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Old Friends

By "madkin"

Summary: Wolfram and Hart has a new plan involving Angel's old love.
Disclaimer: I own nothing, the characters aren't mine, blah, blah, blah. Please don't sue.


Chapter 1

"I come with news on Angel." The female said in a nervous voice.

"I hope you brought something useful," the senior partners said in a stern but relaxed voice.

"I believe I have come with interesting news." She said again, showing no fear.

"You better not be wrong or we'll send you back to hell, Ms. Morgan." They said more stern and growing impatience.

"It seems like his only weakness besides his family and friends we haven't tried is love..." She stopped at the yelling voice.

"WE TRIED ANGEL'S LOVE! DON'T YOU REMEMBER THE SWEET LITTLE DARLA DON'T YOU!" Losing their temper they waited for Lilah to respond.

Lilah waited before speaking again. "That was not his true love...I went through his Sunnydale file with the slayer. It's not the... not the relationship we expected." She let out a deep breath and then waited for a response before continuing with news.

"So what is the relationship between enemies if it isn't that..." They were almost intrigued to know they had a chance.

"They were lovers. That is why he left, she is who brought the great Angelus back with a simple moment of pure happiness. The slayer is his true love..."She felt tense, if this didn't work she would be gone for good and hell is where she would be for entirety.

"So what would this do for us? If they are no longer together then why is it important?" Continuing before Lilah could respond." What can she do for us?" They finished, sounding baffled by such stupid information.

"Why would he have left her if he could have been able to stay by her side even as only friends? He couldn't be around her for too long without a slip up." Pausing for a moment she continued. "Why don't you make sure she is trapped in W&H, that way she can't leave. He will try to help her and put his guard down."

"Fine. We cast a spell only we can break and you should hope this works...Or you'll go back to hell." They started chanting and then a moment later they said." It's been done make sure it follows through." Then Lilah was back at W&H. She sits down and pretends nothing has changed waiting for a change no one will now about.


Chapter 2

Angel was in the lobby with Gunn and Wesley. A flash of light appeared and then Buffy was on the floor breathing heavily.

Angel ran to Buffy and she looked like had been about to die. He lifted her to her feet.

Gunn looked back and forth from the blonde and the vampire.

Wesley rushed to her side and they took her to a chair.

"Buffy... What happened? Are you ok?" Angel asked. He was face to face with her." Someone get medical supplies, NOW!!!"

Everyone ran around the office and got what they were told. Gunn still not knowing who she is? why she's here? how do they know her?

"Angel, man, who is this?" Gunn said. "She's the slayer, Buffy Summers..." About 30 seconds later angel yelled. "Gunn get Fred see if she can figure out what happened... When Gunn didn't move Angel yelled. "NOW, I'll explain later." Angel said partially yelling. "We should get her to a hospital not Fred..." Gunn not listening Angel told Wesley to do it. Wesley rushed to go get Fred.

"Angel she's going to die if you don't take her to a hospital...ohohhoh...This is The Slayer as in Buffy, your ex."

Angel didn't respond and didn't move except to brush a piece of Buffy's hair behind her ear.

"Yes Gunn that is who she is and I think you should call her Buffy. Angel, Fred's on her way."

"Hey Fred." Gunn said waiting for something to do." Hi. Angel what happened? I think we should get her to a hospital." Fred waited for Angel to pick Buffy up and follow her, but he didn't move near her. He just held Buffy's hand. Finally Angel said "She hates hospitals and she heals fast, she's the Slayer." He whispered and then he stood up and everyone looked at him.

"Angel what's up - you won't tell us anything since she appeared?" Gunn sounding a little nervous about the questions.

"She is my ex. Her name is Buffy and I'm just making sure she's ok. I'm sorry I... umm..." Angel was interrupted by Buffy waking up. Angel rushed to her side.

"Angel?" Buffy said. "Yeah it's me, Buffy. Are you feeling any better? Do you need anything?" Angel about to go into a ramble stopped himself.

"I'm fine and not in a hospital? I thought you would have taken me to one."

"No, you're not. I know that you hate them... are you sure you don't need anything? I mean it looks like your almost done healing except for that cut on your arm."

