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Demonic Intentions

By Robyn

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Summary: After "Becoming," a new vampire rises.
Disclaimer: This story takes place two months after "Becoming" - I don't own any of the characters, etc etc...hope you like it! :)
Author's Notes: OK folks, I'll say this now, and I'll be saying it in all the little author's notes along the way: I'm not as morbid a person as this story might suggest - it's just a sort of fun story (minus the literal fun) that I actually never planned on writing. It was a joke to begin with, but then I decided to go with it, since there are millions of mushy "everyone wins in the end" stories, and I thought this would be a 'nice' change. I certainly would never EVER want this to truly happen to any of the BtVS cast (especially not precious Angel!!), so please PLEASE don't think I'm being morbidly serious!! And it may seem like your usual run-of-the-mill "Buffy becomes a vamp, Buffy's soul is returned, everyone happy" type story, but if you read on in further parts, it really really ain't... Any comments can be sent to Robyn at angelsbuffy(at)hotmail.com. :)


Part One

A veteran cop had entered the Sunnydale High School Library to survey the crime scene. "My God...what the hell happened here?!" Never, in all his 25 years of service to the police force, had he seen anything like it.

Several paramedics entered the room, scattered quickly, and placed blankets over each of the six bodies lying unceremoniously on the cool floor while more arrived wheeling gurneys in. The officer shook his head, somewhat speechless, as he walked cautiously amongst the victims, briefly examining the damage inflicted on each of them to establish the possible causes of death - one, a young male, looked severely bruised and cut. The prominent wound to his left temple appeared to spell his end; two other males, one young and one middle-aged had obviously died from blood loss due to the horrific slashes wildly evident in their throats; two females lay together, battered and bruised and on closer examination of one of them, the policeman had to immediately avert his eyes away from the sight of the wooden stake plunged deep into the young woman's heart; and finally, another young female lay crumpled and wide-eyed, her head lying in such a position as suggested a broken neck to be the cause of death.

"My God...I never..." murmured a man coming up behind the officer, still standing in shock. The policeman turned to face Principal Snyder, whose face had turned an interesting shade of white and green. Recovering slightly, Snyder, for once looking truly upset about the damage before him, spoke quietly to the officer. "These people...my students...my librarian! This has gone far enough..." Snyder shook his head. The officer placed a hand on Snyder's shoulder, and nodded.

"It's scenes like this that get me too, Mr Snyder, because the chances are that we'll never find the bastards responsible for such a brutal act..." Little did he know that the very people responsible lay not five metres from his feet...


Buffy crept stealthily up behind the vampire standing on guard a few metres distant of the Acathlan demon, before swinging the sword swiftly through the air, connecting it successfully with the vampire's neck, who quickly burst into ashes. Drusilla snapped her head angrily sideways to look in Buffy's direction, while Angel rolled his eyes and glared at the Slayer in annoyance.

"Hello, lover," said Buffy calmly, glaring back into her former lover's cold eyes. His reply matched his look.

"I don't have time for you."

"You don't have a lot of time left."

Angel sneered, amused. "You're comin' on kinda strong, don't you think? Do you really think you can take us all?"

Buffy flashed a little half-smile. "No. I don't."

Spike rose silently behind Angel and came crashing down on him with a crowbar, Drusilla looking on in surprise. Buffy, seeing Angel otherwise occupied, headed directly for Drusilla, but the other vampire on guard attacked her swiftly from behind, causing her to fall, spin, and attack. Xander rushed in to grab Giles, who sat uncomfortably tied to a chair in an adjacent room, and helped him move quickly out of the mansion. Xander glanced back briefly at the chaotic scene behind him, and said a quick, silent prayer for Buffy. His final sight was the somewhat confusing one of Spike attacking Angel...

Drusilla flew furiously at Spike as he paused to taunt Angel verbally, and the couple tumbled hard onto the floor. Scrambling to his feet, Spike blocked several punches in his direction, and delivered one of his own to Dru's mid-section. "I don't wanna hurt you, baby..." he said semi-lovingly, resulting in the angry vampiress grabbing his throat and slamming him into the wall. Spike slapped her arm off him and punched her viciously in the face, knocking her over. He shrugged. "Doesn't mean I won't..."

Meanwhile, Buffy had everything over her side under control. She knew only too well that it would only be a matter of time - very little time - before the unconscious form of Angel would awaken and attempt to remove the sword from Acathla. Blocking a series of punches, Buffy spun around and speedily kicked the vampire in the head. Knocking him to the ground, she swiftly whipped out a stake and slammed it home.

