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By Kristina Adams

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Lovin Lorne

From the first time I saw you
I fell in love
With your beautful red eyes you saw him
Angel, the vampire with a soul
Little did you know
You would see a lot of each other

Then that day came
the day that demon from your home came
You hurried to Angel to get rid of it
You didn't want to share your secret
But then your cousin came
After Cordy read out of that book

It became clear what had to be done
But you became King of Denile
Then you were forced to
You had to go home so home you went

While you were there
You realized something
You came to let yourself know
that you didn't have to come back

That wasn't your real home
Your home was in L.A.
And I can hinestly say
I will always be Lovin Lorne

I can not be with him

(This poem is Cordy on Angel after she get her memory back.)

I saw him, Angel
I saw him become what he is today
a vampire
I saw him kill all those people
He was having so much fun
I saw him make vampires, like Drusilla

I can't believe what he did
Even though I see all these things
Running through my head
One thing hasn't changed

I love him and always will
But I can't be with him
How could I...
How could I be with someone
who caused so much pain and death?
I can't, I can't, I can't


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