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Amti Island

By Starswirl M.

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Summary: The gang investigates mysterious happenings on an island.
Disclaimer: Characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer aren't mine (darn... hehehe) they belong to Joss Whedon (He rules!) and Mutant Enemy, etc.
Author's Notes: This NOT a spoiler thing to don't worry. I'm just as eager to see an un-spoiled season finale just as you (or not). For space sake I made this into 3 parts to that Chrystal doesn't have to sit at her computer waiting for a while to load this. Enjoy! ^-^
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Part 1

"Please, I... I'm very sorry, please let me go." The helpless girl begged as she was escaping from her captor.

She enter a dim-lit room, there she saw 7 flying chairs. 6 of them were taken by coloured light shapes, and one was empty. The girl screamed as the empty chair moved closer. There was a bright flash; the girl was no more.


RRRRRRING!!! Buffy groaned and slammed her fist on her alarm clock. Then she went back to sleep. Moments later, a voice heard too many times shouted,

"Buffy!! I heard that alarm clock. Now wake up!" It was Joyce. Buffy dragged herself out of bed and crawled into the shower. It was the first week of her summer holidays and Giles had sent her to patrol on an island for the summer.

"What? That's how you want me to spend my summer?!? Please, please, please don't make me go!" Buffy begged.

"Buffy, you know your duties as a slayer... It might do you some good to see and face new demons that are out of Sunnydale. So when time comes you will know how to face them... without me." Giles said firmly.

Reluctantly, she negotiated the terms of her wasting her summer.

"Can I have any type of food I feel like?"

"Of course"

"Do I have my own little beach house?"

"Actually yes there's an abandoned one there."

"Can I not report in every hour?"

"Every day and emergencies."

"Does the house have a pool?"

"Yes, yes, yes"

"Can Angel come with me?" Buffy subtly asked.

"Yes" Giles blindly said. "Uh... You tricked me! Buffy you know you can't..."

"Nothing's going to happen. And besides you said I could." Buffy pouted.

"Oh... that's not going to work on me... it isn't!" Giles gave.

When she first heard of it she thought it was weird name for a small green island off the coast of California. But the island for the whole summer without worries, except for the demon residence. Besides Angel was coming. Buffy was now set to go.


Meanwhile... "DING DONG!!!" rang the doorbell.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm coming." Willow ran downstairs to get the door. "Hi! Come on in Oz. The meeting's upstairs. We were just talking about the surprises for Buff."

The doorbell rang again just as they started up the stairs. It was Cordelia.

"Cordelia! Josh! Um Hi!" Willow said in surprise of Cordy and her current boyfriend Josh.

Through recent events, Josh came to be a part of the group. He was the new kid of Sunnydale High and had always moved around for being expelled. He was different from most people. Ever since he could remember, he had always had the power to read minds and manipulate matter. By his powers, he was always one of the "In" crowd. One eventful night, Josh stumbled upon the gang as vampires went in to attack the gang in the library. There were 10 vampires and each one was armed. Without thinking about the consequences, Josh used his power to fight them, as the gang watched in awe. Ever since then, he was a part of the gang.

"It's okay, I invited her and him." Giles appeared behind her.

"Okay, well come on in." Willow unenthusiastically greeted her.

Upstairs, Giles, Willow, Xander, Cordelia, Oz and Josh planned the surprise vacation for Buffy.

"We got her to go. Check Well time for Step 2." Said Willow.

"Which is...?" Said Josh.

"Well going there. I planned a cake and party hats and well Angel was suppose to surprise her too. But he's there already. I hope he doesn't give it away." Explained Willow.

They planned surprise and game for Buffy and was ready to go there a week after.


Buffy and Angel arrived at the island just after sunset. They stood amazed at the beach house that stood in front of them. The silvery and soft sand of the beach led them to it. It was almost castle-like with a beautiful glass arches and an intricate rose garden. There was a front porch that had a wooden swing-chair, lovely vine gates and beautiful French doors. The peaceful moonlight reflected the soft milky colour of the house. They couldn't wait to get inside.

The inside was more ravishing. Once they turned on the lights, a large gorgeous crystal chandelier greeted them as the white marble floor and staircase beckoned them to go upstairs. It didn't seem like a beach house, it was more like a mansion. Off to the sides were halls that led to a state-of-the-art kitchen, exquisite dinning hall, guestrooms, bathrooms, a dancing hall, the garden and a enormous pool, and a 20-piece living room with silk-covered sofas, stained glass tables and an antique fireplace. The 2nd level was a combination of bathrooms, another lovely living room, a huge library, bedrooms and a rec. room.

"Well this is certainly a treat!" Angel said as he unpacked his bag, which was mostly filled with blood units and some clothes.

