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I Remember

By "madkin"

Summary: Angel sees Buffy again.
Disclaimer: Joss owns all. No copyright infringement is intended.
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Gunn: What girlfriend sent you to hell?

Angel: Buffy

Gunn: oh. Why? Did you two get in a fight?

Angel: I turned evil and tried to bring hell on earth.

Gunn: oh

Fred: Ah. Guys someone wants to talk to you Angel, out in the lobby. She wouldn't say who she was.

Angel: Just send Buffy in.

Gunn: How do u know its her?

Angel: I can sense her, slayer wise.

Gunn: Ah-huh.

Gunn peeked out the window of the office.

Gunn: Man that girl is hot. Where'd you find her.

Angel: Don't say it Gunn. Come in.

Buffy: Angel.

Angel Buffy.

Gunn: Hem-hem. Excuse me.

Angel: What Gunn?

Buffy: Gunn, Fred.

Fred: Hi Buffy. Nothing Apocalyptic I hope.

Buffy: No. Just thought I would stop by, kinda like some people I know except I thought I would make my self known.

Fred: Oh. What do you mean? I mean no ones been to sunnydale for awhile. Right?

Gunn: I'm with Fred. What's up?

Angel: Why?

Buffy: I think you know why. I just wanted to say thank you even though I still... died.

Angel: You aren't allowed to know, what I did. You can't.

Buffy; I can and I do. But I didn't come to discus whether I know or not. I just wanted to thank you and say I'm sorry.

Fred: Excuse but what are you talking about. I mean I know you two have a past but isn't it all approved and stuff.

Gunn: Yeah, I mean you two couldn't so spill.

Angel: Your welcome. I'm sorry it didn't help.

Buffy: It did. Just not the way we'd hoped. So I should get going.

Angel: Wait. I want to know how.

Gunn: How what? What are you talking about?

Fred: Buffy what does he mean? Angel?

Buffy: It doesn't matter. I just do ok.

Angel: It matters to me. Buffy, please give me something.

Buffy: I just remembered ok.

Angel: Yeah. If you need anything just call, super natural or other wise. Please.

Buffy: I know. I mean I will. Bye Gunn. Fred.

Fred: Bye Buffy.

Gunn: Bye

Buffy left.

Gunn: What were you two talking about?

Angel: Nothing. What were you saying before Gunn.

Gunn: I was telling you how hot she was and that I would love to get my hands on...

Angel: Enough! Either talk or leave.

Gunn: Sorry man. Didn't know it was still a soar spot.

Fred: Please tell us what it was about.

Angel: I need to be alone.

Gunn: I think that's the famous "Buffy face".

Fred: You think?

The End?

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