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The Closest Thing to Home

Jessica Boland: jgirl519(at)hotmail.com
Jyll: VANMUS(at)aol.com

Summary: While traveling, Buffy and Angel meet a man who works in television.
Spoilers: Nada. Nothing. Just know that everything happened up until "The Prom", then it veers off into my world.
Disclaimer: The Evil One owns them. We don't. Yup, The Evil One (aka Joss)and his allies own the characters. Williamsburg, Virginia owns itself.
Rating: PG
Content Warning: FINALLY! Happy, fluffy fic! I'm over my "Grad Day 1&2" depression, and now ready to create my own happy universe, free of Joss. Which means...no badness!!!! Maybe a little sensuality and light profanity.
Author's Notes: How could we forget the most important thing!? ANGEL IS HUMAN. Don't ask us how (yet). If you really like the story and send some nice feedback we may just write a prequel describing just how our favorite vampire re-acquired his humanity. This story is based on my (horrid) vacation experiences there this summer.- Jessica



She couldn't believe they had come this far. It wasn't so long ago that she was pretending to avoid him, and now here she was, on a plane in broad daylight flying over the United States.

After Angel's brief period of shock after getting his humanity back, he had decided he wanted to start over again. And for him that meant traveling back in time 200 years to when he had been human. At least as much as he could at the moment. Since going back to Galway, Ireland, the land of his birth was out of the question since he lacked the documents necessary to obtain a passport, Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia would be the next best thing.

Buffy hated history. But she loved Angel, so for him she was willing to relive a little bit of America's history. Giles, ever the history-buff, had agreed to accompany them, much to the delight of Joyce Summers. So that was how Angel, Buffy, and Giles were now on their way to Virginia. Leaning over in her seat, Buffy kissed Angel lightly on the cheek, before laying her head on his shoulder to take a quick nap herself. They still had 2 hours till they would land.

Buffy dozed for about twenty minutes, until she was awoken by someone moving slightly. Lifting her head, she turned and met Angel's burning gaze.

"Hey," she whispered, kissing him lightly on the nose.

"Hey yourself"

Buffy groaned and pulled herself into a sitting position. She had been on the plane for too damn long, and her back was killing her.

Angel slipped his arm around her shoulders, and she snuggled against him immediatly.

The plane rocked a bit, and Angel jumped, clutching the arm of his seat tightly.

Buffy, noticing how tense he was, bit back a smile. "Honey, relax!'

Angel coughed nervously. He had never been in a plane before. He had been born in an era that believed that birds were the ones to fly, people were the ones to walk.

He was about to say something when the man in the seat next to Buffy (she had insisted that Angel have the window) turned to talk to her.

"I don't believe we've met before," he said. His voice was steady, calm, and cool. He sounded like a suave, polite gentlemen. But the look in his eyes was anything but.

He had a look in them, like he could do anything, go anywhere, and be anything he wanted. It wasn't confidence, it was insanity. This man was insane. Angel had known enough crazy people, hell he had made enough crazy people to recognoze their symptoms.

"Er...hello" he said. "I'm Angel McLean, and this is Buffy Summers."

The man smiled. "It's nice to meet you. I'm Joss Whedon. Is this your girlfriend?" he asked, jerking his head a tBuffy.

Angel nodded. "Yeah."

"You two are so cute! Perfect for my new tv series!"

Buffy raised an eyebrow. "You've got a series?"

Joss nodded. "Yeah, but we're still casting. It's called 'Muffy, the Umpire Slayer'. I hate umpires, they make me nervous. It will be about a girl named Muffy, who is chosen by the Bureau of Englishmen to slay the evil umpires."

Angel and Buffy nodded politely.

Buffy opened her mouth to say something, but stopped. Joss had pulled out his laptop and seemed to be busily writing away, most likely the script for his show.

So Buffy was a bit startled when Whedon took out a bong and got stoned. Rolling her eyes and leaning back against Angel, she muttered a profanity and went to sleep.


Chapter 1

Buffy sipped her coke slowly, taking in her surroundings. They were at a small pub in Williamsburg having dinner. As if she could eat anything after what had happened.

They had arrived at their hotel and checked in, Giles going in one room, Buffy and Angel in another. After unpacking (and a quickie for Buffy and Angel), Giles and the happy couple met down in the lobby and decided to go out for dinner.

The moment they had entered the pub, trouble arose.

A man, an ugly one at that (he resembled a fish) grabbed Buffy's ass. Angel had started to sit down in the booth, but he saw.

Angel jumped up and slammed the man against the wall. Nobody messed with his girl and lived to tell about it.

A woman, dressed in a leather bustier and velvet pants, (she was obviously a hooker) jumped up too and helped Giles pull Angel off of the man.

"Riley!" she shrieked. "Behave! You're gay, remember? Fags don't hit on women!"

The fish-boy, Riley, snarled. "Shut-up Kate! Go blow the bartender!"

Kate, who was a ho, sighed. "Did that last nigh-". Kate was interrupted by a bouncer who came in and threw her out the door, along with fish-boy, who fell face first in the mud. "Assholes!" he muttered under his breath, "Always 'givin STD's to the customers". The bouncer walked off, murmuring something about whores and fish.

"Are you alright?" asked Angel, very concerned for the well-being of Buffy. She smiled. "I'm perfectly fine."

Angel frowned and sat down and took a bite of his spahgetti. Giles sighed and sat down as well. Buffy rolled her eyes and took a water bottle out of her purse. She squirted a bit of the liquid into her drink and put the bottle back inside her purse.

"Cola too strong?" asked Angel. Buffy shook her head and handed him the water bottle. Angel opened it and sniffed it. "Buffy! This is vodka!" he exclaimed, shocked that his seemingly innocent girlfriend appeared to be an alcoholic.

As if she was reading his mind, Buffy giggled and took the bottle back. "Relax, baby. It's just for shits and giggles, nothing more."

Angel frowned, but was secretly pleased. At least he didn't have to worry about corrupting her. With that in mind, Angel slid his hand up her leg. Buffy gave him the "I-want-you-now-so-let's-go-find-a-broom-closet" look.

"Back in a second Giles. We left the car unlocked," said Angel as they stood up and walked toward the restrooms.

"We took a taxi," said Giles, although now it was to himself. They were nowhere to be seen and wouldn't be, Giles guessed, for another 15 minutes. Rupert Giles closed his eyes and leaned into the back of the booth. What a visit this was turning out to be.

The End?

All right, people. I thought that we should let you readers know the truth about Joss and his writing. If it sucks, then blame me, not Jessica. And the ice cream. That's the only other thing to blame. Damn ice cream. Oh yeah, all the painkillers I'm on too. I broke my wrist in 4 places so I'm on a lot of anti-biotics. ~Jyll~

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