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A LifeTime's Learning Could do no Wrong

By Buffy

Summary: What if Angel had vamped his sister?
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the BtVS characters. They belong to Joss Whedon, WB, Mutant Enemies,etc.



229 years ago I wouldn't have even thought it possible that I could hurt anything. Let alone kill anything or anyone. I had no idea what I was going to embark in. All I wanted was my brother by my side, I knew that at least if I had him, I could get along in this world, and not doubt for an instant that him and I would be together forever. I had no idea how right I would turn out to be.

It started when I was 13, The first time I was called to become something I had yet to learn about. A slayer. Hearing screams in the middle of the night never was a custom to me. But I had adapted to it, a few years back, when my mother had gotten a deadly flu, and might have died. I could hear her screams in the middle of the night, so I thought the screams in the dead air outside, where just the same.

It was an especially cold night. I had drawn my cloak nearer to my skin. My brother was walking beside me, him 18, and me 13. We hung with one another like we where joined at the hip since I was born. We shared an unlike Sister/Brother love. We cared deeply for one another, normally brother and sister's try to make a living nightmare for the other one. But Angel was different, he had no evil intentions.

We where playing in the park, I was chasing him around, because he had something of mine, he always did that. Like it was nature somehow to him. "Give it back Angel!" I cried, and tried to catch up to him. He just cocked his head at me, and smirked, and kept running, he ran threw some bushes, I ran around them. He didn't expect me to, so when I tackled him, he was completely surprised. He kept chuckling though, and grinned up at me. He held out my claddagh ring that he had given me when I was young, it was to big for my finger then, but now it fit. I slipped it back on my middle finger, with the heart pointing tords me. When I was younger, he had use to put it on a string, and have it around my neck, I never played with it, only to look at it. But now I loved playing with it while it was on my finger. Angel had the exactly the same one, on his right hand, same spot too. I kissed him gently on his cheek, and got up. That's when I heard it, it was a blood cry. I hadn't heard anything like it before, and then the sickening sound of bone snapping, then there was nothing. Something jumped out at me. "Letty!" Angel cried, and grabbed me, holding me close to him, after I had screamed at the sudden noise. Five ugly faced men came tords us, they where the ugliest things I had ever seen, I screamed again and Angel held me tighter. "It's okay Letty. I won't let them hurt you." He whispered gently in my ear. I cried gently. "Angel..." I whimpered and he held me close to him, just as the people with the weird faces came closer to us. When I thought there was no hope left, I saw one of them turn to dust, and a man stood there, no older then Angel was, he was struggling with the other one, and Angel went to help him. Someone put his or her hand over my mouth. I screamed, what else could I do? I was defenseless against this person, all I knew was that they where ganna kill me. I screamed again, and got Angel's attention. The person put their hand under my chin and off to the side. Showing Angel that if he came closer she would snap my neck. I had no doubt in me that the person very well could. "Just let her go, please." Angel said. The guy that looked funny came out of no where, and staked the person. I jumped at Angel, and he caught me. But there where more coming, we had nothing else to do but run.

The man told us of where we could stay, and we followed him. I not knowing it would cost me my life to learn out what I was going to become. In life I was Angel's dearly beloved, and knowing sister, in death, I was the most cruel and unkind demon anyone or anything had ever crossed, being the deadliest and the strongest of all vampires. Nothing could stop me, but Angel's death would do the trick, but that's later.

I walked into the big building the man called his home, it looked more like a library then a home. "Whoa." I said, it was echoed by Angel's exact words. "I have things you two will need to know now. Most are very sad, but they must be told, or everyone is lost." The man began. He then told the story of there only being one slayer in every generation with the skill and the strength to face the forces of darkness and she is the slayer. I was trembling. I never remembered crying so hard in me life, in Angel's arms I felt safe, and yet so saucier. I new now that his arms would still hold that loving shelter for me but not from these creatures that Eric Giles said that I must face now. I new I would most certainly die most likely trying.


Chapter 1

Later that night I ran from the place crying hysterically. It was day nothing could hurt me, Angel took off after me, saying he's sorry to Giles, and quickly went after me. He grabbed my arms and brought me to him. "I'm a monster, let me go!" I cried, trying to get away from him. "Stop this Letty! You're not a monster, you're my loving sister, who I love more then anything, now stop it!" Angel answered. I kept crying, but I went into his arms, he gently picked me up, and took me home. Angel walked into his room, and played me gently on his bed, and then snuggled up against me on the bed, pulling me close to him, and holding me tightly to him I loved being held by him, it alwayz felt so nice.

"Shh... we'll get threw this together, I won't let anything happen to you." Angel repeated it over and over almost like a song into my ear, to keep me calm. I always felt safe in his arms, and like nothing in the world could touch or harm me, I always would feel that way. Eternity. Some new they would die, others did not really care. But I knew I would live, and so would my brother. Gentle tears slipped on my face until I fell asleep, relaxing even more in his arms.

I woke up early in the morning, I got up, Angel still sound asleep. I walked down stairs to find the very thing I didn't want there. My suddenly must be doing slaying watcher. Mr. Eric Giles. I turned on my heels, but he grabbed me by the arm, and turned me around to face him. "We have training to do, since you missed school, you and your brother will come with me and train, then tonight you'll patrol." He told me sternly, and I could do nothing but comply.

"come, we don't have much time." Giles said to us, Angel had woken now and was going with us. I watched in amazement as Giles handed me a piece of wood, and expected me to snap it with just fingers, I did as he asked, and it snapped as if it where a pencil. I gasped and dropped the tiny pieces is fear. Pure fear, and nothing but. "good, now kicking training." Giles added, he got padded gear all put up for himself, and I kicked him in his stomach in his chest, I kicked his arm. Hard. When he tried to hit me. I was surprised by how use to this I became. It was strange, and frightening. But I got use to it. At least.

The End?

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