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Brother Dearest

By sugar7999 (a.k.a. Jyll)

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Summary: Several years after "Becoming," everyone is back to - and beyond - normal.
This is the first part of The Brother Dearest Series
Disclaimer: All the characters belong to the WB, mutant enemy, whatever. Except the ones I made up. Don't sue unless you want to get a bottle of hairgel and a magazine subscription.
Author's Notes: Please ask before you use the story. Oh yeah, this is after Becoming, Angel is back from hell, and he's mortal.
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Part 1

Willow Rosenburg sighed. It had been three years since Buffy had ran away. She missed her friend. At the moment Oz, herself, Joyce, Angel, Xander, Cordelia and Giles were in Chicago, sitting in cafe. Joyce was art buying. The scoobey-gang had decided to tag along.

Angel had been sent back from hell because he had a soul, and as a "sorry for the mistake" gift, he had been given mortality. Giles and Joyce had been married for a little over a year.

At that moment, Willow looked up from her tea and saw a most surprising thing.

Right in front of her was a woman that looked like Drusilla, but was dressed differently than Dru would normally dress. Besides, it was broad daylight. The Dru look-alike was wearing jeans and a halter top, plus a really cool pair of wire-rimmed sunglasses.

"Dru?" Willow asked uncertainly. The woman smiled and walked over.

"Willow, so nice to see you again" she said pleasantly. But Drusilla didn't sound insane, although she still had her British accent.

Everyone looked up, dumbfounded to see their moral enemy smiling at them. Drusilla laughed. "Please, do relax. Spike and I were given our mortality back,'tis lovely indeed" she said.

That was a bit of a shocker. There was silence. Then Dru spoke up.

"Mrs. Summers, you wouldn't per chance be interested in seeing your daughter again, would you?" she asked.

Angel looked up anxiously. He was still in love with Buffy, he missed her so much. The slayerettes, Joyce and Giles had all assumed that she probably lived in a dingy little hole-in-the-wall, probably waitressing to earn her living.

Drusilla saw Angel's face, she saw the love and excitement in his eyes.

"Calm down, Angel. A lot has happened in the past three years. Things haved changed".

"Now then," Drusilla said briskly. "Come along. Buffy's home isn't far from here." With that said Drusilla picked up her latte mocha and began walking. The others anxiously followed.

The group walked for about a block, then Drusilla stopped in front of a large, marble building. It looked very expensive and probably cost a small fortune to rent an apartment from it.

Drusilla strode up the steps, followed by Buffy's anxious "family". She walked to the doorman. "They're with me, Robert." Dru said, motioning to the seven people behind her.

Stepping into an elevator, Dru pushed the button that said 13, the apparently the top floor.

When the elevator stopped, they all stepped out into the hallway. The walls were a hunter-green shade, the floor was snow- white.

Dru stopped in front of a door with #180 written on it. She pulled out a ring of keys and motioned for them to step inside. Then she turned and went across the hall, probably to her own home.

Giles noticed how beautifully decorated the place was. White carpeting, cream-colored walls, white and black furniture. The room had art-work in it, too. Sculptures and paintings, mainly. Not to mention a lovely grand-piano.

"Rodney! You idiot! Do you realize that you just put me back an entire week? You're fired!" Everyone looked up and saw a very pissed off Buffy throw a black telephone onto the receiving-piece.

"Buffy?" whispered Joyce. Buffy looked up. Clad in a black blazer and a short black skirt, with her hair pulled back into a loose french braid, Buffy looked very professional.

"Hey, guys" said Buffy, giving everyone a once over."I'd stay and chat, but I gotta book."

"Buffy Summers I am your mother and you will make-" Joyce was cut off by her daughter. "Mom, remember what happened the last time you said that?" Joyce decided to shut up.

The door opened and a man stepped into the room. The man looked absolutely identical to Angel, in fact for a moment everyone thought it was Angel.

Buffy spoke first. "Angelus, thank God you're home. I need to go down to the office, some idiot totally screwed up the accounts. I'll be back in about forty-five minutes". said Buffy, walking up to Angelus, giving him a quick kiss and rushing out the door.

