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Midnight Red

By Starswirl M.

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Summary: Angelus toys with Buffy.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters, except the ones that are invented. Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the property of Joss Whedon, WB, Mutant Enemy, and so on... anything that is similar to any other fan fiction is TOTALLY coincidental. (I borrowed one or so scenes only to create a mood, I give full credit to the writers and junk if I can remember their names, please don't sue.)
Author's Notes: I hope you enjoy the following fan fiction. Comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated =) This fan fiction starts sometime after Angel has turned evil... Note that 2 stars ** indicate inner thinking.
Feedback: *Tell me what you think! :) Suggestions, flames, comments and greatly appreciated :) e-mail me at Pochacco989(at)hotmail.com

Thanks for reading my fanfic.



"WOOHOOO!!!! A trip to Egypt all expenses paid!! Now that's what I call Social Studying" Xander Harris exclaimed at the beginning of lunch.

"Don't you realize it's sort of weird that Principal Snyder would let Mr. Earlingson take the whole class to Egypt for a Social Studies project." Willow said as she pulled out an apple from her lunch bag.

"I say enjoy it. Besides I can use a vacation from you know what and who." Buffy said in relieve.

"Well, I still think it weird."

"Willow, you worry to much. Sit back and enjoy the ride." Xander said with his mouth full.

The trio talked for a while then Buffy remembered that she had to go to her regular training.


Part 1

Buffy walked happily to the library. Giles was reading a book as Buffy walked in.

"Giles? Oh Giles? Where are you?"

"Ahh! Buffy, I didn't hear you come in. It's only 12:15. Your training doesn't start until 12:45. How come your so early today?" Giles wondered.

"Oh I thought I'd make up the late minutes. Besides, I'm in a very good mood today."

"Anything that might have triggered your happiness?"

"We're going Egypt next week! I'm SO excited!" Buffy exclaimed.

"What?!? It's only been a couple of month of school, and your going on vacation?"

"No, it's part of our Social Studies. The whole class will be going on an all expenses paid trip to Egypt for 3 weeks." Explained Buffy.

"You can't go though. What about slaying? And your other studies?"

"Giles, they will be providing the homework and stuff. Drucilla, Spike and Angelus... well they won't do much damage since I trashed there place." Recalling her last fight with the trio. "Please, Please, Please can I go?" Buffy gave Giles the pout.

Giles hesitated then said "Fine, and as you say have fun."

They trained and Buffy went reluctantly back to her classes. But Nothing seemed to spoil her good mood.

Later on Giles noticed she said 'Angelus', instead of Angel.

After School, Buffy went home and found a note left by her mom. Which read:


I'll be late tonight. I just got called to work a night shift. Don't wait up. Dinner's in the fridge. It's chicken casserole.


"Hmm... 5th time this week." Buffy said out loud.

When Joyce came home at 2 in the morning Buffy was sleeping on the couch in front of the TV.

"Buffy dear? Wake up. Go back to your room and sleep okay?" Joyce said gently.

Buffy did what she was told and went up the sleeps clumsily. As she climbed into bed she saw a dark and mysterious figure. Alert, Buffy reached for a stake. It was Angel. But it was too late, the haunting figure disappeared.


The next day...

"Buffy! Wake up! It's time for school!" Joyce shouted as Buffy dragged herself down the stairs with an orange-colored slip.

"Mom, I'm awake. I think. Well for our Social Studies we get to go on a 3 week, all expenses paid trip to Egypt. And the homework and junk will be sent along. Um... All I need is parental consent." Buffy handed the slip to her mom.

"Are you sure there's nothing else? I would let you go, but I'm a little worried about the chaperones, there are going to be some right?"

"Don't worry mom. It would probably be much more strict then and army base."

"All right, you can go, now hurry up, your late!" Joyce said as she signed the parental consent form.

Buffy grabbed a slice of toast and said as she went out the door "Thanks Mom!"


