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Happy Rebirthday, Angel

By Dreamer

Summary: Buffy and the gang prepare a special gift as Angelus celebrates an "anniversary."
This is the first part of The Half A Chance Series.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the BtVS characters, they belong to Joss Whedon. I also got some of my ideas/inspiration from the fantasy writer Mercedes Lackey. The idea for the story, Mystical, Michael, Harmony and their schools are mine. Please ask me before using any of my characters.
Author's Notes: This story takes place two days after the episode "Killed by Death", about a week after Ms. Calendar died.
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Part 1

Giles paced back and forth in the library, waiting for Buffy, Willow, Xander and Cordy to arrive. Buffy arrived first. She took one look at her Watcher before making an exasperated sigh and sitting down. Willow and Oz arrived soon after. They followed Buffy's example and sat down at the table. Buffy looked at the happy couple and gave a small, sad smile. Giles paced a little longer before finally giving up on Xander and Cordy.

"I'm afraid I have some bad news," he said.

"So what else is new?" Xander said, leading Cordy in on his arm.

"Do we get to save the world again?" asked Willow.

"Not quite. Tomorrow night is the anniversary of the night Angelus was turned into a vampire, and killed his whole town. He fondly refers to it as his Rebirthday. I've been reading the Watcher diaries. They say that on his Rebirthday, he always killed a family member to celebrate. It was referred to as the only time Angelus didn't cause much trouble because he's too busy tracking down a relative," Giles said.

"Great so we just have to find the nearest relative of Angelus, and stand guard tomorrow," Xander said.

"But Angelus hasn't been too quiet lately," Oz added.

"Maybe he forgot," Cordy said.

"In all the records I have, Angelus has never forgotten," Giles said.

"He's coming after me," Buffy said quietly, from her chair.

"That is what I'm afraid of," Giles replied, "I can't know for sure off course."

"But Buffy's not family!" Willow cried.

"'I'm pretty much family'" Xander said, everyone turned to look at him, "'I'm pretty much family' that's what Angel said when he tried to get in to see Buffy, while she was at the hospital."

"Oh dear," Giles said sitting down. A silence descended upon the room.

"O.K., so he's going to be coming after me. That's nothing new. What can we do about it?" Buffy asked. They were soon knee deep, in a conversation full of ideas. As they talked, a girl about 19 years old entered unnoticed. She wore white sandals, blue jeans, and a clinging silver shirt. She also had a dark blue gym bag slung over her shoulder. She had shoulder length, straight, brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. She listened to them talk for a while, before clearing her throat. Silence descended on the room, as all eyes turned toward her.

"What do you want?" Cordy asked.

"I'm sorry, I'm looking for Ms. Calendar. She said she would be here, if she wasn't in her room and she wasn't," the girl said. The girl spoke with a slight Irish accent. Buffy was hit with a strange feeling of familiarity. She couldn't explain it, so she shook it off.

"I'm sorry," Giles said, "but Ms. Calendar died two days ago."

"OH NO!!!!" she cried. "I'm so sorry. You must be the friends she mentioned: Rupert Giles, Buffy Summer, Willow Rosenburg, Xander Haris, Cordelia Chase, and Oz Wolfe," she said reading the names and pointing to each in turn, from a list in her hands.

"How'd you know that?" Xander blurted.

"I was given a list from Ms. Calendar with your names and descriptions, including the part about Buffy being the Slayer, and Giles her Watcher," the girl replied.

"Great. Since you know all of us, why don't you tell us who you are and why you're here," Buffy said.

"Oh excuse me. My name's Harmony. I was sent here from SU in response to Ms. Calendar's request. Her situation was deemed worthy by the board, so they gave me the assignment as my final exam. I have th---" Harmony replied.

"What request?" Giles interrupted.

"Exam?? We're a test?" Cordy asked.

"In a way, didn't you know about the request? She said we should seek you if we couldn't find her," Harmony asked puzzled.

"No, we don't know. So start from the beginning, like what is SU?" Buffy said.


Part 2

"SU stands for Sorceress University. This is my first assignment as a full sorceress, and is usually called the final exam. I graduated a few days ago. Ms--" Harmony began.

"But we've already got a witch," Xander said.

"I'm not a witch. I'm a sorceress. Witches have no training and are usually evil. Sorceress have an education and are always good," Harmony replied hotly.

"So you're a good witch," Cordy said.

"I'm NOT a witch. I have an education!"

"Sorceress, witch same difference," Xander said.