Spike ducked to avoid the fist coming towards him, and slammed his own hand into Drusilla's chest, knocking her back, but not causing her to lose her balance. She came flying back at him much sooner than he anticipated, slashing Spike's hand and cheek with her sharp nails in a move that resulted in him sailing across the room, and slamming painfully into Acathla. Wincing slightly, Spike shook his head to clear the circling stars, and grabbed the hilt of the sword protruding from Acathla's chest to regain his balance. A blinding white light flashed brilliantly from the sword's source, and the next thing Spike knew he was holding that very sword in his hand. Dru clapped her hands together gleefully.

"Ooh! Here he comes!" she said in a singsong voice, dancing on the spot. Buffy, having dusted the vamp, dashed over in horror. "Spike!! What do you think you're doing?!" she cried angrily, looking around desperately for the sword Kendra had brought with her. Spike stood in shock.

"Umm... I'm thinkin' that Angel's blood kinda runs in the family..." He glanced up at Acathla, whose mouth began to open, forming the vortex. "Uh-oh." Quick as lightening, Buffy raced over to the sword. The now-awake Angel rubbed his forehead, wincing, and slowly climbed to his feet, as Buffy returned to Spike's side, and without hesitation, thrust the sword directly through the horrified vampire's chest. "Well, 'ow' would be the word!" Spike hissed, gasping in pain. Drusilla shrieked in rage. "Spike!!" Before Buffy could do anything, Dru pushed Buffy aside to grab her beloved, and moments later, the flashing vortex closed, enveloping both Spike and his honey.

"No!" Angel growled loudly, furious. Buffy spun to face him, automatically adopting her fighting stance. "Damn it...that ritual can only be performed once every 200 years! That idiot Spike ruined it!" Angel turned to face Buffy, angry and annoyed. "But of course," he said, smiling evilly, "that doesn't mean you and I can't have some fun!" He lunged at Buffy, successfully knocking her off her feet. She regained her balance, and quickly came back with a powerful roundhouse kick of her own, which normally would've knocked Angel a few yards, but he was too fired up to take much of a beating. After a series of punches, kicks and tumbles, he had Buffy where he wanted her. Grabbing the dizzy Slayer by the arm, Angel swung her around with a strength Buffy had never known, and ran her straight into the stone wall, where she fell directly onto the floor, completely dazed and barely conscious. Angel laughed at her attempts to stand. "My poor lover. She's fallen and can't get up." Buffy sat, shivering and defeated, tears falling silently down her pale cheeks. She looked up into Angel's hardened eyes, searching vainly for any sign of the real Angel, but Buffy knew this was it. Deep down, she had thought about this moment, and that if it was ever to come, Angel was the one vampire Buffy wanted to be responsible for it. Her precious Angel. Shakily, Buffy used the wall to balance herself as she stood, but soon realised that standing only made things worse...and the last thing she saw was Angel reaching over quickly to catch her fall, before she blacked out.


Part Two

"I wonder what happened to them?" enquired Willow curiously as Oz wheeled her into the Sunnydale High Library, followed by Xander and Cordelia. Giles was seated at a chair by the table, looking tired, worn, and visibly concerned for his Slayer's safety. He looked up at the gang, hope flashing briefly across his countenance. But his eyes met nothing that resembled Buffy, and he returned to looking worried.

"Nothing, then?" asked Giles wearily. The Slayerettes had just returned from checking their favourite hangouts again, for the millionth time that week, to see if Buffy was there. Xander shook his head.

"No, nothing. Oz and I went and double checked the mansion again, though - did you notice the drops of blood on the ground in that little room behind where that demon guy stands, Giles?" asked Xander, blinking hard to keep his eyes open. It was very early in the morning, and having been out every night searching for the past week, he was beyond exhausted. Giles looked up, eyes wide.

"What blood? I thought I had searched everywhere...you don't suppose Buffy went back and..."

"Buffy went back and what?" enquired a familiar voice from the library entrance. Everyone turned to face its owner, and gasped in surprise at seeing the very subject of their conversation standing in the doorway, looking somewhat pale, but alive and well.

"Buffy!!" they all cried together, and raced over to give her a hug.

"Good grief, Buff!" exclaimed Xander, "You're freezing!! Not surprising..." he added, noting the light tank top she sported, "It's cold out there, ya know!" He rubbed his arms up and down Buffy's own to warm her up, but she dusted them off.

