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The Truest Feeling is Love

By Melissa Johnston

This is a poem from Buffy's point of view about her and Angel's love. This is dedicated to Ryan Green.


I see you for the first time and look into your eyes,
I am forever lost in them,
I look down to your lips and start to dream,
Dream about the passion, the love, and the desire they must hold,
At that moment my love for you is there to stay,
It might leave my mind,
But it will never leave my heart,
Because my heart,
Unlike my mind,
Can not be tricked,
Tricked into thinking we are not meant to be together,
So I let my thoughts wander and grow fonder of others,
But then I see you,
I see the look in your eyes,
And all those other feelings are shattered like glass,
Because that is what those feelings are like,
They are easy to break and forget about,
Unlike my love for you,
Which is eternally engraved in my heart.


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