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Love At First Episode

By (name withheld)


I watched you on the television

I know then it was true love

Angel you were so galiant

It's you that we all love

You didn't know who she was

The girl you were saving that day

You knew that she was a helpless soul

As she tried to run away

You walked in swift

To the party that is

She invited you there to say thanks

You glided through the crowd

Your eye's set to search out danger

Then when you turned around it was Cordy

that you found

"Angel" she said "what are you doing here"

You reply with an aire of mystery

Ask her how she is

You'd be saving her later that week Angel

But you don't know so you can't warn her

Then it happens so sudden

She needs your help

You come to the rescue again

You get away with just a few gunshot wounds

Your safe for yet another day

But the vampire he is still alive

"But not for long" you say

You walk in on a board meeting

He claims he can do anything

Then you ask "can you fly?"

Then with your foot you push him

He flies right out the window

Hit's the floor as merely ash

L.A is safe yet again

So until another day i shall see angel

In episode two maybe.


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