The next week was plentiful. Buffy and her friends were frantically packing and getting ready for their trip. Finally the day came and Buffy and her Socials class flew first-class to Egypt. Once there, they were directed to their hotel rooms. The hotel was very luxurious, the lobby alone was beautifully decorated, with bright glass paned windows and maroon velvet carpet. As Buffy approached their room, she stood in awe since the room was more like a house, there were 2 identical individual wooden canopy beds with small delicate carvings on it and red velvet sheets, along with ravishing furniture and the same maroon carpet, it looked like it would have cost a fortune to stay there. Buffy got stuck with Cordelia; Willow was with Serena, a new transfer student who was the cheerful kind; and Xander was with Josh, a quiet cutie who played center for the Sunnydale basketball team. Once in the rooms, Cordelia started to unpack.

"Look we're going to spend a whole 3 weeks together in the same room, let's try to get along" Buffy said in a threatening voice.

In a mouse like voice, the frightened Cordelia squeaked "Okay"


Later that night...

Night had kicked in and Buffy couldn't sleep with the continuous snoring of Cordelia. Buffy lied wide awake trying not to let her head explode from the noise. It was freezing and Buffy went to close the window. Just as she did, she saw a dark figure by the window.

Trying not to wake Cordelia up, as it there were such, she called out "Who's there?"

Nothing replied. Buffy began to think that she was hallucinating from the lack of sleep. She heard a whisper. "The slayer lives...but the guardian spirit will die."

"Who's there?" Buffy called out a little louder.

"... his might shall vanish." The whisper came again. "By the light of 39. His time will come. I warn you now and will warn again. Slayer be gone or face Obilvon, almighty Master of Illusions and Memories."

The figure vanished. Buffy looked around and decided to call Giles. Buffy got dressed and went down to the lounge. As she dialed Gile's number, she forgot he was at school.

"Giles? it's me Buffy."

"Buffy? How's your trip."

"Not so well, I think. I just received a visit from this figure and it warned me. I think it's warning me to go back home or else he'll bring harm to my guardian spirit." In much horror, Buffy realized that the guardian spirit was Giles! "Ohmigod! It's you!"

"Me? What? You're in Egypt and so is this mysterious chap. He can't be in two places at once."

"I suppose so. Sorry to interrupt you, it was probably a strange dream anyways. But I still want you to be careful... just in case."

"Alright now. What time is it now in Egypt, er... 2:34 in the morning? You should get some sleep Buffy. And if you do have another visit by the figure call me right away."

"Okay Giles you're on to something. Tell me."

"It's nothing. I'm going to do some research on this and if there is another threat, I want to be in touch. Have a nice trip. Oh! It's Principal Snyder, gotta go now, bye!"

Buffy went back up to her room and quietly slipped into bed when she saw another figure smaller than the one she saw before. She jumped up and was prepared to fight. The small figure jumped into the room with glowing eyes. Then it, "meowed," softly and Buffy felt stupid because she was all powered up to fight... a black cat... no a kitten? The cat moved near Buffy and Buffy picked it up and put it on her lap. The kitty purred and fell asleep. Buffy put the cat on the floor and went to sleep herself.


The next morning when Buffy woke up, the small kitten still was asleep on the carpet beside her bed. It was still pretty early so Buffy took a shower, got dressed and went to the lobby of the hotel. As the elevator door opened she saw Angel. She was shocked and couldn't understand Angel being there, since it had been a bright sunny day and the glass paned windows of the lobby shone radiantly.

"Buffy" was all Angel said.

Reacting, Buffy kicked him down and quickly reached for a stake.

"No, that won't work." Angel said.

Still holding the stake and on top of him, Buffy asked "What do you want?"

"I want you, my love. I've missed you" Angel still had his non-vamp face.

Not fooled, Buffy stabbed the stake through Angel's heart. Instead of turning to dust, Angel's eyes were closed and nothing had happened to him. Buffy found that very strange. Angel's eye opened again and they were then on the boat deck of their final goodbye. She was still on top of Angel as the distant image of her and Angel standing on the boat deck replayed in the background. (this scene includes 2 pairs of Buffy and Angel... Sorry for my confusion in wording) They were at the moment where Angel was giving Buffy a claddagh ring.

"It's beautiful" Said Buffy as she saw the ring.

"My people...Before I changed...they exchanged this as a sign of devotion. It's a claddagh righ. The Hands represent friendship, the crown represents loyalty, and the heart... Well, you know... Wear it with the heart pointing towards you, it means you belong to somebody." Angel explained.

The scene faded and another sequence started. Now it was really Buffy interacting. The sequence was of Angel turning into dust, after Drucilla stabbed Angel in the heart with a stake.

