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Summary: Jealousy drives a guy to extremes.
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Joss. Except the idea that's ours.
Author's Notes: This story is set before Angel goes bad. Oz was at the birthday party and did find out about Buffy, but Buffy and Angel didn't sleep together. Lots of thanks to my co-writer Jen. Feedback is welcome. If you want to trash our story at least give a reason. Thanks! e-mail me at conter(at)icom.ca Here goes :)


Part 1

{Open on door to principal's office. Inside are Buffy & a boy are sitting in the chairs in front of the principal's desk. Principal Schneider is leaning back with his hands on his desk he looks angry [his customary expression]. Buffy looks worried and contrite. The boy looks nervous, but curious.}

P.S. "Well you know why you're here Paul. What about you Miss Summers? Any guesses?"

B: "No sir. I mean..."

{Buffy looks worried and looks over at Paul who smiles.}

"I've never met him before, and I've been real good this week!"

{Buffy looks at Principal Schneider to see how he's taking her statement.}

P.S. "You're right Miss Summers you haven't met Paul before. This is Paul Thomson. He's new here. He happens to be in all of your classes, so you will be his student guide."

{Buffy looks panicked.}

B: "You're sure there's no one else?"

P.S. "Very sure. Besides if you have to take Paul to class you might actually show up there yourself!"

{Principal Schneider looks pleased by that idea. Buffy does not. Paul looks confused.}

B: "Yes Principal Schneider."

P.S. "Good! Now hurry, I wouldn't want you to be late for your class."

{Principal Schneider stands up walks behind his desk sits down in his swivel chair and turns around so his back is to the room. Paul looks surprised, but Buffy doesn't. She stands up picks up her backpack, puts it on then walks to the door. She opens it then looks back at Paul he grabs his bag, jumps up and walks quickly out the door. Buffy follows and shuts the door. Buffy and Paul are walking down the hallway. Buffy is pointing out places and Paul is nodding.}

B: "Cafe... Lounge... The library's down that hall to the left."

{After saying this Buffy realizes something.}

"I just remembered that I have a book due back at the library. How 'bout you go to our homeroom third door on the left down that hall."

{Buffy points down a hallway.}

"and I'll go to the library."

P: "I think I'd like to go with you."

{Buffy looks worried.}

B: "O.K. If you have to."

{Buffy still doesn't look pleased, but she walks to the library she speeds up a little and walks in ahead of Paul. Giles, Xander, Willow, Oz and Cordelia are in the library looking impatient. Xander is sitting with his feet up on the table. Willow is behind her computer at the head of the table. Cordelia is sitting on the stairs. Oz is standing behind Willow's chair, and Giles is pacing in front of the table.}

G: "Buffy where have you been..."

{Buffy interrupts him.}

B: "I'm sorry Mr. Giles."

{Giles looks very surprised Paul walks in.}

"have you met Paul Thomson?"

{Giles still looks confused.}

"I'm his student guide."

{Giles understands.}

C: "But what about . ."

{Giles gives her a look and she shuts up.}

G: "I understand."

B: "That book I borrowed last night was very dull. Nothing happened to the heroine."

{Giles looks confused again then catches on. Willow and Oz understand, Xander still looks confused and Cordelia is sullen. Paul sees that there are undercurrents but he doesn't understand them.}

G: "Oh well that's not good. I'm very sorry. Why don't you try another book tonight?"

B: "It will have to be a short one. I have tons of homework."

W: "Why don't I help you with your homework and Angel can help you with your..."

{Willow hesitates.}


G: "Yes, yes! That would be a very good. Now all of you should really be going to class."

{Paul has obviously been forgotten by everyone.}

P: "What about Buffy's book?"

{Everyone looks confused.}

"The one she's here to pick up."

G: "Oh of course!"

{Giles walks over to the book counter he reaches into his personal area and brings out a small, old, handbook. Buffy looking curious walks over.}

B: "The slayer handbook?"

{Buffy whispers. Paul has walked over to talk to Xander.}

G: "Yes."


"You don't have to bring the other book until tomorrow."

{This is said louder. Paul doesn't appear to be listening he and Xander are talking. Buffy picks up her book and puts it away.}

B: "Let's go Paul. You don't want to be late."

P: "Sure, coming Buffy."

{Willow packs up her computer with Oz's help. Cordelia gets up and looking bored walks out the door. Before she leaves she turns to look at Xander who is busy talking to Paul. She then walks out the door. Willow and Oz are done now and the walk to the door holding hands then they kiss and Oz leaves. Buffy walks over to Willow at the door they turn around to Xander and Paul.}

B: "Now boys."

