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Brother Dearest 3: Holidays Suck

By Jyll & Juls

Summary: Angelus, Buffy, Rory, and Shawn are all back from the hell that is Sunnydale. And it's Christmas. And Angelus hates Christmas.
Part of The Brother Dearest Series
Rating: Ooo...let's just say PG14, 'k? And, as with the other fics, light swearing. Aww hell, we all know that's a load of BS. More than light swearing. You be the judge.
Disclaimer: Ya'll know the drill. We don't own 'em, except of course the characters we made up.


Ding dong!

"Honey, can you get that?"

"Who the f*k is it?"

"Angelus, stop swearing in front of the babies!"

"They're asleep!"

"Do you think I care?!?!"

Angelus growled, but listened to his wife and went to answer the door. It was Christmas. He hated Christmas. What was the point? Little children running everywhere, charity Santa's ringing their stupid bells and standing by their little red pots filled with coins, and his wife, nagging him to answer the damn door when all he wanted was to sit down and read his book. Was it possible to hate the holidays anymore than he did? Highly unlikely.

Angelus reached the door and flung it open.

Standing before him were three of the nuttiest people in the world. Pamela, Jessica, and Jyll. Pamela and Jessica were arguing. Jyll was glaring at Angelus.

*Okay, so Jyll's finally reunited with them, wow*, Angelus thought when he saw the three of them.

Jessica was dressed in a a blood red bodice and a floor length clingy black skirt, her dark hair cascading down her back. Pamela was clad in in a black dress that resembled Morticia's from the Adams Family. Jyll showed up in a short red dress, very low neck line and a pair of thigh high black leather boots. Jyll was the only part of the trio that wasn't related; Pamela and Jessica were sisters. Jyll was a friend of Buffy's from high school in LA. Naturally she'd gotten into the violence part of life and hooked up with the two girls.

When Angelus got his voice he invited the three to come in. The house decor was nothing if not immaculate. The tree was decorated and in front of the window looking out over the park, little touches of Christmas that sickened Angelus we here and there; just enough to remind him of the holiday.

As if he needed reminding. The tree was heaping with presents, for eachother, friends, and the boys, all wrapped in intricate designs by department store for neither Buffy nor Angelus had the time to wrap. Most of Angelus' clients came in around the season so he was swamped with petty robberies and suits when he wanted more significant cases that dealt with homicide (his personal specialty). The holidays sickened him to the core of his non-existent soul, but he put up with it for his wife's benefit, going to parties, hosting parties, playing the upperclass gentlemen when all the while he was nauseated with all of the damn joy.

When it got too much he'd go to Dru's and get drunk, since torturing people was a big no-no by his wife's command.

Recovering quickly from his surprise, Angelus grinned and stepped aside, gesturing for the three of them to enter the MacLean home. This might be interesting, hell, at least it might make Christmas more bearable.

He brought a tray in with the usual drinks for Pamela and Jessica and asked Jyll what she wanted. He went to get that, he was going to kill his wife for letting the butler go for Christmas Eve and Day, because when Galen wasn't around, he took the role of father, husband, host, and butler.

Jyll stalked through the doorway and threw herself on the sofa. Angelus was pleased; it seemed as though she hated Christmas as much as he did. Jessica smiled sweetly at Angelus and walked into the apartment, sitting down gingerly on an easy-chair. Pamela chuckled slightly and joined her two crazed friends by entering the MacLean household. She pushed Jyll's feet off of the sofa and sat down.

"So, dearie, how've things been?" asked Pamela, although she really didn't care. Angelus was alright, but she'd take Angel any day.

"Aww, you know. Christmas. And Buffy. And the boys. That's about it," he answered, kicking the door shut and tossing himself on the sofa.

"Christmas is a wonderful time of year! I adore it!" announced Jyll. Surprised, Angelus raised an eyebrow and stared at her.

"Why the hell do you like Christmas?" he asked.

Jessica giggled. "Jyll's stoned. She fed off a crackhead."

"Huh? Jyll's not a vampire." Angelus knew damn well that Jyll wasn't. She walked in broad daylight. And she loved Christmas.

"Oh, she's not a vamp!" exclaimed Jessica.

"Yeah," Pamela put in, "She's just insane."

"But how does she bite people?"

Jessica shrugged and Pamela moved her head to the side. Clearly these girls weren't thinking straight.

"Pammy! Jess! Jyll!" Buffy walked in the room with a gurgling Shawn in her arms, very exited to see her three dear friends.

"Buffy!" exclaimed Jessica, as she and Pamela got up to hug her. Jyll took Shawn and sat back down on the couch, bouncing him on her knee. Pamela edged away from Jyll. Kids scared her, she didn't want them at all.

Angelus looked around the room at his friends, wife, and son. Maybe Christmas wouldn't be so bad after all.

The End

Alright my dears! That's our holiday fic! Short and sweet...okay, short and bitchy, same thing. Anyway, Merry Christmas everyone! Be nice to your family, ignore your parents, and have a great holiday season! We love you!
-Jyll and Juls

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