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The Battle with Druscilla.

By Angel_luv3002


Time stood still and all watched on,

Angel stared fiercely as the fight drew on.

His opponent, Druscilla, was glaring him down,

But Angel stood tall his friends all around.

Cordy and Wes, Gunn and Fred to,

All held their weapons battling threw.

Druxcilla moved swiftly, as Angel did to,

Gunn swept his axe and clearly missed Dru.

Fred was trying her best to fight,

This battle went on until it was night.

Finally and end, Angel hit the flesh hard,

Druscilla was struck and she would be scarred.

They all let out a cheer of joy,

The battle had been won this time.

Who would win the war you ask?,

Why Angel and his Gang of course.


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