"I am a sorceress, please remember that!" she replied curtly, "Now, Ms. Calendar sent a description of her problem to SU. She said that she wanted to summon the soul of Angel, and place him back in his own body, which is now occupied by Angelus. She said she was working on a translation of the original spell. The original was broken when Angel had a moment of pure happiness. She asked for our help. The board deemed her cause worthy, so they gave the assignment to me. I can help because I think I can change the original spell into something that will work in a loving environment. From her description of the spell, it sounds like the original spell bound Angel's soul with hate, so when there was no hate to bind him, his soul was released. I think I can change it so that Angel's soul will be bound with love. That means that only complete lack of love will break the spell. Don't worry though, I'm talking about all kinds of love: friendship, family, pets, and of course true love. All I need is the translation. So where is it?"

"Your theory is quite intriguing. The basis sounds solid though I'd want to go more in depth. Unfortunately we don't have the translation. This is the first we've heard of it," Giles replied, "Did she say where she kept it?"

"Well she said she was using her computer to translate it," Harmony replied.

"Her computer!" Willow cried excitedly, "But that would mean it's on disk or in a file. The janitors found a disk in her room." Willow fished around in her backpack, before coming up with a small disk. She rushed over to the computer and popped it in. Willow sat looking intently at the screen. Oz looked over her shoulder as her fingers plinked away at the keyboard. Everyone waited anxiously as Willow tried to break the password with a little help from Oz. "Got it," Willow cried triumphantly, "It looks like this is it. Everything's written in two languages."

"Can you print it out? It's easier to work with that way," Harmony said.

"Done," Willow said. The printer soon started to click and buzz, as it spit out the papers. Harmony hurried over to the printer and waited impatiently for it to finish. When it was done she picked up the pages, and read through them quickly.

"This is it!" she cried, "Now all I have to do is change it. Does anyone have a pen?"

"Here," Buffy said handing her a pencil. Harmony barely looked at it as she started making scribbles on the pages. Ten minutes later, Harmony finished rereading it for the second time.

"This should work," she said, "The original is much stronger than I thought, and the use of love instead of hate will strengthen it even more. It also has a second part for strengthening, which she didn't mention. The spell shouldn't be broken unless Angel hates everybody, and everyone hate him. If we use the strengthening spell as well, I may be able to do even more. Depending upon the strength of the love, if he's happy, he could be completely human during the day. The sunlight should weaken the demon so much, he will probably age during the day, too. He would be a vampire at night of course, but it would have the overall effect of letting him age at about half the rate of a human. I'll have to take this back to the University and the board to confirm my suspicions, of course. He will have to decide whether he wants the strengthening spell. I imagine after living over 200 years, he may not like the idea of aging."


Part 3

"You mean he'll be human," Buffy asked.

"Possibly, but even he will, it will only be during the day, and only if he uses the strengthening spell. I want to double check with the board."

"What do we need for the spell?" Buffy asked with real joy in her voice. Joy she had not felt in a long time.

"I'll need an Orb of Thesely, as many of his friends as we can find, and his love. I can get an Orb of Thesely, you were all his friends, and I was under the impression that you and Angel were quite close," Harmony told Buffy.

"Wait, who says we're still Angel's friends. How can we even like him?? He KILLED Ms. Calendar," Xander asked angrily.

"Angel did NOT kill Ms. Calendar! Angelus killed Ms. Calendar. The DEMON killed Ms. Calendar. You must understand," Harmony said turning to Buffy, "they are two completely different entities. Angel is a good, kind human soul, Angelus is a cruel, killing demon. Simply because Angelus was keeping the body alive when Angel was in control means nothing. You can love one and hate the other. Angel and Angelus are not the same person. You must all understand that, or this has no chance of bringing Angel back." A long silence followed. "Do you understand" A general assent of murmurs. Happiness alighted Buffy's face as she realized she still loved Angel and she might be able to get him back.

"No, this guy is a murderer!" Xander cried desperately.

"He's not! He saved you a time or two. Don't be a jealous ass. He needs your friendship too." Buffy replied. Xander looked shocked and offended, but looked at Cordelia and was quiet for a while.

"You're right," he finally said, "Let's save Angel."


Angelus watched Buffy as she practically skipped through the graveyard. She was humming to herself, but he didn't recognize the tune. He had followed her all night. She was on her way to the Bronze, and had already killed one vampire. He couldn't figure it out. Last night, he had killed another kid from the school. She should be moping or angry, not happy. Buffy let out a sigh of anticipation, and stopped staring up at the stars. Angelus froze in place. "Soon," she murmured, "Oh Angel, soon we'll be together again. Soon." Angelus stayed frozen in shock, as Buffy continued on towards the Bronze. He watched her go in bewilderment. He had always thought she would turn into a vicious crazy. Then a thought hit him and fear slowly crept into his vampire features. "The spell," he whispered in horror.

