a light whisper. "Oh Fred I'm sorry but I don't know much I came in towards the end of the relationship. You might want to ask Cordelia." he suggested. "Thanks I think I will." She said getting up.

Gunn saw Fred in the hall and approached her.

"Hey Fred." Gunn said walking along side her now. "Hey" she said. "What you doing?" he asked. "Researching about this girl Buffy from Angel's past." She said spotting Cordy on the coach. "Can I come? I mean I'm kinda curious myself." he asked. "Sure I was just about to ask Cordy."

Fred and Gunn Sat down across from Cordy, in her room.

"Hey guys." Cordy said.

"Hey, we were hoping that you could answer some questions about Buffy. "Gunn explained as if it was nothing. "Sorry guys. Thats something Angel needs tell you or want to tell you. And I wouldn't get excited cause you can push on that wound all you want he won't spill. All I can tell you is he loves her." Cordy said not liking the fact that Fred and Gunn were asking questions about Buffy, but she wasn't going to lie to her friends. "Well thanks anyway." Gunn said then looked at Fred and walked away. "Bye Cordy"

"Fred. I have an idea." he said looking to the file cabinets.


Chapter 2

"Fred. I have an idea." he said looking to the file cabinets. "What? You heard Cordy he won't tell us anything." Fred said not noticing where Gunn glance was. "We won't need people to give us information if we had first row seats." Gunn said thinking deeply. "What do you mean? We can't go back in time and Buffy and Angel don't talk. Do they?" Fred asked wondering if they had been talking and checking in with each other. "I don't know the answer to that, but he has to have her number somewhere and didn't I hear that she was a slayer. So apocalypses she fights and so far she's won." Gunn said going down stairs trying to look like Fred and him were just talking.

The End?

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