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Extra Help Needed

By Amy Mina

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Summary: Three girls show up to Sunnydale with the sole purpose of helping the slayer. With their mentor, Giles, and Mr. Upton, the girls and the slayer work together to save the world from the terror of another master's attack.
This is the first part of The Fems Series.
Disclaimer: Any characters that you recognize from Buffy belong to Joss Whedon, the Mutant Enemy company, and the WB. Strange characters that you have never heard of such as Amy, Beth, Angela, Mr. Kraus, Mr. Upton, and any others belong to themselves.
Dedication: I must dedicate this to everyone in the story. Without them, it wouldn't be so much fun to write. Thank you for taking this all with such good humor. I also need to thank Becca, Darryl and Alicia. (You know who you are!) Thanks for reading this and giving your opinions and ideas on it.



"I really hate tests. They're so pointless! I mean, later in life, why will I need to know about the war of 1812?"

The short blonde continued to complain to her friends all the way down the hallway. Angela couldn't help but laugh. Just watching everyone in a school when you didn't know who they were was interesting. Angela felt a tap on her shoulder, and turned to see her best friend, Beth.

"Are you ready to go? Amy's dying to check out the library and she refuses to leave us alone until we go."

"Oh, sure."

Amy came running up to her friends. "Come on, let's go. Angela, were you staring at the guys again?"


"Oh, she doesn't need a new man," said Beth. "She's got that man back in Barker."

"Scott now counts as a man?"

"Hey," said Angela, pretending to be offended.

"Oh, Amy, come on. You know you're just jealous because you can't have him."

"Oh, yes." She pretended to wipe away tears and then clutch at her heart. "I don't know how I'll live without him."

They all laughed. It was a running joke that Amy was after Scott, yet they all knew that it was not true. Amy had no romantic interests in Scott. They made quite a trio walking down the hallway. They were all about the same height with different shades of brown hair. Amy's was the darkest and Angela's was the lightest. They were all seniors this year and were glad to get ready to leave high school. Angela was the oldest; she was going to turn nineteen on the day of graduation. Amy was the youngest; she would still be seventeen. Beth was right in the middle. They were the best of friends and always had fun together.

"When do we have to meet Mr. Upton?" asked Amy.

"I don't know," said Beth. "You're the smart one, you're supposed to remember that."

Amy stuck her tongue out at Beth and Angela stepped into break up the feud between these two. "Mr. Upton is going to meet us after school is over in the library."

"See, someone was paying attention," said Amy. Beth opened her mouth to retort when Angela stepped in, again. "Look, there's the library."

"Do we have to go here?" asked Beth. Angela rolled her eyes. Although these two were best friends, they were always picking on each other and fighting.

As soon as they entered the library, Amy ran to the nearest bookshelf. Beth sighed, already sick of being there. Angela noticed the petite blond that had been complaining earlier sitting on the counter. Next to her was another petite girl with long, chestnut color hair. She seemed a little more reserved in her dressing style than her friends. Standing next to the second girl and leaning on the counter while reading a magazine was a young man. He was tall with dark hair. She turned red when she realized that they had noticed her staring at them.

"Hi," Angela managed to squeak out. She was normally somewhat shyer around people she didn't know.

"Hello," said the blonde. The brunette smiled at her and the young man ignored her altogether.

"Do you attend school here?" asked Angela. Of course, they attend school here, thought Angela to herself.

"Yeah, although you and your friends look new."

"Oh, we're just staying for a few days. One of our teachers, no, one of Amy's teachers wanted to bring some students to attend a conference with him. It's over early, and we plan to spend a few days here to see what other schools are like, you know. A change of pace."

"Where are you from?" asked the brunette.

"New York, near the lakes?"

"The lakes?" asked the blonde.

"The Great Lakes!" said the brunette, excitedly. "Which one do you live by?"

"We're about two miles from Lake Ontario." Angela saw her friends come over to her out of the corner of her eye.

"Does it snow?"

"Of course it snows, Willow," broke in the young man, never taking his eyes off the magazine.

"I've never seen snow."

"You're not missing much," said Amy. "It's cold and hard to drive in. You're lucky to live with no snow."

"Still, it would be nice to know what it looks like."

"What's all of your names?" asked the blonde.

"I'm Amy, and this is Beth and Angela."

"I'm Buffy, this is Willow and Xander. How much of Sunnydale have you guys seen?"

"Not much," said Beth. "Upton isn't much for taking us around the town to sight-see. He said maybe tomorrow, if we beg hard enough."

"How about we take you guys to the Bronze tonight?" asked Xander, suddenly jumping in. He laid his magazine on the counter.

"The Bronze?" said Amy.

"The local teen club. There's no drinking, lots of music, and plenty of guys," said Buffy. She watched as Amy turned bright red.

"We have to ask Mr. Upton first. The three guys he brought can be real boring sometimes."

"Don't invite them. Just you guys. Come on, what do ya say?"

"I say, we ask Mr. Upton before we get ourselves into trouble," Angela answered.

"Ask Mr. Upton what?" said the teacher, as he entered the library.

"If we can go to a club tonight," Amy replied.

Mr. Upton turned around so fast, Amy thought he was going to fall over. Buffy and Beth laughed at the look on his face.

"A club? What kind of club?"

"A teen club. Buffy offered for us to go with them tonight," said Amy.

"Really? Is there any adult I can talk to about this club?"

"You could talk to Giles," said Willow. "He's been there a few times."

"Mr. Giles? The librarian?"

Willow turned red, not sure what to say.

"I know who he is. I'll talk to him and get back to you three later."

He walked off and Beth laughed. "Amy, do you always do stuff like that to Mr. Upton?"

"No. I make fun of him more during class."

"No more than Tricia, I'm sure."

"Of course not, she always calls him evil."

"Where should we meet you guys tonight?" asked Buffy.

"We might not be going," said Angela. "Mr. Upton said he was going to talk to Mr. Giles."

"No worries. Giles will give a good report. How about, we meet you in the library around seven and we can all walk there together."

"We don't have anything to wear," said Angela.

"Just come in jeans, it's nothing formal."

"If it's okay with Upton, we'll be here," said Amy.

"Great. We need to go. See you guys tonight," said Buffy.

"Bye," said Willow and Xander simultaneously. They followed Buffy out of the library.

"They seemed nice," said Angela.

"That Buffy girl dressed really weird," said Beth.

"What did you think, Amy?"

"I think there's something weird about them."

"Amy, you're not bringing our mission into this again, are you?"

"Our job is to find the Slayer and make sure that she stays safe. We know something is going to happen soon, so we need to hurry."

"Why can't we just have fun for one night like normal teens?" asked Beth. "It's not our fault they chose us."

"Amy's right, Beth. We need to find the Slayer. If we don't, the world could be in danger. We weren't trained to fight and protect for nothing."

Beth sighed. "You two are taking this too seriously."

"We need to look and appear like three normal teens tonight," said Amy. "It is you perfect chance to keep our eyes and ears open to discover who she is and to become known and maybe trusted by the kids who attend school here."

"What if Mr. Upton or the guys don't agree? They don't know about our purpose of being here," said Angela.

"Remember one power we have? We can convince people to do our will by making them look into our eyes, as long as we are careful not to hurt them."

"That's dangerous. It doesn't work on everyone, and if we hold their gaze too long, we can do long term damage to their brain."

"We need to find out what these kids know, if they're connected with the Slayer in anyway."

"Amy," said Beth, "You need to relax. We will help the Slayer and her friends, and have a little fun in the process."

"But what about after our mission is done?" said Angela.

"We go home like nothing ever happened," was Amy's reply.

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