He looked up and darted after her. By the time he caught up to her, she was nearing the Bronze. He hurried up the fire escape of a neighboring building, and jumped to the roof of the Bronze. He took up his usual position on the roof, just over the public entrance to the Bronze. Buffy took up her usual position in the doorway below him. Willow came from inside and stood beside her. "So when's the sorceress supposed to get back with the Orb of Thesely?" Buffy asked as Willow handed her a cup of coffee.

"Some time around 4 p.m. tomorrow. We're all supposed to meet at the library around 8. She said she needed the library to herself to prepare," Willow replied.

"But that's an hour after dark."

"She said she wanted to give you an hour of darkness, in case you can't catch Angelus during the day tomorrow. That way you have an hour to drag him there, without killing him."

"What about you guys. You'll have to get to the library after dark."

"Oh Cordy's picking me, Xander and Oz up in her car, since it's Angel proof," Willow said giggling.

"Angelus proof," Buffy corrected, "so when did Giles finally let her leave."

"About an hour ago. He was asking her so many questions, she practically ran out the door." The girls giggled at the joke. Buffy finished of her coffee, before leading the way inside. Angelus let a smile cross his face, before heading for Spike and Dru's.

Spike and Dru were talking in the main room. "Someone new is in town. I can feel it," Drusilla told Spike.

"Of course there is," Angelus said as he came in, "They found a sorceress to give me my soul back. Damn gypsies just won't stop."

"It's not a gypsy. They're like a shadow," Dru said, "She's like a blade. She's powerful. Kill her."

"Of course I'm going to kill her, but she won't be back until tomorrow night," Angelus replied.

"Then why did you come back so early?" Spike asked irritably.

"Buffy's going to try and catch me, before she gets back. I'm going to split and hide out in the sewers. I've got to kill the sorceress at the Library, taunt Buffy, and possible kill one of her friends. I won't be back 'till late tomorrow night and I wanted to tell Dru so she wouldn't worry," Angelus said, kissing Dru's hand.

"Then go dammit! Don't lead her here!" Spike yelled.

"I'm going," Angelus said nonchalantly as he walked out the door. Spike watched him go, and an evil glint came to his eye.

"Dru, how would you like to watch Angel kill the sorceress tomorrow, hmm?" he asked.

"Oh yes please. She's strong. It'll be fun to watch her die. May we go, please?" she begged.

"Of course, of course."


Part 4

Willow ran up to Buffy the next morning, as she walked up the steps to school. "Do you think he fell for it?" Willow asked.

"I think so. I know I felt him following me to the Bonze, and I talked to myself about it so much he must of thought I was crazy," Buffy replied.

"Great! Giles wanted us to report to the library before homeroom."

"Well we mustn't keep Giles waiting," Buffy replied saucily, as they darted towards the library. Giles and Xander were already there when they arrived.

"Good morning ladies. So did the bat fly away?" Xander asked. Everyone gave Xander a questioning look.

"Did the fish take the bait?"

"... "

"It's spy talk."

"Yes,... right. Well do you think Angelus heard you?" Giles asked

"I think so. I could feel him following me on the way to the Bronze, and we talked about the plan at the entrance to the Bronze. I didn't get the feeling he was following me the rest of the night. I kept mumbling and dropping hints though, so now half of Sunnydale thinks I'm crazy," Buffy replied.

"Well, we'll see if he believed you tonight," Giles said.

"When's witch woman showing up?" Xander asked.

"She called this morning and said she's having a little trouble, but will be here by the end of school. She's going to explain everything then, so don't dilly dally" Giles said.

"Oh, right ho," Xander said in a fake British accent. Giles awarded him with a glare.

"Great!" Buffy said as the bell rang, "Not so great. Gotta go before Principal Snyder shows up."

"He still intent on expelling you," Willow asked, as they headed for the door.


"He must not see that... killer charm," Xander replied dramatically. The girls gave him a disgusted look before starting off down the hall. "What? That wasn't too bad," Xander yelled after them, as he chased them down the hall. Giles simply smiled before returning to his books. Buffy looked happier then she had been since her birthday. He just hoped that they weren't bringing her hopes up just to shatter them.


Part 5

The library table had been pushed up against the wall between the stairs. All but one of the chairs had been stacked up and put on the stairs. The final chair was up against the cage, facing Giles office. Giles was bringing a few chain ropes out and putting them on the stairs. Harmony entered wearing a dark blue, hooded robe with silver symbols all over it. The hood was up, but her smile was no less warm. She carried a small black box, and a small, short hair, silver and black tabby rode on her shoulder. "We won't need those," she said as she set the box down on the counter.

"I must remind you that vampires are quiet strong and we must restrain him," Giles said.