{Buffy and Willow are standing at the door giving the boys a look of annoyance. Xander looks unworried but Paul is contrite.}

X: "I've invited Paul to come Bronzing tonight."

W: "What about your history test? I thought we were studying tonight."

X: "I'll study tomorrow."

W: "Your test is tomorrow."

{During this Paul walks over to Buffy. And Xander is walking and talking he ends up in front of Willow.}

X: "The present is more important than the past. I thought you knew that Will."

{Willow gives Xander a look that says she doesn't believe him.}

"I can study and party at the same time."

{Willow still looks unconvinced but she has given up on Xander. She walks out the door. Buffy walks out the door after her. Xander and Paul look at each other then shrug and walk out the door after them. Go to the Bronze. Oz is on stage with his band. Willow, Buffy and Xander are sitting together at their table. Xander is pretending to study. Cordelia walks over to Xander.}

C: "Well are going to dance with me or not?"

X: "How could I refuse when you ask so nicely."

{Cordelia looks miffed. Xander stands up and they go out and dance. Buffy and Willow watch them for a minute.}

W: "So what are you going to do about Paul?"

B: "I don't know. He's following me around like a lovesick puppy dog. I've been giving off hints but he just doesn't get it!"

{While Buffy is talking Angel walks out of the shadows behind Buffy.}

A: "So who is this jerk. Anyone I know?"

{Angel looks interested, and a little angry. The band is taking a break. Oz is looking around.}

W: "Oh. Hi Angel! I better go Oz is looking for me."

{Willow walks off. Buffy stands up to give Angel a kiss. But he stops her.}

A: "Who is this guy who's 'following me around like a lovesick puppy dog.'?"

{Angel does an impression of Buffy's voice when he quotes her.}

B: "You don't know him. He's new at school..."

{Before Buffy can go on Paul walks up.}

P: "Hi Buffy. Who's this?"

{Paul is sizing Angel up. Angel gives him a once over and obviously doesn't think he has anything to worry about.}

A: "Yeah Buff, why don't you introduce me to your little friend."

{During this Angel moves his arm around Buffy's shoulders.}

B: "Angel this is Paul. The guy I was telling you about before."

{When Paul hears this he looks pleased.}

B: "Paul this is Angel. The guy who's going to help me with me book."

{Angel looks confused for a second, then hides it.}

A: "Maybe we should go look at that book now Buffy."

{Paul looks mad that Buffy is going to leave but can't think of a way around it with out seeming desperate.}

B: "Sure Angel. See you at school Paul."

P: "Sure Buffy see you later."

{Buffy and Angel walk out. Paul watches after them then sits down at the table to wait for Xander. Buffy and Angel are outside of the Bronze in the alley way.}

A: "What was that about a book? Do you need something translated?"

B: "OH no we just told Paul that there was a book to explain why I was in the library. It really meant patrolling."

A: "And why did you have to tell him anything at all?"

B: "I'm his student guide. Principal Schneider's hoop of the week. Basically I have to take to all his classes and show him around the school. Schneider thinks this'll make me go to class."

A: "And will it?"

{Angel says this with a laugh in his eyes.}

B: "I always go to class when I'm not slaying or patrolling or saving the world!"

A: "Speaking of patrolling shouldn't we be doing some of that now?"

B: "You're right let's go."

{Buffy hooks her arm through Angel's and they walk away into the night. Inside the Bronze Paul is sitting at the table waiting for Xander or Willow to come back. He stands up and goes to the drink bar. Willow, Xander and Cordelia come back to the table. Oz is back to playing with the band.}

X: "Where'd Buffy get to?"

W: "Angel came and they went to patrol."

{Paul is starting to come back he sees that they're talking and stops so he won't interrupt.}

X: "Do ya think they'll see Spike or Dru?"

W: "I don't think so they seem to be hiding out in the warehouses more since Spike was injured."

C: "Will things be different with Dru in charge?"

W: "Probably, we can hope not though. I think its hard on Angel to see her running things around here."

{Paul looks pleased at this.}

C: "Why?"

X: "'Cause they used to be an item! Even I know that!"

W: "Yeah well all Druscilla wants now is to get back at him!"

O: "No, Will I think you're wrong. I think Dru still wants Angel back. The old Angel."

{Paul files this information away for later thought then walks out of the shadows and up to the table like nothing was going on.}

P: "Hey there you guys are I was looking all over for you."

{Everyone looks worried but since Paul doesn't seem to know anything they relax.}

C: "I have got to go to ladies'."