"Angel!!!! NO!!!" Buffy cried as she woke up to a peaceful morning, not counting Cordelia, surrounding.

It was all a dream, Buffy said to herself. Then she decided she didn't want to sleep anymore, so she took a shower, got dressed and went down to the lobby for a drink. When the elevator doors opened, she felt a brush of relief sweeping over her and once again reassured herself that it was all a dream.

That day she went sight seeing and had a fabulous time. That night at dinner, Buffy got a call.

"Ms. Summers, you have an urgent telephone call, it's family." Said the waiter and he directed her to the front desk.

Thinking it was her mom, she practically ran to the front desk.

"Mom? What is it? What's wrong?" Buffy asked with a queasy feeling in her stomach.

"Buffy calm down, I wanted to see how you were doing, I'm coming over you know." It was Angel. "I finally tracked you down thanks to your beloved watcher. You know family should keep in touch, and well after that night. I consider myself quite a part of it. Be expecting me my dear." The line went dead.


Part 2

Buffy slowly hung up the receiver and quickly asked to be excused from dinner. Her socials teacher, Mr. Earlingson was a bit concerned but had let her go. Once in her room, she was surprised to Shawn, one of the top 5 hottest guys of her school, sitting on her bed in the dark. Shawn was among the popular jocks that everyone had liked and admired. He had a great personality and was a mix between a romantic and unpredictable. Buffy had seen him once or twice in the hallways and stuff, but she had never really said much to him except small talk. Buffy did have kinda a crush on him though, like many of the female population of Sunnydale High.

"Shawn? Is that you?" A confused Buffy asked as she turned on the light.

"Um.. Buffy, good I found your room." Shawn said.

"What are you doing here and how did you get in?" Buffy questioned, slightly showing a bit of her Slayer mode.

Shawn didn't answer but he got up and moved closer to Buffy.

"Here." Shawn handed Buffy a small dark green velvet bag. Then he left.

The contents of the bag consisted of a small golden cross and a note. The note read:

Dear Buffy,

Please meet me at the lobby at midnight tonight, and please don't tell anyone about this meeting. Hope you'll show.

Keep it a secret,

Buffy found it strange that Shawn "the loudmouth" Ferguson had such a quiet and mysterious exterior. Buffy felt overwhelmed as well as suspicion, but she decided to check it out. Besides, what could go wrong. But if only Buffy had known...


10:15 pm

"Cordy! Have you seen my light blue jacket or my white tank with the cerulean blue strip thingy?!?" Buffy yelled as she rummaged through her drawer for her stuff.

"Geez Buffy, calm down your about to have a nervous break down. So whose the yummy dude?" Cordelia said as she looked up from her YM Magazine.

"Um... what makes you think that..." Buffy trailed off.

"Well it's kinda obvious. The hair, clothes, that look . . ."

"Uh.. What look? I don't have a "look." Buffy quickly tried to wipe that dazed and smiling "crush" look of her face.

"Whatever. Oh, by the way, your top is on your bed, you took it out after you hogged the bathroom for like 8 hours straight." Cordelia returned to her magazine.

"Cordy... One last thing, which one should I put on?" Buffy held up a peach colored lipstick and a gold one.

"The peach." said Cordelia without looking up.


11:57 pm

Buffy hurried to the elevator and checked her watch. 11:57 just on time, she thought to herself. She reached for a mini mirror and had a last minute check. Perfect. As the elevator doors opened she saw a lone figure standing in the lobby.

"Buffy! Wow! You look fantastic!" Exclaimed Shawn. "Oh here, these are for you." Shawn handed her a lovely bouquet of red roses.

"These are beautiful, thanks Shawn! But you really shouldn't have." Buffy gasped then smiled.

"So Buffy Summers, are you ready to accompany me to a night in the town?" Shawn smiled mischievously.

"That's what you planed. I would love to. Oh wait, what about the curfew and all. I mean if we get caught...it's not gonna really do wonders for our records." Buffy said recalling the incompetent troll, Principal Snyder.

"No Sweat. Mr. Earlingson, Mr. Illis, Ms. Carter, Ms. Redward and the chaperones are WAY asleep. I checked."

"You sure? I mean..." Buffy trailed off.

"Trust me Buffy, trust me."

"Alright, let's go."