"I know, but when I'm done with him, normal, sturdy ropes will do just fine."

"All right. I hope no one saw you. Principal Snyder is quite... how do you say it... nosy and if your robes don't catch his eye, the cat will. Pets aren't allowed in the building."

"Oh don't worry. I used a simple illusion of nothingness. No one will have noticed me. So when do they get out?" she asked. Before Giles could answer, the bell rang. Voices and bodies filled the halls. "Never mind."

"Whoa! That gives me a major case of wiggins. Make those brown, and I see snake man," Buffy said shuddering at the memory.

"What?" Harmony asked.

"Long story," Giles said as Willow and Oz entered the library.

"Did you redecorate?" Oz asked.

"We're going to need some space," Harmony explained. Oz didn't reply as he and Willow went and sat on the unoccupied stairs.

"Oh my god, do you know how old that is, and it was never in style," Cordy said as she and Xander walked in.

"It's traditional."

"What's with the cat?" Willow asked.

"Oh this is Mystical. She's my familiar. She supposed to help me, but mostly she's just a house cat," Harmony replied, petting her cat.

"I thought all witch's cats were black," Xander said as her approached the cat. Mystical hissed at him.

"That's just an stereotype. Besides, I'm not a witch," Harmony said.

"Yes, well, perhaps we had better get started," Giles said cutting in before an argument could follow.

"Right well, it's really pretty simple. We only need two friends, Buffy and me. So you don't all need to be here, but the more friends, the more powerful the spell," Harmony explained.

"Great! I'm out of here," Cordy said standing up and heading for the door, "You guys can handle this on you own." And with that she left.

"Well, I never knew Angel that well. I only met him once. I'd still be willing to stay though," Oz said.

"Any help is welcome, but it is your choice. Xander however may have to go. It seemed that you and Angel weren't the best of friends and that's something we can't afford right now," Harmony said.

"Hey! I may not like him, but he's still my friend!" Xander protested. Harmony looked at him intently and he got a funny tingling sensation. After a moment, it passed and she nodded.

"I'll never understand, how boys can seem to hate each other and actually be good friends," she said shaking her head, "You can stay though."

"I'll stay too," Oz said, "You never know when you may need help."

"Great well it's pretty simple. I'll be here pretending to set up with fake mystic passes and that stuff. Angelus will show up between sun down and 8. He is going to show up right?" Harmony asked.

"We'll know tonight," Buffy replied.

"Great. Well he'll show up and probably attack me. Then we basically beat him, shoot him, break bones, and make life painful."

"We can hurt him?" Xander asked excitedly.


Part 6

"Yes, but we can't kill him. He must be alive for this to work. Then we tie him to the chair with the rope. I'll then heal him using his own strength and power. It will leave him perfectly healthy, but as weak as a new born babe. Then everyone grabs a chair and puts it in a half-circle around Angelus giving him about 3 feet of space. Then we stand in front of the chairs and I cast the spell. Giles and Xander can be on my left and Willow and Oz to Buffy's right. Buffy and I will stand in the middle, with Buffy on my right. All of you will serve as a power source for the spell. All you have to do is think of Angel, and how much you care for him. You must try to keep all bad, evil, or even unpleasant feelings or memories from your mind. You shouldn't feel any pain. The spell will strip us of our strength though. That's why we have the chairs, so we don't collapse onto the floor," Harmony explained.

"Why don't we just sit in the chairs?" Oz asked.

"Because it takes longer to get up and fight, if any of Angelus's friends show up," Harmony replied.

"Oh," Willow said.

"I'll explain the second spell if Angel decides to go through with it. Angelus may try to break the Orb first, so if he goes for that stop him. Any questions?" Harmony finished.

"Yes, what happens if this doesn't work?" Giles asked.

"Angelus will be at full strength and we'll be exhausted," Harmony said cheerfully, "but don't worry, it'll work."

"And if not, we're vampire food. Does anyone else not like this idea?" Xander asked.

"You get to beat up Angel and you're still not happy?" Willow asked sarcastically. Xander shrugged his shoulders.

"Time to pick our weapons. I want to practice before he gets here," Buffy said cheerfully. Everyone rummaged through Giles collection of weapons. Buffy decided on a crossbow and her fists. Willow decided to stick with holy water and a cross. Xander chose a staff and spent the rest of the afternoon learning how to use it. Oz also had a staff but he nailed a cross to the center of it. He decided to use it mostly for protection. Harmony was simply going to use offensive magic. Although Giles asked (practically begged) her for information on her school and her magic, all she would say is that she was an all around graduate with an extra year in offensive magic and rare spells. It was decided that Buffy, Harmony, and Xander were going to be the main ones attacking. Harmony would call a stop when he had been beaten up enough.