{Cordelia gets up and leaves. The band is gesturing for Oz to come over. Oz looks at Willow who smiles and nods. Oz gets up gives Xander and Paul a 'What-can-you-do-about-it?' grin and walks off.}

W: "I think I'll watch this set from the backstage."

{She looks over at Paul and Xander.}

"You two won't kill each other while I'm gone?"

X: "Nah we'll live."

W: "And you'll study for your History test?"

{Xander looks hurt. Then gestures to the books on the table in front of him.}

X: "What's it look like I'm doing?"

{Willow sighs and turns around to walk up to the stage where Oz is starting to play. Paul looks over at Xander who is not even pretending to study now that Willow is gone.}

P: "So who's this Angel guy?"

{Paul is trying to be casual.}

X: "Don't even think about it there is no way to get between those two! Believe me I've tried!"

P: "I wasn't think anything like that I just wondered who that guy was! I wouldn't do anything like that!"

{Xander looks him over then decides he's alright.}

X: "He's Buffy's main squeeze. They're always going around together."

P: "I haven't seen him at school, does he go?"

{Xander laughs.}

X: "No! He's definitely older then her."

{Xander laughs again. Before Paul can ask anything else Cordelia comes back.}

C: "So did you survive without me?"

{Paul looks over at Xander with a What-is-She-Talking-About? look. Xander shrugs. Willow walks back to the table. About half an hour goes by then Angel and Buffy come back. They walk over to the table.}

P: "Finished your book?"

{Angel smiles.}

A: "Not yet. We just wanted to come back in to say good night before we take off for good."

{Angel still has his arm around Buffy who has 'the Street Urchin' look.}

X: "Come on Cordy I'll walk you home."

{Xander stands up cleans up all of his books. Puts his arm around Cordelia and they walk out.}

B: "Do you want me to walk you home Will?"

W: "No, that's okay Buffy, Oz's going to take me in his van. See you at school. Nice seeing you again Paul. Bye!"

{Willow smiles then walks to the backstage.}

B: "Well I'll see ya Paul."

{Buffy walks away with Angel.}

P: "Yeah I'll see ya."

{After Buffy and Angel leave Paul gets up and follows them. Buffy and Angel are walking hand in hand to the graveyard. They look around and not seeing Paul behind the tree they start to kiss. This is when Paul coughs. Buffy and Angel pull away a little look each other in the eye and nod. Angel walks away and melts into the shadows Buffy gets ready in a battle crouch. Angel walks up behind Paul. He taps him on the shoulder. Paul starts then turns around. Angel picks him up by the scruff of the neck then push Paul in front of out of the trees. When Buffy sees who it is she relaxes her stance and frowns at Paul.}

B: "What are you doing following us? Answer quickly you don't want to see Angel angry."

P: "I was lost I didn't know how to get home so I followed you. By the way what are you two doing in a graveyard?"

B: "Its quiet, usually. I'll walk you home, Paul. See you lover."

{Buffy walks up to Angel and kisses him making him take his hand off Paul to put it on Buffy. Buffy pulls away.}

A: "I got to go any way."

{Angel walks away and melts into the shadows so Paul can't see him but Buffy can. Buffy smiles, then turns to Paul.}

B: "Let's go."

{Buffy walks off expecting Paul to follow or not. Paul runs to keep up with Buffy's fast walk. Angel is following at a safe distance. Buffy isn't paying much attention to where she's going and Paul is starting to huff and puff so she slows down. As soon as she does, three guys come out from behind a hedge.}

First Guy: "Alright missey why don't you stop right there."

{Buffy stops. She starts to go into a battle crouch then looks over at Paul and stands up straight trying to look scared.}

It's not hard to do. As long as this dope is here I can't do anything superhero like. I hope Angel is still following us.

{Paul is trying to look tough.}

Second Guy: "Now, there's nothing to worry about if you'll just give us all your money and valuables."

{Angel walks out of the shadows.}

A: "You can have him, but leave the girl alone."

First Guy: "Come on we don't want no trouble. Just give us the money and we'll go."

{The muggers are starting to look nervous.}

A: "I don't think she wants to do that."

Third Guy: "Come on man, we don't want to hurt any of you, make it easy for yourself just give it over."

{The muggers look a little better until Angel shakes his head. On the other side of the street two kids from the high school are walking by and stop to watch. No one has noticed them.}

A: "I think it's time for you to move on now."

{The first muggers are getting angry and they run forward and attack Angel. Angel trips one and grabs the other. He lifts the second one into the air. The third mugger has run away. So has the one that Angel tripped.}

A: "Now I never want to see you or your friends again, do you understand?"

{The mugger nods. Angel drops him to the pavement. The mugger stands up and runs away. The kids on the other side of the street start to clap.}

Kid One: "Way to go!!"