If only Buffy knew what she was getting herself into ...


Part 3

Shawn and Buffy walked around town visit several little shops that opened during the night. Until they reached where Shawn was leading Buffy to. They went into a dark eerily empty back alley. Buffy's slayer instinct started to kick in and felt that something was wrong. The alley was very dark and plus it was night, the two of them could barely see anything. Buffy felt a swift object run across her feet, then she shuddered realizing that it was a rat. The long alley was silent except for her and Shawn's footsteps.

Buffy stopped and heard nothing not even Shawn by her side. Then a swooping noise. Then silence. Deadly silence. Buffy then felt something trip her. She instantly fell to the ground, hitting the hard wet concrete. Almost automatically Buffy's slayer sense then took over.

"Ow! That REALLY hurt! -- Show yourself!" Buffy yelled in the darkness while she got up.

She first attack at the darkness blindly and fail when the unknown figure hit her hard with a bat or a stick of some sort, then she fell to the concrete once more. Buffy got up again after a while, after gathering her strength, and was ready to fight. But this time, Buffy knew when and where the unknown figure was gonna attack her since she had adjusted her sight to the blackness of the night.

Just then the figure charged again with the bat-like object. Buffy reacted quickly and kicked the bat-like object out of her attacker's hand, then she gave a direct blow to her attacker's side. As the figure was down, Buffy violently kicked him a couple of times until the figure laid there not moving an inch. Buffy had fought with the figure and moved towards dim lighting at the same time.

Now she was able to see her attacker. She gasp, for it was Principal Snyder.

"Oh migod!" Buffy was in shock, then the uninviting and haunting image of the dead Ted appeared.

Thoughts of all sort were running through Buffy's head. Even though she hated Principal Snyder's guts she wouldn't have truly killed him. Buffy stood there in the dimly light alley paralyzed and confused. Time seemed to cease it's ongoing path. It was minutes, hours perhaps until Buffy finally realize what she had done. She had fiercely killed a human being, not some vampire or evil demon, a human that once lived, a human that she knew.

She didn't know what to do, but all she wanted to do was run to Angel. **That wasn't a choice anymore, for there wasn't a way to bring him back. Ever.** Buffy sat down beside the examine corpse of Principal Snyder. She sat down on the concrete and suddenly cried. Tears streamed down Buffy's face, she sobbed uncontrollably. She was partly scared but angry at the same time. Some tears she shed were for her deceased principal but mostly it was because of the cluster of confusion she was caught in.

Buffy thought to herself. **It's hard. Being the slayer. Being the always reliable one. The only one. No wait the second only one.** Recalling Kendra. **But I'm responsible for the world and everyone in it, even if it goes unnoticed. Xander, Willow, Cordelia, Giles--- They don't know how much I suffer--- Angel's evil now. My one good thing out of the world of disaster I'm in. Now gone. It's not fair!** Buffy recalled her slay-free years and yearned for the arms of her beloved, the good Angel. Buffy was still sobbing. **Maybe this is good for me, a good long cry. I guess I have been holding it back for too long. ----Angel please come back..**

After a long period of time, Buffy gathered enough of herself to walk back to the hotel. When she reached her room she looked at the clock, 4:27 am. She climbed into bed and started crying silently again, until she slept.


The next morning

"Buffy? Wake up! It's time for breakfast. Buffy wake up!" Cordelia called as she shook Buffy gently.

"Wha--? Cordelia?" Buffy yawned.

"Yeah, get up."

Buffy literally crawled out of bed and into the shower. She came out after and looked at the time 8:03 am. She got dressed and headed down with Cordy for breakfast.

When the 2 of them got to dinning room for the class, it was all covered in a depressing black. And a black and white picture of Principal Snyder hung at the front wall of the room. Every teacher was dressed in black.

"Morbid Much" exclaimed Cordelia.

They decided to ask Ms. Carter what was going on.

Then they saw Mr. Earlingson take a mike and was speaking. "Dear students and staff, please now take a moment to honor our highly respected Principal Snyder for he past away last night."

After the moment of silence there were some shouts of joy, and some gasps. Buffy went straight to Willow and pulled her over to the side.

"Buffy! Did you here anything about Principal Synder's death. I mean from Giles."

"Willow, I killed him" Buffy said solemnly

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