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Angel of Mine

By Buffy
(Buffy's POV)

Angel of Mine
oh, how our love grows stronger with each day
The days grow shorter
And days seem like hours
As I sit here in your arms, and listen to you talk
A lylaby to me
I feel so safe
Like a baby in their mother's arms
Why can't you see
Angel of Mine
That we are ment to be
Every thing has something
To do with us
About us
With us
Can't you see
Angel of Mine
You can't let me go
You fear it most
I know you know
If you let go
I'll never be yours again
Because the pain is to great
The pain is too strong
Don't give up on us
We're fighters
Everyday we see one another
Everyday we touch, kiss, hold one another
I feel like I'm floating on air
Like this endless world has meaning, finally
It has a meaning!
A meaning of love!
Angel of Mine
Can't you see
You and I
We're ment to be
You get ride of me now
And I'll never come back
I ran away once,
When I thought I lost you
I came back, to a lonely heart
I found a boy, a nice one you see
I didn't love him
I thought of you every minute of every day
I thought of you then, I think of you know
Angel of Mine
Can't you see
You are mine, and I am yours
You and I we're ment to be
Push me out of your life
And I'll never come back
Once I waited for you
Now I wait again
Angel of Mine
Please come home
My arms are here, and opened for you
Angel of Mine
I love you so
Don't leave my heart
In the open
For people to yell at
And scare it away
Turning it to stone is the best
It won't hurt then
You could kick it around
Pock at it
It won't hurt, will it?
Yes I still feel that
As my heart is torn to bits
I feel my life is burnt before me
Everything I was torn to pieces and
Let to fly in the air
Like a bird with wings flying away
Angel of Mine
Don't leave it there
You pick the pieces up
Put them together
My heart beats again
Because it responds to yours
Angel of Mine


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