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The Change

By ras

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Summary: A romantic version of Evil Angel, written before viewing Innocence.
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Willow, Xander, Giles, Ms. Calendar, or any of the characters contained in this story. These characters are the copyright of Joss Whedon, the WB, and mutant enemy. No infringement is intended. Don't sue.
Author's Notes: This story is a romantic version of Angel=evil. It was written before viewing Innocence so any similarities are completely coincidental. For all of you who need to have a spoiler it has a happy ending.
Thanks: I would like to thank my friends Holly and Hacker for helping me write this story. I would also like to thank the Support group for proofreading for me.


Scene 1

Deep below the surface in the dark layer of Spike and Druscilla, Dalton sat pouring over an ancient spell book. Dalton was the resident vampire expert in translation. Shaking his head with frustration he said, "No! This just isn't right!"

What do you mean it isn't right? The book is right, you're the idiot! Spike stormed.

Druscilla rose in her cream colored satin dress and approached her beloved demon. "Shh," she said, placing her hand to his face, it's in there. Evilly, she grinned, 'he is coming home for dinner."

"Wait!" Dalton proclaimed. "I've got it!"

"Well, don't just sit there. Read it, you moron!" Spike yelled.

"Tebum laminis rosoco. The spell to break all spells." Dalton's eyes grew wide with anticipation. "An inferno of his love, and that which flows through him, shall restore him that once was to true power and evil."

"Yes!!!" Druscilla was growing more excited.

"What in the bloody hell does that mean?" Spike was not impressed.

Druscilla understood, though. "We have to burn something, something that was his that represents his goodness due to his love. And his blood, we need his blood. Then we can change him."

"Something good Angel did out of love? Like what, luv?" Spike asked in his wonderful Liverpool accent.

"The Slayer," Druscilla said. "Something that represents his love for the slayer."

"Damon, Sonya." Spike clapped his hands. "Go find the slayer. Take something that looks like it might have belonged to Angel. Do you understand?" The two vampires nodded, running off to follow their evil instructions. "In the mean time, I'll go get some blood, from Angel," Spike said with a grin.


Scene 2

Buffy had been through a rough day. First their was the fight with her mother that morning, then the run in with Principal Snyder, and the scolding from Giles about not taking her duties seriously. Nothing new to a teenage slayer attempting to lead three lives. Right now she just wanted to kick some vampire behind to alleviate some of that stress. Then her thoughts turned to Angel. She knew that he could make her feel better even after the worst day. She leaned on a grave and stared at the claddagh ring that Angel had given her as a symbol of their love. She twirled it round her finger smiling.

Just then Buffy realized that she was not alone. Two vampires were watching her. They attempted to sneak up behind her, but Buffy grabbed a stake and swung around, kicking one of the vampires. The other vampire kicked her to the ground. Buffy jumped to her feet as both vampires came at her. "I wanted them to show up???" Buffy quickly thought to herself. She punched one vampire and as was about to move onto the second when he grabbed at her arm and pinned it behind her back. While she was attempting to fight him off, the other vampire came at her again. Struggling to break free from the other vampire while still keeping the second at bay, Damon managed to slide the ring off of her finger. With this both vampires just ran off.

"What the heck?" Buffy thought. "They stole my ring?" Buffy attempted to chase after them, but quickly lost them. Buffy loved that ring, it meant so much to her and to Angel. "How am I ever going to explain this? Angel will be crushed when I tell him I've lost the ring." She was now very ticked. Buffy decided to check a few more key vamp hang outs and head for home. She was tired.


Scene 3

Angel was doing a little patrolling of his own. He was walking around the back of the Bronze checking for some of his former buds. There didn't seem to be much activity. He wondered where Buffy was hunting tonight, if there was much going on there, if she was okay. Thinking about going to look for her, Angel glanced at his ring, just like the one he had given Buffy. He was so happy to be wearing it with the heart pointed towards him, meaning that he belonged to Buffy. That's all he wanted in life, to belong to Buffy.

Spike watched Angel from a distance. Unlike his underlings, Spike was good at not getting noticed until he wanted to be. "What is he doing?" Spike thought to himself. Spike looked a little closer and realized what Angel had on his hand. "Oh that's brilliant that is." Spike said to himself, realizing that he had the perfect object needed for the spell. He was going to take the ring and Angel's blood, all in one swipe.

Now it was time to show himself. Spike walked up from behind, just allowing Angel to hear him. Angel froze, not wanting to give away the fact that he knew there was a vampire behind him. When the vamp got just close enough, Angel spun around to take a swing.

"Angelus,' Spike yelled reaching out his arm and grabbing the fist coming at him. "Sorry I can't stay in chat, buddy, but you have something I need."

Spike wasted no time fighting. He dug his fingernails into Angel's hand and pulled the ring off as blood spurted from the hand. Grabbing a cloth, Spike got a little of the blood and wrapped the ring in it. "Thanks, man. See ya around." Spike joked as he ran off.

Angel was too confused to know what to think of any of that. He looked down at his aching hand. It was bleeding pretty bad. He'd have to go back home and bandage it up. He held the mangled hand with his other as he headed back to his loft.


Scene 4

Back in the dark underworld Spike returned to his Druscilla grinning from ear to ear. "I brought something for you, honey," Spike said as he showed her the ring wrapped in the cloth stained with Angel's blood.

"Oh, you are a good daddy," Dru said in her normal insane voice.

Spike plopped down next to Dru on their bed. She leaned over towards him and whispered, "What do you think is the first thing we should do when he comes back to us?"

"Kill the slayer and the whole damn town. Well take all of Sunnydale to hell with us," Spike said with a smile.

"Can we have a party?" Druscilla asked. "I like parties."

"Of course my dear. You shall have the biggest, most grand party ever. With dancing. Would you like that, luv?" Spike suggested. She nodded and kissed him.

Damon and Sonya returned successful from their venture. Intruding in on the scene, Damon handed Spike the ring. Spike looked it over. "Well, well, look at this. I'd say we have a matching set."

Dru bounced on the bed, "Oh what fun! We're going to have a party! Let's make the fire."

Dalton entered the room with the spell book. Spike laid Buffy's ring in the cloth with Angel's and placed them both on the floor. He took a box of matches out of a drawer, Struck the match, and dropped it onto the cloth, causing it to instantly burst into flames.

"Repeat what I say," Dalton said. "Tebum laminis rosoco. We burn the good. We burn the love. We restore the evilness to power, to what he once was once. Tebum laminis rosoco." They all chanted the words, growing more and more excited with each word.

"That's it then? He's evil now?" Spike couldn't believe the simplicity of it.

"It should be working right now," Dalton responded.

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