Kid Two: "Yahhhooo!"

B: "Thanks so much Angel!"

{Buffy walks up to Angel.}

"I don't know what I would have done without you."

{Buffy is trying not to laugh.}

A: "Oh, I think you would have managed."

{Angel leans over and they kiss.}

"I think I should walk you home just in case."

B: "Sure that would be great. Maybe you should take Paul home too, just in case those guys follow you."

A: "Sure Buffy I'll do it for you."

{Angel obviously doesn't want to. Angel takes Buffy's hand and they start to walk her home. Paul follows behind. He is obviously not happy about this arrangement either. They reach Buffy's house, Angel and Buffy hideout near her window and have a long passionate kiss. Angel pulls away.}

A: "I'll walk him home and I'll see you tomorrow."

B: "I miss you already."

{Buffy waves to Paul and then climbs up the wall to her bedroom window.}

A: "Let's go."

{Angel walks away very quickly and Paul has to run to keep up. They get to Paul's house.}

"Here you are."

{Angel starts to walk away. When he's gotten a little ahead Paul starts to follow him. Angel walks for a little and he knows that he's being followed.}

I don't know who it is. Would Spike and Dru be stupid enough to send some lackey to get me? I guess I'll find out.

{Angel starts to speed up and keeps walking into a blind alley, he stops and turns around to face whoever is following him. Paul walks around the corner and right into the waiting Angel. Angel grabs him and throws him into the air. He starts to get out a stake then sees that it's Paul and stops. He slowly walks to Paul and Picks him up by his throat and holds him above his head.}

A: "What do you think you are doing?"

P: "Uhhhrrraaaaaa."

{Paul can't speak due to Angel's hand on his throat. Angel releases some of the pressure but Paul is still way up in the air.}

A: "Well this had better be good, Paul."

{Paul doesn't say anything.}

"I don't much care for you anyway. But for Buffy sake I'll let you go."

P: "Buffy's sake?"

{Paul manages to squeak out.}

A: "Yeah she doesn't like it when I people kill people she knows. It worries her and I don't want to worry Buffy."

{Angel squeezes Paul's throat just a little.}

"I don't think you want to worry Buffy either. So I don't think you'll be telling her about this, will you?"

{Paul shakes his head. Angel lets go of him and he falls to the ground. Angel gives him a look and Paul runs away. Angel looks up at the sky.}

I don't have enough time to follow him again. If he's bitten that's his problem. I'll have to tell Buffy about this tomorrow.

{Angel runs home as fast as he can to avoid the dawn. The next day in the library Giles and Buffy are talking about Paul.}

B: "He's following me around like a lovesick puppy dog I can't do anything."

G: "You are just going to have to be a little more secretive and creative."

B: "Last night I was nearly attacked by three muggers."

{Buffy sees Giles look .}

"Normal muggers. But I couldn't defend myself because Paul was there."

G: "Well he obviously got you out of it."

B: "Paul didn't. Angel was following us and he got rid of the muggers."

{Xander has walked in during their discussion.}

X: "There's a very simple solution."

{Buffy and Giles look at him.}

"Tell him the truth."

B & G: "NO!!"

X: "Why not? You told me."

B: "You overheard about it, we had to tell you something. Especially after Willow was being captured. That's also why we had to tell her about it."

X: "Cordelia?"

B: "Found out when she was being attacked by the invisible girl and I needed to protect her."

X: "And Oz?"

B: "Saw me destroy a Vamp and saw a arm come out of a box and attach itself to my throat."

X: "Okay so we had to become slayerettes. So don't tell him, but he's not evil. We should be nice to him I like him."

B: "You would!"

{Willow walks in and walks up to Xander and Buffy.}

W: "Did you here what's going around the school?"

{Buffy and Xander shake their heads.}

"About last night?"

{Buffy and Xander still don't know.}

"with Paul and Angel?"

{Buffy gets it.}

B: "Oh noooooooooo!"

X: "What happened?"

{Buffy is so distressed she can't answer.}

W: "Well the rumor says that Buffy and Paul were walking down the street and were attacked by these three huge muggers."

{Willow looks at Buffy.}

B: "They weren't that big."

W: "Anyway, they say that Paul was cowering and then this handsome mysterious man came up and beat up all of the muggers then kissed Buffy."

{Buffy nodded.}

"So I assumed it was Angel. Right?"

B: "I'm not kissing any other handsome mysterious men. So I guess so."

{Buffy pauses and looks at Giles.}

"You see what I'm talking about Giles if not for Angel who knows what would have happened."

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