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Summary: Dru is back, with a vengeance.
Disclaimer: These characters belong to Joss Whedon and whoever else owns Buffy the Vampire Slayer.


Part 1

{The scene opens on the outside of the school at night, Buffy, Xander and Willow are talking}

B: "Can you believe Giles bringing us here after all the time we spent here after school today? He may want to live here but I don't."

W: "It's not like we had anything better to do tonight... OH, Buffy!"

B: "What is it Will? Are you O.K.?"

W: "You do have something to do Buffy!"

X: "What? Patrols? Slayage?"

W: "No, nothing like that. You had a date with Angel tonight!"

B: "Oh... I can't go what if Giles needs me?"

W: "I can go. "

X: "No, Will, you can't go by yourself. I'll go."

B: "You'll tell him the truth? Not that I've suddenly decided I'm head over heels for you?"

X: "Do you have that little faith in me?"

{Buffy gives Xander a look that clearly says she doesn't}

X: "O.K. I promise to tell him the truth. Is that good enough?"

B: "Yes that's good enough! Now hurry up! I wonder where Giles is? Maybe he's inside. Xander you meet us inside. Okay?"

X: "Yeah see ya."

{Buffy and Willow go inside and Xander walks away}

X: "Great so now I'm a messenger boy. I should tell Dead Boy that Buffy's not coming cause she's on a date. It would serve him right."

A: "That won't work, seeing as I just heard you say it. Maybe you should try the truth."

{Fade from Angel, Xander to Buffy, Willow. They are sitting at a table in the school lounge. Buffy has an open pop which she leaves on another table and walks over to Willow}

B: "Where is he? It's not like him to be so late. Maybe I should call him."

W: "Nah. don't. You've seen him and Ms. Calender together lately. He probably got distracted."

B: "You're right. Every time I turn around they're having smooches."

{As Buffy and Willow talk, someone moves out from under the table and slips something into Buffy's pop.}

W: "I think it's cute, and everyone else has someone. You and Angel, Me and Oz even Xander and Cordelia are happy all the time. Which I might add is really weird, anyway, they deserve it."

{Buffy goes over and picks up her pop. The person is gone into shadows.}

B: "You know your always right Will... That can be annoying."

{Buffy takes a drink of her pop. Switch to Angel, Xander}

A: "Well are you going to tell me or not?"

X: "If Buffy didn't love you... I wouldn't have to put up with this. But for her I'll tell you. Giles called us all in for some night duty so Buffy and Will are hangin' there till he shows."

A: "He wasn't there?"

X: "No, he wasn't!" {Said sarcastically}

A: "That isn't like him. We should go check it out."

X: "What do you mean 'we'?"

A: "If it's a trap someone has to save them. I thought that you'd want in."

X: "From now on I decide what I want! All-right Undead Boy?"

A: "Whatever you say, junior."

{Angel and Xander walk out into the night. Go to black then to Buffy, Will}

W: "Buffy this is so not like Giles."

{Buffy drinks the last of her pop and throws the can in the recycle bins, and sits looking dizzy and confused.}

B: "I know. I feel really tired now, Will. Must be all these late night research parties, study sessions and slay... "

{Buffy falls asleep. Will looks a little worried then more so as she says... }

W: "Buffy! Buffy! Wake up! Hel... "

{They hit her over the head and falls forward onto the table black out from her point of view seeing Buffy snoring. Angel & Xander are at Giles' house. They knock and ring the bell and there is no answer. Angel pushes Xander out of the way and knocks the door in. Giles and Ms. Calender are asleep on the couch the T.V. is on.}

X: "Are they... you know dead?"

A: "No just sleeping, Spike isn't stupid enough to kill a watcher."

X: "What?"

A: "The watcher is one of the people closest to the slayer. Slayers don't take their friends being killed very lightly. In fact if you kill a slayer's friend your days are pretty much numbered."

X: "Giles wouldn't have a date if we were having a research party. It is a trap! Let's go!"

A: "Wait! What if we check on them first and see if they're Okay?"

{When he says "them" he looks at Giles and Ms. Calender.}

X: "I thought you said Spike wouldn't kill them. And what about Buffy and Will? We can't leave them!"

A: "Spike wouldn't kill them, but Druscilla might. Last I checked Buffy could take care of herself and Willow all alone. And she would kill us if Giles was hurt and we left him. Even if Buffy needed our help which I doubt, we should have a plan before we rush off."

{While Angel is saying, this Xander is looking ever more angry and impatient.}

X: "I knew I couldn't trust you to help. I'll go save Buffy myself!"

{Xander walks out leaving the door open. Close up on Angel who looks irritated then he checks on Giles and Ms. Calender. Go to Buffy and Willow. Buffy is on the floor tied up. Willow is in a chair tied up and gaged in the corner beside her is Cordelia. Buffy is waking up.}

W: "Mmmmm!"

B: "Will? Where are you?"

{Buffy tries to sit up and finally gets her back up against the wall.}

W: "Mmmmm!"

{Buffy sees Willow and Cordelia their guard Druscilla.}

B: "What do you think your doing? How did you get Cordelia?"

D: "You shouldn't be up! I gave you enough pills to make you sleep for 24 hours."

B: "Did you forget who you were knocking out? The Slayer has an amazing resilience to all drugs. But you didn't answer my questions. What do you think you're doing? And why do you have Cordelia?"

{As she talks Buffy struggles against the ropes.}

D: "I wouldn't do that if I were you. Not only are those ropes strong enough to hold Angelus in full fury. But if you did some how get out your friends here will no longer be among the living."

