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In the Dark

By Jessi Wright

Summary: Three months after graduation, Angel pays a visit to Buffy.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, good old Joss does, blah, blah, blah!
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Part 1

This story is set about three months after graduation, Buffy, Willow and Oz are all at collage. It's been a few weeks into the new semester and things have been quiet since the big show down. No sight and no word of Angel.

It was a hot afternoon and Buffy was wasting it away waiting for Willow to meet her at the coffee shop. She sat there injoying her icy cold fruit juice when she saw him. He was a tall medium sized guy with green eyes that seemed to sparkle, as if he had a secret. As he ran his hand through his sun streaked blonde hair he turned towards Buffy and smiled. She shyly gave her little half smile and looked away but not for too long, she looked back at him, still smiling and realised he was never smiling at her but at Cordelia who was sitting behind her! The georgous guy then noticed Buffy smiling at him and he awkwardly smiles back, as he walked over to the other side of the coffee shop and sat down. Buffy was so embarrassed she knew she had to get out of there, so she left some change for the drink and left, she walked briskly down the street and as she turned the corner she bumped into Willow and Oz.

'Where have you been? I just made a total idiot of my self' she remembered his eyes and her being so coy

'Weren't we meant to meet at 2?' Willow looked at her watch 'its 2 now'

'Yeah but your usually early. Um... lets not go to the coffee shop I don't want show my face there for a while.'

As they walked to the park she told them about her encounter at the coffee shop and they all had a laugh. As they reached the park and sat down there was a long silence as they all tried to think of what to talk about; finally Oz broke the silence.

'You know there's a new guy in town'

'Oh oh hes in one of my classes! Yeah his name is William... well Will, he's really nice'

'You talked to him' Oz had a confused look on his face

'Yeah... oh don't worry your way better that him' Oz smiled satisfied with the reply.

Willow continued 'he and his dad just moved here from Philidelphia because his mom died and they wanted a new beginning. His dad is working in some building, I think he said he was a lawyer.

'Boy when you said you talked, you really did talk!' Buffy smiled 'find out anything else?'

'Nope that's it I think'

'Will I'm kidding!'

'Oh. Well he's new and I was just being friendly'


Ten minutes later they were still chatting when the georgous guy from the coffee shop walked past. As he walked past he looked at the odd threesome talking and laughing, and he recognised one of them. 'Willow!'

'Oh hey will! How are you? How are you injoying Sundale? Seen anything interesting? Well not that there's anything interesting to see.'

'I'm fine thankyou. Sunnydale... well... what can I say its small but it has character!'

'Well I've never hear that one before' Oz stood up and extended his hand 'hey I'm Oz, nice to meet you'

'Oh you're the famous Oz, I've heard a lot about you from Willow, you're highly recommended!'

'Oh Will this is Buffy'

'Yeah we've already met' he smiled at her.

'You have? Buffy why didn't you say anything?' willow looked at her confused at why she didn't tell them before.

'Oh well it wasn't a proper introduction, you know the kind where you talk' she gave him a sarcastic smile.

Will looked at his watch 'oh I'm afraid its time to go, I have to help my dad unpack some things but ill see you guys around, it was nice meeting you'

He started to walk off but stopped and turned back around 'ah you guys wouldn't happen to know where the local library is do you?'

Buffy very shocked at the question replied 'yeah its down that street...' she pointed to the street '... and turn on your first right... you cant miss it'


'I'm sorry but... Why the library'

'Oh... um... one of my dads friends works there. Hey you guys might know him his name is Rupert Giles.'

Buffy froze 'yeah we know him but he doesn't work there.'

'Oh. Do you where he works?'

'He works at the local school library, but he wont be there now'

'Whys that?'

'Because schools finished for the day' Buffy gave a smug smile though Will missed it as he was in deep thought. 'Well thanks then... see ya' he started to walk off again but willow stopped him.


He turned around

'There's this place called the bronze, it's like the local hang out. Come round later tonite and we will meet up ok?'

'Thanks, that will be great' he turned one last time and left.


Part 2

Later that night at the bronze...

The gang were sitting around having a drink when Will walked in. As he got in ear shot Buffy called out to him.

'Will, hey Will over here!'

'Oh hi guys' he seemed distracted, as if he was looking for someone.

'Why don't you sit down, tell us about your self'

'Oh I'd love to Buffy but I'm meeting someone'

'Really anyone we know?'

'I doubt it'

'Well give us a chance you never know!'