"(cough cough)" Gunn faked. "Oh um, Buffy, this is Gunn, Fred, and you know Wesley." Angel feeling worried try to hide it but all his attention on Buffy wasn't hiding it.

As she stood up like nothing happened. "Hi, I'm Buffy and for anyone who is wondering yes, I'm the vampire slayer. My looks prove nothing, ask Angel." Then she turned her head to Angel and said "Thank you". He nodded his head. She refocused on the 3 faces staring at them.

"So this is the slayer that angel gave his heart to. Huh?" Gunn winked at her as he shook her hand. "Hi I'm Fred. I've heard a lot about you, actually come to think about I've only heard how beautiful and nice you are and a bunch of other positive things." She gave a smile at Buffy and then to Angel." It's nice to see you again, Buffy." She nodded and he did the same back." You too, Wesley."

Gunn immediately took Buffy and started asking her about being the slayer and stories of Angel. When Angel saw them he almost vamped out. But Wesley was trying to get his attention and he snapped out of it." Angel, Fred, Gunn and I also would like to see you and Buffy spar after she's finished healing." Angel looked to Buffy asking Buffy what she thought silently." Sure I don't see why not besides it's been a while since I gave it my all without worrying about dying." she said "Why not then, but you should call Giles or Willow or someone to tell them your all right and what you're doing because you looked like 2 more punches and you were going to be dead." He said gently." I was battling Dru. She was in the mansion going through Angelus' stuff.


Chapter 3

Wesley quickly responded. "What do you mean? Angelus has been gone for some time now ."

Angel a moment after Wesley was done he asked. "Why were you at the mansion? What was she looking for?" He tried to cover up his previous question.

"I was just patrolling and I heard someone in the mansion. That's all, and I might go there every once in a while to...see if any new vamps moved in."

Gunn looked back and forth form the slayer and vampire ignoring Wesley's question.

Wesley rolled his eyes." Great, just like when we first met." he sighed.

"Umm sorry to interrupt a reenactment of when Angel met Wesley. But don't we have to find why the slayer's here and why Dru was looking through Angelus stuff." Gunn stated worried.

Buffy and Angel snapped out of it." Oh um right. Gunn, send a spy to Sunnydale see what's going on? Wesley, take Buffy out to get her some new clothes while I call Giles and the others." Angel went to turn around when a hand touched his arm.

"Angel I think I should call the others. I don't think I'll need any clothes I should try to get out..." She was interrupted.

"Man, did you see that? He walked away at vampire speed and the tiny blond I mean Buffy caught up to him. How cool. Sorry." Gunn said seeing the faces he was getting.

Angel and Buffy looked back at each other." Buffy are you sure? I mean with Dru in Sunnydale." He asked turning completely around to face her." Yeah I'm sure I mean it's my job, right." She said with a sad note in her voice


Chapter 4

Angel, Gunn, Fred, and Wesley were already in the training room when Buffy walked in. "Hey guys. Angel, you ready? I mean we haven't fought for a while." Buffy said jokingly condescending. "What about you? I've gotten stronger too, you know." Angel responded deciding to play her verbal game.

Wes was intrigued to see a battle between the two. Even as Buffy's watcher he had never seen them spar. Fred was excited but nervous for Angel. Gunn wanted to see this. The slayer in action, it wasn't something you see everyday unless you were evil.

Buffy kicked her leg high but Angel blocked it. Angel went down to trip her, she jumped avoiding his leg and did a flip over him landing behind him. She kicked him down but he slide back before she even had a chance to (pretend to) stake him. They went on like this for an 1 hour or 2. Neither won.

The other 3 in the room were fantasized. "Next you two teach a class and I'll be the first to join." Gunn said wishing he could do half the moves and last that long with a vamp." Wow. Buffy your amazing and either of you ever got a hit in. Like you knew the other person's next move. Wow." Fred knew Buffy would be good but she didn't now how much power she possessed. "I'm impressed Buffy you've come a long way. Both of you. Especially you Buffy only having 1 hour to heal. "Wes was shocked at how well she was growing into her power.

"Fred we did know what the others next move was." Buffy said feeling confident. "Wait how though?" Fred was intrigued she was full of questions. Maybe Buffy would stop by to answer a few before she left. "We fought together for 3 years." Buffy said.

The End?

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