Angelus looked at everyone and smiled. "For the first time in my life, I don't know what to say. But you guys are lucky I'm in a good mood, so I'll be nice. Please, sit down" he said.

"Why?" asked Xander. "Did you poison the sofa's?" Angelus smiled. "Why don 'cha find out, Harris."

"What are you doing here?" asked Giles.

"Come on, Watcher. I live here." was the reply

"You live with my daughter?" asked Joyce. "Are you sleeping together?"

"Well Joyce, lets see." Angelus began. "We've been married a little over two years, you do the math."


Part 2

Angel's jaw dropped.*Buffy, married? And to Angelus, of all people.* Finally the slayer's dumbfounded ex-boyfriend found his voice.

"Excuse me?" he asked uncertainly.

Angelus loved the rise he was getting out of everyone, especially the hurt look on his look-alike's face.

"And how long has this been going on?" asked Joyce. She had fire in her eyes. She had come to adore Angel. She would have loved to see him with Buffy. But now her daughter was with a horrid, wretched man. The man who had teased her, who had made her poor little girl cry herself to sleep every night, for fun.

"Mrs.Summers, I know what you're thinking" Angelus began. "But Buffy's not your little girl anymore. She's an adult, capable of making her own decisions. You need to realize and except that."

There was silence for a few moments. But Willow, the wonderful, understanding Willow, decided to give the guy a chance.

"So, Angelus," she began, laughing nervously. "You're here. A-and you're not a demon cause, well, here you are in a not-demon way. Umm, why?"

Angelus cleared his throat roughly. "To be honest, I don't really understand it myself. All I know is that they took the demon, me, and put me in a mortal body. So pretty much I'm my good 'ol self all dolled up like DeadBoy over there, 'cept without the bloodlust. And my wife made me give up the torture thing. Brings new meaning to the term 'taming your boyfriend', eh?" At the mention of Buffy, Angelus smiled, obviously remembering something.

Joyce spoke. "Well then, I can see that you two seem to be doing well. What exactly do you do?" she asked.

Everyone looked anxiously at Angelus, curious to hear of the couple's professions.

"Buffy is an interior decorator, she's actually becoming quite famous for her work. And I'm an attorney." said Angelus.

Xander laughed. "You? You, of all people, are in a profession that deals with justice?" he asked. Angelus smiled ruefully. "Believe me, no one's more surprised than me."

"Well, what are your plans for the future?" asked Joyce finally. She knew that she would just have to accept her daughter's choices. She didn't approve of them, and she was very angry with Buffy, but over the years she had learned that acceptance is key.

Angelus looked up, surprised. "Excuse me for a moment, will you?" without waiting for an answer he got up and went into a room, closing the door behind him.

"Can you say, 'heroin addict'?" asked Xander. Angel smacked him upside the head.

Two minutes later, Angelus emerged from the room. Tucked into each arm was a baby, obviously identical twins. They both had chocolate brown eyes and sandy blond hair. Everyone, especially Joyce, gasped.

"These are our two sons, Shawn and Rory." he said, carefully handing one baby to Joyce and the other to Angel.

"Kids?" whispered Angel, shocked. He glanced down at the small child in his arms. It was perfect. Golden skin, dark eyes, light hair, a perfect combination of Buffy and Angelus.

Angel was jealous. This horrible demon had stolen his body and his girlfriend. He should have been the one Buffy came home to every night. These should have been his children. He should have been the one who comforted Buffy. It should have been him who woke up to see Buffy in the morning. He should have been the one allowed to kiss her, to hold her, to smell her hair. But no. His evil twin gotten to her first.

Angel handed the baby over to Willow, who was eager to hold it. Joyce held the twin that she had tightly, memorizing every detail of her grandchild's face.

"Mrs. Summers, you're holding Rory. Willow, you've got Shawn." said Angelus, sitting back down.

"How old?" asked the new grandmother.

"They'll be six-months old, soon. They were born on November 3rd." was the response.

Joyce felt rather bad. Even if she hadn't known where her daughter was, she still felt bad about missing the birth of her grandchildren, whom she loved very much now,even though she had only just met them.