Time slowly ticked by and sundown finally arrived. Everyone but Harmony hid in Giles office. Harmony began making mystic passes, and sprinkling water over the chair and ropes. Suddenly, Mystical hissed and jumped over to the box holding the Orb of Thesely. She stood over it and hissed, as if guarding it. Harmony turned toward the door, waiting for Angelus to arrive and he did. There was a crash as Angelus jumped through the glass ceiling and landed on Harmony. Harmony landed face down, while Angelus landed on his feet.

"Buffy showed me that one," Angelus purred, pinning his victim and kneeling down for a bite.


Part 7

"NOW!!" Buffy shouted, as she shot an arrow through his shoulder. Angelus turned with a look of shock and then pain as the arrow penetrated his shoulder.

"AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!" Xander cried as he charged Angelus. Xander hit Angelus with the staff, knocking him off Harmony. Angelus rolled away, while Harmony got up with a groan. Buffy took aim as the bedraggled Harmony joined Buffy, her hands almost pulsed with power. A ball was suspended between her hands. Angelus looked at the now bedraggled Harmony. Her hood at fallen back and her hair was mussed. He took one look and began to laugh. Buffy and Harmony paused in shock. The waited, weapons at ready, for him to stop. He slowly finished laughing, tears in his eyes from laughing so hard.

"I'm sorry, Harmony" he said, "I thought you were dead, not undead. Well sis'? Shoot!"

Harmony looked at him for a moment, before a smile crossed her face. "My pleasure," she said and threw the ball of light between her hands at his chest. He screamed in agony. Buffy smiled and sent another arrow through his stomach. While he was screaming, Xander got close enough to sweep his legs out from under him. Buffy threw aside her crossbow and closed in. She and Xander quickly pummeled him. Harmony called a stop, and Angelus was tied to the chair.

Harmony replaced her hood and looked around her. She went over to the counter where the black box still sat. She removed the Orb of Thesely from the black box. It was perfectly clear and strangely did not distort the images seen through it. Mystical jumped to her shoulder. The others all grabbed a chair and put them in a semi-circle around Angelus and stood in front of them. Buffy put her chair in Harmony's spot. "Thank you," Harmony said, "but you're going to need a chair too."

"Slayers are stronger than normal people," Buffy said.

"Perhaps, but you are going to be the main source of emotional power."

"I'll stand," Buffy said with a smile.

"Very well," Harmony said. She put the black box at her feet, and held the Orb before her in her cupped hands. "Angel Crowley, we your friends and loved ones, Buffy Summers, Oz Wolfe, Willow Rosenburg, Alexander Haris, Rupert Giles, and Harmony O'Conor, call you forth. Shantal kentra sutmon" Her hands began to glow and the Orb slowly rose above her hands. A white mist began to swirl inside the Orb. The mist steadied and glowed a warm, blue light. A feeling swept over them all and they knew it was Angel. Harmony sighed. "Now comes the hard part," she muttered, "Casto gitmo autbay chivot se demontra. Homtew bintox Angel yit ketall ponre." As she chanted, she could see Angelus began to glow a dull green. The warm blue of Angel left the Orb and enveloped Angelus. The green slowly became less inside the blue until there was no green at all. Then the blue began to fade. When Harmony saw it fade, she began to chant, "Witto vinram hinba!" As she chanted the blue light grew brighter, until on the last syllable of the third time, it disappeared all together.

The Orb of Thesely fell into Harmony's hands. Willow, Oz, Xander, and Giles fell back into their chairs with a sigh of exhaustion. Buffy let out a sigh and closed her eyes. Harmony reached out her right hand toward Buffy, but did not touch her. Angel looked around with confusion and bewilderment in his eyes. "Your memories should return to you soon. Now break free and catch her. I have little strength left," Harmony said from inside her hood. Angel took one glance at Buffy and quickly broke free. He caught her and carefully lowered her to the ground, cradling her to his chest. Harmony dropped into the chair behind her, and closed her eyes with a sigh of relief.

As Angel looked at the unconscious Buffy, the memories of what had happened since the night of her 17th birthday came back to him, first slowly, then quickly. His eyes began to widen in horror and then filled with tears. He closed his eyes and began shaking his head. "I'm so sorry. I should have know better. Oh God, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I'm sorry for the things I said. I'm sorry for Ms. Calendar. I'm sorry. You must all hate me," he mumbled. The tears flowed out of his closed eyes, and down his checks. He didn't even notice when Buffy woke.

"We don't hate you," Buffy murmured, touching his cheek with the back of her hand. His eyes flew open, there were tears in his eyes and fear of what he might see.

