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Welcome to the Angel's Secrets' Creative Works fanfiction archive, almost 150 "works" featuring characters from Angel and the Buffy-verse.

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Ratings: We feel that all of our stories are rated at most "PG-14," and are therefore suitable for those site visitors for whom Angel the Series is appropriate. However, if you feel something should be flagged as an "R" rating, please let us know.

Multiple Pages: You'll know when a story is more than one page long when Page 1 of _ appears (with the total number of pages) under the by-line. The Author Index also notes which stories have multiple pages. Links to subsequent pages are at the end of each page.

Series: The header information will specify if the story is part of a series. To read a series in order, start with the first story in the set as listed on the Series Index; links to sequels will appear at the end of each story in the set. However...

Ignore Talk of Other Sequels: Most of our fiction was written over ten years ago, so if there's no sequel currently linked, don't hold your breath when the Author's Notes mention continuing the story.

Typos: We edited a handful of things, but we don't have time to correct these hundreds of pages of stories, so - as with most fanfic - they're posted just as the author wrote them.

The End? If the story closes with The End? it means that the author either ended the story on a questioning note or simply started sending us a fic and didn't finish it. (Shame, shame on those authors who fall into the latter category).

Read & Review: If a story stands out to you as either very good or very bad, please let us know by sending the name of the fiction, the author, and your comments about the story. We'll post those comments on our Read & Review page so that other visitors will know which stories are a Must Read.

Acknowledgements & General Disclaimer

All the characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer are owned by Joss Whedon, Mutant Enemy, WB, and their crew. The authors here are Angel enthusiasts and are not using the Angel/Buffy characters to make any money. They are merely weaving their own ideas and plots with the Angel/Buffy characters.

While the Buffy characters belong to Joss et al. the stories themselves are the intellectual property of the authors and they do have legal recourse should someone use their work without their permission.

Finally, without the imaginative contributions of many wonderful authors, this archive - and this website - would be a fraction of its current size. I sincerely appreciate those who have allowed their work to be posted here.

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Our stories are also sorted by Author and by Series.

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