Silently, as if in unison, everyone forgave Buffy for leaving in their minds. She had left, but she had not been wasting away. She had gotten married and had kids, without them in her life, but now she had a purpose other than being the chosen one.

At that moment, Buffy, the vampire slayer, the interior decorator, the wife, the mother, walked in the room.


Part 3

Buffy shut the door, making sure that the three large locks were clamped tightly.

She walked over to a large ebony desk and set her briefcase down.

Angelus came up to her and kissed her lightly on the lips. He loved the rise he was getting out of Angel. He could have sworn that he saw smoke coming out his brother's ears.

Buffy smiled up at her husband, and then walked over to the couch. Wordlessly she took her now cranky son out of her mother's arms. No sooner had Buffy picked up the baby then he stopped fussing and cooed.

Handing Rory over to Angelus she went into the kitchen to prepare a bottle, not really wanting to be in the same room as the ex-slayerettes.

"I guess Buff's not exactly in the mood to speak to you guys." said Angelus, a sneer on his face.

Angel was infuriated. This had to be some crazy dream. Buffy was ignoring him and regarding Angelus as, well, a person!

Buffy emerged from the kitchen right then, with two bottles. She handed one to Willow.

She took Rory from Angelus and sat down in a large armchair, cradling her son softly as he had his bottle.

Joyce cleared her throat nervously. "So, honey, how have you been?"

"Fine." answered Buffy tightly. She hadn't really realized how upset she still was with her mother. It was something about being in the same room with the woman that aggravated her to her very soul.

Cordelia gave Buffy a once-over, noting Buffy's perfectly ironed outfit, her smooth, shining hair, and her flawless skin. The Slayer hadn't changed a bit. Although she would never admit it, Buffy had always looked perfect.

"Y'know, I hear that you get all, like fat after you have kids and all, but hey, you look fine" said Cordelia. That was about as close to a compliment as she got.

"Thanks, I think."

Giles was tempted, very tempted, to ask Buffy if she'd kept up with her slaying. But he knew that this was neither the time nor the place.

Abruptly, Buffy looked up. She knew that this was stupid, sitting here, moping and pouting.

She stood up and handed Rory over to Angelus.

"Mom? Can you please join me in my study in about five minutes?" asked Buffy. Without waiting for an answer she turned and went into a hallway.

"I guess she's giving you another shot" said Angelus, rather surprised. He didn't know that Buffy had the ability to cool down so easily.


Part 4

Joyce glanced at the walls in her daughter's office. It was a lovely room. Broad oak doors, hunter green carpeting, a mahogany desk, two cedar cabinets, and on top of all that it was perfectly organized and very tidy. The mother of the slayer was seated in a teakwood chair, there were two of them in front of Buffy's desk. Buffy sat behind the desk. She glanced up from the sketch she had been going over. Putting down her pencil, Buffy looked up at Joyce expectantly, knowing that the woman whom she called mom would want to start their little chat.

Buffy was tired that evening, and she wasn't in the mood to fight. Hell, she was always in the mood to fight, lets just say that tonight she was to tired to fight. So she had decided to act appropriately and maturely, even though she was really pissed at her mother and wanted to scream and yell at her. Joyce looked at Buffy.

"Well, it seems as though you've been busy, what with those kids and all."

Buffy smiled, this time a true smile. She loved talking about her two babies. "Yeah, I really have been. They're so tiring, but its always worth it to see those cute baby smiles.

The ice had been broken. Buffy and her mother began chatting like two old friends, about children, work, and life in general. Inside, Joyce was beaming. Buffy had grown up. She was mature, controlled, polite, and intelligent. Her daughter had changed immensley, but for the better.

Their conversation turned over to the subject of Buffy's life, running away, and slaying. Joyce feared for the worst. If she knew her daughter as well as she thought, Buffy would probably get defensive, upset, and most likely to the point of screaming.

But apparently Joyce didn't know her little girl as well as she thought. Buffy spoke calmly of her life as the slayer. She was apologetic and sorry that she had ran away.