"I remember the hate in your eyes," he said sadly, starting to pull away.

"I hate Angelus," she said, "I love you." And with that she pulled him down into a passionate kiss. When the kiss ended, Angel looked at her with love and confusion in his eyes.

"Buffy, the demon's here I can feel him. Our love can't be, the spell-" Angel said, tears welling in his eyes.

"Love binds the spell now. Love will only strengthen it," Harmony cut in. Angel eyes lit up in surprise and joy.

"So strengthen," Buffy said playfully, pulling him down for a passionate kiss. It was long and passionate. The kiss of reunited lovers. Angel gazed at her with love and wonder.

"You are amazing. I don't know how you could love me after the past few months," he told her softly.

"You haven't done anything in the last few months, except be dead," Harmony stated,"The memories of the last few months are Angelus's, not yours."

"But Angelus and I are one."

"No you're not," Harmony said, "You are two different beings in the same body. It's like two people sharing a house. The memories of what the body has done are there, and what the body has felt are there. The perspective of the body is the same as the person or demon in charge. That does not make you the same entity."

"I see," Angel said slowly nodding.

"They don't usually tell vamps. It might give 'em ideas," she said with a smile.

"So Harmony, how long do sorceresses live?" Angelus asked smiling.

"Longer than humans, but not as long as you're thinking Uncle," she said giggling and opening her eyes to look at him.


Part 8

"Uncle?" Buffy asked in surprise.

"Yep. My 6-greats-grandmother was Angel's sister. She was a sorceress. She escaped the massacre and married a nice magician from the neighboring college. I was named after her. I'm from one of the branches that stayed in magic. I'm afraid she died almost 150 years ago, though," Harmony said.

"But the resemblance is uncanny," Angel said.

"Someone had a premonition when I was born, so they called up 6-greats-grandmother to come and bless me. Apparently she used a little magic to bless me with her good looks," Harmony laughed. Angel could only shake his head and laugh. Harmony smiled and got up and walked towards the door. "I need to stretch my legs," she said as she strolled out the door.

"And I thought I was out of relatives," Angelus sighed.

"That reminds me," Buffy said, "we really need to find new ways to celebrate our birthdays." Angel nodded and pulled her closer for a kiss. The kiss was long and said all the things they didn't say: forgiveness, love, and trust. As she pulled away Buffy smiled up at him. "Never leave me," she said.

"I won't," he murmured into her hair. He held her close and as tears rolled down his checks.


Harmony walked into the hall and smiled, thinking of Buffy and Angel. She thought of the blue and green light show that had accompanied the spell. She wished that the others could have seen it. Unfortunately only those with the magical gift could have seen it. Her thoughts were interrupted. "Where's Angel," Dru growled, from behind her. Harmony spun around to face Dru and Spike.

"I don't know," Harmony replied.

"You did something to him. I can feel it," Dru said, "What did you do?" Harmony didn't answer.

"Perhaps some pain will make her talk," Spike suggested.

"Can I?" Dru asked excitedly.

"Of course, Love," Spike replied. Dru smiled and began to slowly walk towards Harmony.

"This is not a good time to mess with me," Harmony warned. Dru smiled and lunged at her. Harmony dodged to the side. She made a throwing motion and Drusilla was lifted up and slammed against a wall. She hit the floor unconscious. Harmony could see her hands begin to glow as she raised them above her head.

"Do it and the cat's a snack," Spike said. Harmony turned back to Spike. Spike was holding a hissing Mystical by the scruff of the neck. Anger showed plainly on Harmony's face. Slowly the glow on her hands began to die down. She wiped her hands over her face and the glow was gone. She looked at Spike and began to laugh.

"I'm afraid your feelings give you away. I'll make you a deal. You give me back Mystical and I'll give you what you want: the role of being hero to Dru, and Angelus out of your hair," Harmony said.

"The slayer would also get Angel back and I'd get another bloody thorn in my side," Spike countered.

"Well it's that, or let Angelus come save Drusilla. Then you'll have lost her for sure," Harmony said. Spike was quite for a few moments.

"Deal," he said, as he threw Mystical at her. Drusilla was slowly levitated up onto Spike's lap. Spike wheeled off as soon as she was securely on his lap. Harmony picked up Mystical and placed her back on her shoulder. She turned and walked back into the library thinking there was too much excitement out in the hall.


Part 9

"Who were you talking to?" Buffy asked.

"Spike," Harmony replied. Buffy was on her feet in an instant. "Don't worry. After Dru was out cold, he was a pussy cat," she said petting Mystical. Mystical gave a reproachful meow. Harmony only chuckled before turning back to the Buffy and Angel. "Ready to hear about the second spell?" she asked Angel.