{When Druscilla says "your friends" she picks Willow up out of the chair by her hair. Willow makes a muffled scream. Buffy stops moving and stays quiet.}

D: "Good choice. I knew you weren't stupid. I got this one when she was running around outside. She really should learn to be more careful. So should you. Maybe you just don't have enough information, my pet. And that's what I'm going to give you. Information about our boy Angelus. Or should I say Angel? That's why we came of course for information about Angel. Why don't we let you in our new found knowledge? You of course know that Angel was the worst vampire for many hundreds of years... "

B: "It was only two hundred years."

D: "Do not interrupt! As I was saying..."

{Fade to Xander sneaking around outside the school building. He finds a window and sneaks into the air ducts. In the distance you can hear Druscilla listing all the things that Angel did she is slowly getting louder.}

D: "People think that the Black Plague was started by bad hygiene. That's just an excuse used to calm the ignorant masses. It was started by the Master. He wasn't trapped in the Hellmouth then, but he was training his right-hand man, Angel, so I think you know the rest."

{Xander is getting closer and he is making enough noise that Buffy has heard him.}

D: "Angel of course had gotten a lot of practice making deaths look like disease. He had used his entire family as an experiment. He was so good at it even then that everyone thought that his family was wiped out by an early strand of the Black Plague. No one even thought it was a little strange, that's how convincing he was."

{As she says the last, she starts to sound proud.}

D: "He was the worst vampire since the beginning of the race. He was supposed to reign under {she starts to sound mad} the Master for all time and {she picks up a book} eliminate the human vermin!"

{She throws the book at the wall and Xander falls from the roof}

D: "Ahh, another rat."

{She grabs Xander as he tries to get up. She holds him up off the floor.}

D: "He came to save the slayer. As if he could succeed where she failed. He is a weakling not even worth feeding on."

{Druscilla throws Xander to Spike who is propped up in the corner. Angel is hiding in the shadows. He steps out into the moonlight. He has his vampire face on.}

A: "What about me Druscilla? Am I worth it?"

D: "Angel! About time you showed up. I was beginning to think you didn't care about this Slayer as much as I thought. You'll be happy to know that she has heard all about your past exploits."

{Angel looks at Buffy to see if Druscilla is telling the truth. Buffy is crying and shaking her head in denial of what she has heard. Angel is thrown into a rage. He growls at Druscilla.}

A: "You had no right! I'll kill you!"

D: "That's the Angel I know! Welcome back!"

A: "Ahh!"

{Angel starts to rush Druscilla. Druscilla realizes he's really going to do it and runs to Spike picks him up and leaves. All the other vampires follow quickly. Buffy pulls her self out of the ropes.}

X: "I knew he couldn't be trusted!"

{Angel smacks him. Angel walks over and unties Cordelia, who slaps Angel and runs over to Xander. Angel unties Willow as Giles and Ms. Calender walk in.}

A: "Buffy?"

{Buffy walks by Giles and Ms. Calender and outside.}

A: " Willow what can I do to make her understand?"

W: "You can't make her do anything. Wait a while maybe she'll forgive you."

{Willow's voice says she doesn't think it will happen. Giles looks after Buffy then Angel. He shakes his head and goes to look at his books.}

G: "Willow do you know what they were looking for?"

W: "Druscilla said they were getting information about Angel. She was telling Buffy all of this stuff that Angel did. Back when..."

{She looks at Angel and stops talking.}

A: "I was bad. It was probably true. I've done such things that no embellishment would be needed to frighten anyone."

G: "You're forgetting who she is. She isn't frightened. She's angry. But she is in love with you. That scares her. If she can love you after all you've done? You see her problem?"

{As Giles speaks, he sounds distracted.}

G: "Ahh! I found it! They were looking for Angel's weakness and they found it. It's Buffy!"

{Angel looks scared at first, then when Giles says "Buffy" he calms down, then gets even more worried.}

A: "Buffy's in danger. She's in no condition to fight right now. And they will go after her!"

{As he says the last, he leaves at a run.}

G: "Angel! Oh well."

{Giles turns to his books. Picks up a pile and walks out to the library. Ms. Calendar and everyone else follow. Angel leaves the school finds Buffy's scent and follows it to a dumpster. Where he sees Buffy beaten up.}

A: "Buffy! Buffy are you all right?"

{Buffy groans and tries to sit up but can't. Angel picks her up and carries her to the library. He places her gently on the table. While saying.}

A: "Giles, come quickly. It's Buffy."

{Giles and everyone else run over.}

A: "I followed her scent to the dumpster and found her like this. Can you do anything?"

G: "She'll have to go to the hospital. This isn't some little damage that I can take care of."

A: "What can I do to help?"

X: "I think you've done enough already. How do we know that you found her like this? Huh? I bet you did this to her! Because she finally came to her senses and dumped you!"

A: "I could never hurt Buffy!"

X: "Yeah, right!"

G: "Xander not right now! We have to get Buffy to the hospital. And come up with a reason why she was at school this late."

A: "Say it's a study club or something."

G: "A study club? Yes, that just might work. Angel you had better go home. It's getting late and I don't think they will believe that you are in our study club."

A: "I'm coming back tomorrow. You will tell me how she's doing? Won't you?"

X: "Why? So you can go and finish the job?"

Giles, Willow & Ms. Calendar: "Xander!"

X: "Okay! But I don't have to like the guy."

{Xander, Cordelia, Willow and Ms. Calendar follow Giles out the door. Giles is carrying Buffy. Angel is standing in the library watching them leave. Then he looks down at the floor.}

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