Without any warning at all, a question that Joyce had been trying to suppress but couldn't burst out of her mouth in a jumble of words.

"Why Angelus? Why not Angel? I thought you loved Angel! Is Angelus just a replacement for him?"

Mrs. Summers put a hand over her mouth and gasped. She could not belive that she had just said that. Quickly her she scanned her eyes over Buffy's desk, in search of anything sharp that her daughter might have within reach. Her eyes rested on a silver medal opener. Shit. If she had pissed Buffy off as much as she thought she just had, Joyce knew damn well that that letter opener would somehow find its way into her heart. Buffy's office had a solid oak door. Nobody would be able to hear her scream. Shit.

Buffy's face hardened. She loved Angelus with all of her heart and soul. Angel had been great. So caring, thoughtful, sensitive, and kind. Angelus was all of those things, but he would never admit to it. He also had a mean streak. Buffy and Angelus's relationship was very much like that of the way Spike and Dru's used to be, except of course Buffy wasn't insane, Angelus wasn't British, and they didn't torture kittens on Saturday nights for fun. Angelus was ruthless, determined, and very stubborn. But when it came to her, he was an entirely different man. She wouldn't trade Angelus for Angel any day.

"Mother, darling, although this is absolutely none of your damn business, I'll enlighten you. I adore Angelus, and, as hard this must be for you to grasp, because I know how much you adore Angel, it's over between him and I. I love Angelus, my Angelus. Not Angel.

Joyce sighed heavily. She didn't care what Buffy said. Angelus was an imposter. Angel should have rightfully been her daughter's husband.

Buffy noticed her mother's distress.

"Look, Mom, if you like him so much why don't *you* go out with him?"

Joyce knew she had lost the argument. Briskly she stood up.

"Mom, will you please send Oz and Willow in here?"

Joyce nodded and left the room.


Willow, Xander, Oz, Cordelia, and Giles had all gone into the office. All of them were very surprised at the newfound maturity in the slayer. Buffy had talked to Xander, Willow, and Oz as her own self, not the phony she had been with Giles, Joyce, and Cordelia.

Rupert Giles stepped out of the office. He sat back down on the couch.

"Angel, Buffy will see you in five minutes," he said, leaning against the cushions.

Angel tried to hide his optimism. Finally, it would be his turn. He needed to find out for himself if Buffy still had feelings for him. This would be his chance.

Angelus was nervous. Horrid thoughts ran through his mind, all involving Buffy, Angel, sex, and a Xerox machine. What if Buffy divorced him for Angel? He could not live without *his* Buffy, he was certain. He loved her more than he loved himself. She loved him for who he was, a monster. She was the perfect woman, and she belonged to him. Angelus was very possessive, he even got jealous when Buffy smiled at the doorman. He would go crazy if someone else got to call Buffy their "girl" or "wife". She was his, and his only. Shawn started to whimper. Immediately Angelus abandoned his unpleasant thoughts and focused his attention on his son.

Everyone's thoughts were interrupted by the clicking sounds of bolts being unfastened and the front door opening.

"My damn wife sent me 'ove 'ere 'ta make sure you behave 'ya self, though I doubt my presence will make a bloody difference," said a heavily accented British voice.

Xander turned around. Spike. His second mortal enemy. Angelus was his first. Wait, no, scratch that. Spike was his third mortal enemy. Oz had stolen his Doritos's on the plane and Xander was still pissed at him.

"'Lo ducks!"

"William, go home! I'm having fun!" said Angelus.

"Yes, I'm sure you were," said Spike, ignoring the glare he got from Angelus as he picked up Shawn and started playing with him.

Angelus was giving his peroxide blond friend a look that would scare the living hell out of Medusa. He had been trying to get his son to sleep. Now the kid would probably be up all night, and that would make Buffy mad. And she would blame her husband. And he would have to sleep on the couch that night, and not with his beautiful wife.

Willow raised her eyebrows. Spike? Playing with a baby? Keeping the peace? Was she dreaming? And why in God's name wasn't he trying to rip her throat out?

Angel glanced at his watch. Five minutes had gone by. He stood up and walked into the office.

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