"Second spell?" Angel asked.

"Yes, it's a strengthening spell. Now I consulted with my professors. We know that the spell will let you keep your soul until you don't love or feel friendship for anyone, and no one feels love or friendship for you. We also know that a second half is possible: that during the day you will be completely human, and at night you will be a souled vampire. Now the second half will either happen or it won't, there isn't any halfway, although there may be a sometimes. If there is a sometimes, we believe it will happen when you love someone deeply. That will mean it will happen all the time, or at least while Buffy is alive, or not at all. Now if the second half does happen during the day you will be human in every way. You will be able to eat normal food, have children," she gave Buffy a significant look," and age at about half the rate of humans. It will also means that you won't heal fast or be super strong during the day. It's your choice as to whether to go through with the spell or not." Harmony slowly backed away and went over to talk to Giles, who was fairly bursting with curiosity.

Angel looked at Buffy his eyes alight with new hope. "I would be able to see you during the day. I could see myself in the mirror," he said with amazement.

"You'd have to shave," she shot back with smile. He pulled her close to him and looked into her eyes.

"Buffy, I would love nothing more than to be human with you. This could be all the dreams I never dared dream, but... if you don't want me around that much, I'll ---"

"Angel, I love you and want nothing more than what this is offering, but I'm worried about you. You won't be able to rush into the middle of a brawl with extra strength, but I will. I don't want you to get killed, because you under estimated you strength, or pushed yourself too hard after an injury, or other stupid macho stuff," Buffy said tears welling in her eyes. "Besides," she started babbling, "Being human isn't as easy as you may remember. You'd have to get a job and earn money and cook... and other normal... human things." Angel smiled at her

"It will be hard. I'll have to learn to think differently, but I am willing to endure any hardship, if I even once got to see you in the sunlight." She looked up at him with the tears shinning in her eyes. He kissed her passionately and she answered him. When they broke away, the walked hand in hand towards Harmony and Giles.

"It has always been known that one of the greatest sources of power for magic workers of good is their every present ability to turn away from the wiles of the other gender!" Giles stated.

"How many times do I have to tell you? Your virginity or lack of has NOTHING to do with a sorceress' or magician's amount of power! It's TRUE that evil wizards and witches can gain a small, temporary amount of power through physical pleasure, but that has nothing to do with their natural power!" Harmony threw back.

"It clearly states in several texts that some of the most powerful sorceresses and magicians were celibate and stayed celibate to keep their power!"

"Well the texts are wrong! SU has turned out some of the most powerful sorceresses of all time and has kept records of them after they left. Many of them were married or had boyfriends at one point."

"Political marriages are supposed to be, but aren't always consummated. And just because two people are dating does not mean they are bedmates!"

"AAhhhhh!! Look you must have heard of Catherine de Sulc."

"Of course."

"Her most famous mission of all was her last one. She was called out of retirement to do it. In the archives at SU, they say that even after 4 years of retirement she had just as much power as she ever did. The fact the she was able to come out of retirement, have as much power as ever, and be able to do so well, despite having practiced nothing but minor magic in the last 4 years, proves that her magical powers on that mission were as powerful before."

"Yes, of course. Her choice to retire was considered a great loss to the powers for good."

"Well, did you know that during those 4 years she got married and had a child?" Giles starred flabbergasted and could say nothing. Buffy and Angel started laughing at the look on Giles face.

"I'm afraid she has you there," Angel said.

"I suppose so. I will want to see proof of the children," Giles replied.

"I will do my best," Harmony replied mockingly. "So, have you come to a decision?"

"Yes, we want to go through with it," Angel replied.


Part 10

"Great. Clear these chairs out of the way. We can just sit Indian style this time. Buffy and I will sit on either side of Angel, the rest of you form a circle," Harmony said. Everyone helped clear the chairs out. "Everyone join hands. Now, concentrate on good feelings towards Angel." As Harmony began to chant, Angel was bathed in light. "Tibsu nevod himut." It was all over rather quickly and was much less impressive than the last one.

"Is that it?" Xander asked.

"Afraid so," Harmony replied tiredly, "I'm afraid it used up my reserves though."

"How do we know if the second part worked?" Buffy asked.

"Well, if it works he'll be human during the day whether he's in sunlight or not. So see if he reacts to crosses, holy water, or he could try holding his breath. If his eyes start to bulge and his face turns blue, he's human." Everyone laughed.

"So does this mean you'll have a secret identity?" Willow asked.

"Yeah! And get a job?" Xander chimed in.

"I guess so," Angel replies.

"You could be grocery bagger," Xander teased.

"A janitor."

"You could pump gas."

"A bouncer."

"A construction worker."