"Forget about it. I'm a tough girl, I can take it!" Buffy said smilingly, giving Xander a far-too-friendly wink. Cordy muttered something under her breath, and stood glaring silently at Buffy, while Oz and Willow remained perfectly oblivious to the over-friendly exchange.

"Buffy, thank goodness you're okay...we were really worried! Where...where did you go?" stammered Willow, almost angrily. Buffy shrugged and waved her hand in the air as if to wave off the question.

"Here and there, over and around, under and over. Ya know. Needed some time alone, what with Angel and all," replied Buffy airily, picking up a stray book and flicking absentmindedly through the pages. Willow was about to speak again, confused at her friend's tone, when Buffy, having glanced at the clock above the library door, announced her departure.

"Okay, you do realise that the sun rises in less than half an hour, right Buffy? Cos you may as well stay at school!" exclaimed Cordy, raising an eyebrow at the Slayer as a streak of panic sped swiftly over her features. Buffy shook her head vigorously and laughed.

"Funny thing, that. I've been expelled. And anyway, I need my beauty sleep. I'll see you guys sometime later. Bye!" and with that, she was gone before anyone could blink.

"Strange girl," murmured Giles, "Very strange..."

"Is it just me, or did anyone else notice a non-Buffy factor thing going on there?" asked Oz, confused. Willow nodded slowly, thinking.

"I agree. Something just isn't right."


"Hello, lover," said Buffy silkily as she wrapped her arms around Angel's waist, pulling him close. Angel smiled as Buffy forced him to come down to her level, and ravenously took his mouth with her own. After a lengthy kiss, the couple separated.

"So," began Angel, running a finger lightly up and down Buffy's arm, "how was everyone?" He brushed her hair away from the side of her neck and began to playfully nibble it, while Buffy pouted in reply to his question.

"All alive. But I guess that just makes things a bit more challenging, right? And with Spike and Drusilla out of the way, we can really have some fun..." she said, gasping slightly as Angel bit gently into her neck. He chuckled, swept Buffy up off the ground, and headed with her towards the bedchamber.

"That we shall, my love. That we shall."


Part Three

Joyce Summers sighed heavily as she walked tiredly into the lounge, carrying a sandwich on a plate and a glass of cold orange juice. It had been about a week since Buffy had left the house after their fight, and the longer Buffy stayed away, the more concerned Joyce became. "Mom, I'm a vampire Slayer". Joyce shook her head gently, trying to sort the jumbled thoughts in her mind into some recognisable pattern. Even though Rupert Giles had tried to explain everything about Buffy's duty to her, she was still somewhat confused. And with Buffy gone...Joyce sighed again and sat down on the sofa, placing the plate and glass quietly on a nearby coffee table. It was then that she noticed the sheet of paper lying silently on that very table, displaying what Joyce knew to be Buffy's handwriting. Snapping the note up nervously, she began to read. A look of slight confusion and dissatisfaction, but also relief, crept over her weary features.

A knock on the front door forced Joyce to stir from her comfy position on the couch, and on investigating the knock, she found herself looking at Willow, Oz, Cordelia and Xander, all of which looked slightly tired and anxious.

"Hi, Mrs Summers - we were looking for Buffy. Is she home?" asked Willow as cheerfully as she could, but her happy facade collapsed as Joyce shook her head.

"No, she isn't. Buffy hasn't been home all week, not since... well, you know. But I did just find a note she left me, saying that she was sorry, but she had things to do, and would be home this evening shortly after sunset."

"Oh ok, well, we'll... we'll come back then! Thanks Mrs Summers, we'll see you later!" said Willow, again chirpy at hearing of Buffy's return home. Joyce smiled.

"My pleasure, Willow! I'll tell her you intend to drop by when she gets home." The gang smiled and waved, and headed back down the path, somewhat cheerier at the news that Buffy would be home.


"Mom!! I'm home!!" Buffy yelled, banging loudly on the door. Joyce bounded down the stairs and opened the door. "Good heavens, Buffy!! A bit louder and Australia would be sending the sound police!" Joyce teased, half-jokingly. "Well, come on in! I don't know why you didn't just use your key..." muttered Joyce, as she ushered her daughter in and headed back upstairs. "I'll be back down in a minute. Go and fix yourself something to eat - you look awfully pale, Buffy!" Buffy just smiled, opening the front door again briefly while Joyce dabbled about upstairs. Moments later, Joyce came back down and headed towards the kitchen. "I would like to know why you didn't...Oh!!" Joyce gasped in momentary fright as she encountered a tall figure on the way. Buffy giggled.

"Oh mom... you remember Angel, don't you? The guy that..."

