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A Gift

By Dreamer

Summary: Angel tries to make amends with Giles.
Part of The Half A Chance Series
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the BtVS characters. They belong to Joss Whedon, WB, etc. I do however own Harmony, she's not the one from the show, she's my Harmony so please don't use her without my permission. I'm not making any money, so please don't sue.
Author's Notes: This is the 3rd story in the Half a Chance Series.
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Special Thanks: I'd like to thank my beta-reader Kitty, and my good friend Katie, who can't look at a story without finding a grammatical error.


Giles walked into his office, rubbing the ridge of his nose with one hand, while a coffee cup hung listlessly from his other hand. He had been working himself ragged the last few days and was in the middle of putting in another full night. After he had finished his research on the Romani, he had begun researching anything he could think of to research. Despite his denials, Giles was having trouble seeing Angel and accepting him. Everytime he saw Angel, he thought of Jenny and he saw her lifelessly body on his bed. Her white pallor and the unnatural position of her neck. He was even worse since the Romani incident. He dove into his research trying to escape his thoughts and his memories. It was turning his once favorite past-time into something he no longer cared for. Even now that Harmony was back, and he had a direction in which to aim his efforts, it was no longer interesting to him.

He glanced over at his desk, as he filled his cup with fresh tea. The orb of Thessulah was sitting on it with a note. "Harmony probably thought I would find it interesting, so she left it," Giles thought blandly. He sighed. "To think that I would have been ecstatic about that only 2 months ago. Now I don't seem to find much joy in anything. Not without Jenny." He sighed again and walked over to his desk. He took a sip of tea, as he turned the note so he could read it. It read:

Dear Giles,

Thank you for everything you did for Buffy during the months I was ... gone. I know she needed you then, and I want to thank you for being there when I couldn't. She looks up to you and cares for you. I know you are important to her, even more so than the rest of us. I know that you don't blame me for Jenny's death, but I can see that when you look at me, you think of her. I feel responsible for what Angelus did and I want you to know that I would change what happened if I could. I know nothing can make-up for what happened, but I hope you will accept this gift. I had Harmony place a spell upon this Orb of Thessulah. It opens the orb to souls, so that they may come and go from the orb at will. You can call to souls by using the orb as a sort of microphone. The soul you're calling will hear you, although there is no guarantee that the soul will come. Souls can also come without being called, so you might want to be careful if any ghost move into town. I know this can never make-up for Jenny's death, but I hope you put it to good use. I think she's expecting your call.


Giles shakily set down his tea and sat down heavily in his chair, as he finished reading the letter. He looked wonderingly at the orb before him and carefully pulled to orb towards him. It sat in the midst of a plush pillow. He cradled the orb in his hands. "Jenny," he called tentatively.

Giles waited for what seemed like an eternity, before the orb filled with a warm yellow glow. "Jenny?" he asked wonderingly.

"Hello, Rupert," Jenny's voice shyly replied from the depths of the orb. Giles smiled through bright eyes as a tear rolled down his check.

The End

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