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By Melissa Johnston

This is what Buffy might have been thinking after she was forced to kill Angel and send him to hell.


Born of innocence,
Yet not that of truth,
Real to the eye,
Yet not to the soul,
I have no choice,
It is my cruel fate,
It is my duty,
I have been brave,
The battle has been fought,
The lives have been lost,
My blood spilled only to be stopped,
Love has been claimed,
Outside as well as within,
Since goodbye is to hard to say,
I will not say goodbye rather hello,
I know you will be waiting for me with open arms,
Utter the words "*Cad a mer ata tu, Sabia?",
And the answer will will be as it always has,
Perfect when with you.

*This mean" How are you my sweet?" in Gaelic


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