He started to get annoyed 'no! Really I have to go. Um... nice to see you again guys.' And he walked off.

Xander then came back with the refills. Who was that guy, I've seen him around lately?'

'Oh that's Will he's in one of my classes, he's really nice. He and his dad jus...'

Buffy cut her off. 'I can't believe I just did that! Oh how humiliating!'

'Did what? Whatcha do?' Xander was munching on a handful of peanuts he had picked up from the bowl at the bar, he offered some to Buffy but she shook her head.

'No thanks. I just made a total fool of myself that's what!'

Well I wouldn't say a total fool' said Oz as he took some of Xanders peanuts. Buffy glared at him 'actually now that I think of it, it could have been close to total'

'Oh I knew it!... I'm gonna go, I've had enough of the dorky moment, anyway Giles is saying something about a new arrival, blah, blah, blah, that's going to change something or other and I have to stop them, you know... the usual.' She got up and started to go.

'I'll come if you need company'

'Thanks anyway willow but I think I'll go solo'

Later that night while Buffy was patrolling, she heard some noises in the bushes, she cautiously crept over to the bushes and took a stake out of her jacket pocket. Just then a vamp came flying over the bushes and fell to the ground, and then another. Buffy jumped into action, and soon after two piles of dust were blowing off into the wind. She was suspicious about what was on the other side of the bushes so she snuck through, but nothing was there. She walked around cautiously, when suddenly something bumped her, she spun around to see Will! But before he could see she threw her stake away, and as he spun around she noticed something in his hand that was very odd, it was a stick

'Will! What are you doing here? What's that in your hand, is that a stick?'

'Buffy, hi... um... yes it's a stick... I mean I heard something and so I... um... picked it up... For...um... for... to hit... to um... protect myself.' He hoped so badly that she would believe his poor excuses and go, she was weird but he didn't want her getting hurt.

'Oh. Well... um... Will this isn't the safest part of the um... town... so... um I think it best to... leave wouldn't you say' she hoped so badly that he would take her advice, he was weird but she didn't want him getting hurt!

At that moment two vamps jumped out of the bushes and both Buffy and Will jumped into action. After the vamps were dust, the two of them wide eyed turned and looked at each other. Will was the first to talk.

'So its you is it your her' he said with a smirk.

'What? W... what do you mean me? Who are you?

'I've heard a lot of stories about you... you're the famous slayer who doesn't know how to die!'


'Yeah you have a bit of a reputation with the watchers council'

'wh... what do you mean?' she was very confused and feeling a bit faint.

'You have done quite a few stunts to piss then off, they pretend to hate you but they don't fool me I can tell they are mighty glad to have you on their side!' he said with a big smile.

She sat down, still in shock, if Will was who he claimed he was then that must mean that...

'Faith' she whispered

'Yeah that crazy bitch finally died'

'No... you don't understand... she... oh god... she taught me things... I mean... true she did go a bit psycho but... Before she was my friend... we going to help her...' she trailed off and Will realised how much faith had meant to Buffy (before she went looney) he sat down next to her and held her.


Part 3

A couple of months later sparks started to fly between Buffy and Will and shortly after they started to date. Will had been accepted into the Scooby gang and became great friends with everyone. He and Buffy really connected, and why not they were the same weren't they? She told him everything except about angel she thought that better be not said, what would it matter anyway she was never going to see him again.

One night a strange dark man came back to Sunnydale. He was wearing black pants, a dark red silky shirt and a long black jacket. He was searching for something that he had come back for. It was her.

The strange dark man was wondering the streets in search, hoping she would be patrolling. As he walked past the park something caught his eye, he moved closer and then stiffened up. What he saw was her, but she was with someone else they were kissing and laughing and cuddling. It was all too much for him, but he was half expecting it, hoping it wouldn't happen. She was a beautiful girl who had a light in her that nothing could extinguish. He had left her telling her he would never return, but he has, he never meant to but how could he live without the one thing he loved, the one thing he cared for... he couldn't.

Just as he was about to turn and leave for good this time, a vamp jumped out at him taking him by surprise. Buffy and Will heard this and ran over. When they reached there, Will got the vamp while Buffy helped the dark man to his feet.

'Angel!, what are you doing here?' she was so surprised that she forgot about Will.

'I came back for y...'

'Will this is... um angel... angel this is Will' she cut him off quickly as she remembered Will

'Look I have to go the new day is coming...um... I have to get back to the mansion.' He turns and walked off quickly ignoring Will's goodbye.

The End?

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