"...you were going to kill, last I heard. Buffy, what is going on?" Joyce demanded angrily, hating not knowing what on earth was happening. Buffy crossed the room and walked past her mother into the kitchen.

"Things change. Angel is okay now. Or, should I say, I'm okay now. Say, mom, are we ready to eat?" Buffy opened the fridge nonchalantly, screwed up her nose at the contents, and pushed the door shut again. Joyce sighed.

"Yes, I had fixed myself something. What would you and your...umm...boyfriend like? Oh, and by the way, Willow and..." Her sentence was cut short as Buffy interrupted, stepping casually towards her mother as Angel came up from behind.

"Actually, mom, I think Angel and I would like...you." Buffy sneered deviously. Her mother was far from impressed.

"Buffy, what are you talking about? Stop this nonsense right now, and...hey!" Joyce slapped Angel's hand away from her shoulder. "Get your hands off me!" She spun around to say more on the subject to the offender, and yelped as her eyes met a somewhat different face to the one previously seen. "What on earth...?" Joyce turned back to Buffy for an explanation, but received nothing but a devilish smile. Buffy snarled and morphed into her vampire visage. Joyce screamed.

"Dinner is served, my love!" she said, snickering, and wrenched her horrified mother towards her, biting down hard on the precious vain down the side of her neck, while Angel took his share from the other side.


"Hey, where is everyone?" whispered Cordy quietly, grasping Xander's arm tightly as they followed Willow and Oz through Buffy's house. Willow shrugged.

"I dunno, but something isn't right," replied Willow anxiously, "I think Buffy's spider sense has rubbed off on me. Something is way not right here."

"Let's try the kitchen," suggested Oz, glancing briefly behind them to acknowledge the silent nods, and the group proceeded towards their destination. Xander swallowed hard, took a deep breath, and pushed the swinging door to the kitchen open to enter, followed by the rest of the gang. The first sight his eyes met was that of a vamped out Buffy seated on the bench moaning quietly as she and Angel exchanged fervent kisses. Immediately sensing the group's arrival, Buffy pulled away and looked up at the astonished eyes of her former friends. Willow squeaked an "Oh my..." before fainting dead away, while the rest stood wide-eyed and speechless in complete shock.

"Why look, it's the Slayerettes, come to visit their neighbourhood Slayer. How sweet," said Buffy dryly, rolling her eyes. "As much as I love...err...hate you guys, you are interrupting a tender moment, so if you would just leave before I have to kill you, that would be...well, that would be kinda not fun, but a girl's gotta have time alone with her lover, ya know?" she added, shooting disdainful glares at the wide-eyed group still standing in the doorway. Angel, annoyed, snarled viciously at the group and made to move in their direction, but was stopped by Buffy's hand. "No, Angel. Later," she said firmly. Angel growled, and stepped back. Xander shook his head vigorously to right his senses, helped Oz pick Willow up, and moved the foursome faster than they had ever moved before out of Buffy's house.

Once out on the street, while Oz attempted to revive Willow, Cordy held tightly onto a Xander, pale-faced and visibly freaked out.

"Did you see? Did you see her, Xander? Dead...Buffy..." stammered Cordelia, nervously glancing behind them. An extremely horrified and despairing Xander pulled her close.

"Yeah, Cordy, I saw Buffy," he replied sadly, closing his eyes in an attempt to block out all thoughts. Cordy shook her head and pulled away slightly.

"No! Not Buffy...God, Buffy..." she mumbled, the realisation of what she really did see hitting her. She sighed quietly, and continued, "but did you see? Did you see her mom?!" Cordy cried. Xander's eyes shot open.

"What? Mrs Summers? She was there?"

"Yes! On the floor, beside the bench. You were so busy looking at Buffy and Angel... she was lying on the floor, blood... and... stuff... holes in her neck... just lying there..." Cordy shuddered, and began sobbing uncontrollably. Xander pulled her to him again, and blinked hard, trying desperately to make sense of all that had just occurred. *What on earth are we gonna do?? No Slayer...no...no Buffy...* Tears fell freely as all that had just occurred built up in his mind. So, Buffy and Angel had killed Joyce. Who would be next? Xander looked over at Willow, who was now awake and standing, and crying loudly into Oz's shoulder. He sighed, wiping his cheeks with the back of his hand. There was only one person he could think of at that moment who he needed to talk to about this tragic turn of events.

"We have to get to the library and see Giles," Xander instructed, his voice hoarse, "And ya know, I get the feeling that he...he's not gonna like this."

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