"You could try law enforcement," Buffy added, joining her friends in the good natured teasing.

"Ugh," Angel replied.

"You might be able to help out at a history museum, considering you've lived thru quite a bit of it," Giles added helpfully. The others turned and gave him a disgusted look. Harmony smiled tiredly as she listened to them tease Angel. As the jokes died down, Angel stood up and offered Buffy a helping hand. As he did, Harmony glanced towards the door. She saw a young woman at the door throw a magical fireball at Angel. Harmony had just enough time to through up a hasty shield. The shield stopped the fireball, but the fireball had destroyed the shield. Harmony was now out of power and she watched in horror as the girl raised her hands to throw another. Then, someone hit her over the head and she slumped to the floor. A handsome young man with black hair, and green eyes stood in the doorway with a staff in his hands.

"Hey, Michael," Harmony said and passed out from relief and exhaustion.


Part 11

Harmony woke a few minutes later. Michael was standing over her. Buffy, Angel, Willow, and Oz were standing near by. Giles and Xander were standing over the young woman near by. The table and chairs had been returned to their normal places. She was currently seated in one of those chairs. "How long have I been out?" Harmony asked.

"About 15, 20 minutes," Michael replied, as Buffy and Angel came over.

"Who's the girl who attacked us?" Harmony asked.

"She's the local witch. She's on our side," Buffy explained.

"Who's your friend?" Angel asked.

"Oh excuse me. This is Michael. Michael that's Buffy, Angel, Willow, Oz, Xander, and Giles," Harmony said pointing to each in turn, as Willow and Oz came over.

"Good timing," Oz said.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Harmony asked.

"When I could feel the first spell back at the University, I knew you'd be drained. I also knew you always forget to check for local witches, and ghosts and stuff, so I came to watch your back," Michael explained.

"You felt the spell?" Willow asked.

"I'm a magician. We can feel magic. Usually not from so far away, but that was quite a spell you performed," Michael explained.

"And you had the best intentions at heart," Angel said sarcastically.

"Michael's my boyfriend. He goes to University of Magic. It's within sight of SU. The archives say SU was built within sight to anger the magicians at UM, because they wouldn't except women," Harmony told Angel.

"I think they just wanted to spy on the cute guys through binoculars," Michael teased. Harmony tried to give him a mean look, but laughed and ruined the effect.

"A magician boyfriend," Angel said disapprovingly.

"Uh oh. Look he's known we're related for less than an hour and already he's acting like a disapproving uncle," Harmony said, sighing dramatically.

"I assure you, magicians can be gentleman," Michael said with a mock bow.

"Besides," Buffy said pulling him towards her, "A magician's not that outlandish compared to a kind, cradle-robbing-creature-of-the-night boyfriend." Angel laughed at the old joke, and playfully kissed her on the nose. "Walk me home?"

"Of course," Angel replied.

"Don't worry," Willow said, "We'll make sure Amy wakes up and knows what's up."

"Thanks Will. See you in the morning," Buffy replied walking out of the library with Angel.

"We're leaving too," Harmony said taking Michael's arm, and following them out, "I'll be back in the morning to see if part two worked."

"That's right. I guess I'll have to stay with you 'till sunrise," Buffy said.

"Won't your parents be mad?" asked Michael.

"I'll just sneak in, or say I went for an early run or something," Buffy said lightly.

"I'm sorry for what I said to your mom," Angel said quietly.

"She didn't take it as bad as I thought she would. I'm afraid she's either going to kill you on sight, or she's denying you ever told her. I wouldn't go near her 'til I've told her were back together though," Buffy said. Angel nodded, but said nothing.

"That's the sort of talk in a together always couple. Poor guy, I'd never want to get roped into that," Michael said sadly, shaking his head.

"And what makes you think you're not in one," Harmony said tickling him. He laughed and ducked away before simply wrapping his arms around her to pin her arms to her sides. Buffy and Angel laughed at the playful duo.

"There's nothing wrong with being in love," Angel said.

"And when you're in love, all you can think about is being there forever," Buffy said, looking into Angel's eyes. He pulled her into a passionate kiss. After a few seconds, Michael looked at his watch and began timing them. When Harmony started wondering how the were breathing, she cut in.

"Looks like neither of you are going to get any sleep. All I want is for you to promise me one thing and we'll leave you two alone."

"Anything," Buffy said with exaggerated desperation.

"I get to be the godmother when you have children," Harmony said.

"Certainly," Angel replied.

"It won't be soon, though," Buffy warned, "But I could hardly deny a child a real fairy godmother."

"Shhhhh!! Don't say that! The fairies get mad," Harmony said glancing around. Buffy burst into laughter and the others followed suit as they walked out of the school.

The End

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