"Yeah. Wow! Who would have thought something like this would be abandoned?" Said Buffy.

"It's abandoned?" Said Angel.

"Yeah, Giles said that, when I was making a deal for things an person I wanted to come with me." Buffy said.

Angel grinned and innocently said "I'm a person you wanted to come?"

"You're here aren't you?" She grinned.

"Well... yeah." As Angel leaned over and kissed her.

After a while... and I mean a while. Angel finally, yet reluctantly changed the subject. "So... What do you want for dinner?"

"I don't wanna cook. And besides do you really want to try what I make. I mean the last time I tried to make scrambled eggs... well that's the point now is it."

"I didn't say that you had to cook, I would." Said Angel.

"Aww you would really do that for me?... Okay I want a salad, some soup, um..." She listed on.

Surprised at the list of foods that Buffy had listed he thought it would take forever to make. But then again he wanted to impress her and this vacation trip for Buffy would have been the ultimate time to do so. "You just sit tight and I'll make dinner."

After Dinner in the living room...

"Whee!" Buffy jumped onto the couch literally.

"Aren't well a little hyper tonight." Angel cracked.

"Well it's just that this place... It's like a dream vacation."

"Why did Giles send you onto this island?" Angel started.

"I truly don't know. All he said was that there were some major bad guys here and that I was pretty much suppose to 'meet and face new demons' as he put it. Nothing new" Buffy answered.

"It's kinda strange don't you think." Angel said trying to test what she knew about the surprise they had planned for her.

"I guess. But a whole summer away from all the worries and... whoa I'm starting to like it here. But I can't help but to feel guilty about not inviting Will and Xander. Except for the fact that I kinda can't, because of the demon factor. Hey by the way, maybe I should just scout around this place, I mean it is new territory and all." She said.

"Buffy, it's your first night. Relax. You can go tomorrow. Hey how about a nice game of..." He searched under the coffee table for the neatly stacked pile of games. "'Pretty, Pretty Princess'?... okay no, 'Rainbow Land'...hmm.. 'Candy Land'...um no 'hungry hungry hippos'... now where can I get some normal non-kiddy board games?" Angel said as he picked up the game boards.

"I'll settle for Pretty, Pretty Princess." Buffy half-joked.

Angel raised an eyebrow at her. "Princess it is"

For the next 2 hours or so they played "Pretty, Pretty Princess"

"I wanted that pearl necklace." Buffy said.

"Na na na na na. I've got it you don't." Angel teased immaturely.

"Well at least I got the ruby jewel crown" Buffy made a comeback.

"That's 'cause you cheated" Angel said.

"So... I know. But that's only because you let me."

"True." Angel broke into laughter.


"Look at us. We're playing an ages 5 and up game that involves gaining jewelry"

They both had a good laugh.

"Whoa look at the time..." Buffy yawned. "Maybe I should get to sleep." She started up the stairs. "You coming up soon?" Buffy asked as she saw Angel not moving from the couch.

"Yeah. I'll be up in a while." Angel answered.

He waited till Buffy disappeared up the stairs, then he went towards the kitchen to get his midnight snack-bag.


At Xander's house...

"It's gonna be so fun! I can believe my parents actually let me go!" Willow exclaimed.

"Yeah it's gonna be great! I just wish Cordelia wasn't going." Said Xander.

"I know. But it has been a while and I still think she's still..."

"Don't even mention it."

"Mention what?" Oz walked in.

"Hey Oz! Xander was just...commenting on Giles' invitees." Said Willow cautiously.

"Cordelia and Josh?" Said Oz

"Yeah, what's with that. Cordelia and Josh!" Xander said mockingly.

"I'm sensing bitterness." Josh entered.

"Oh hey Josh, we weren't just talking about you." Willow jumped in.

"It's okay. I know about you and Cordelia. Remember..." He pointed to his head reminding them of his psychic powers.

A small ding interrupted the icy silence.

"That's the oven... Oz wanna come with me to get that?" Willow dragged Oz out of the room.


On Amti Island...

"No! No! Angel!" Buffy woke up.

"Buffy?!? What is it?" Angel rushed into her room.

"Angel?" Buffy hugged him hard.

"Yes I'm here. What's wrong?" He said in confusion.

"I-I-I had this dream. You were being hunted by something or someone, I couldn't see who or what it was. It was dark and-and..." Buffy swallowed hard. "You..."

"It's okay, it's okay. I'm here now. It's okay" He comforted her.

Tears sprang from her eyes "I couldn't stop it. I couldn't stop it."

"Shhh, it was just a dream. A nightmare. Shhh"

"But it was just so real..." She trailed off.

"It's okay. Shhh..." He tried comforting her. See her crying pained him like pins sticking into his stomach.


"What was that about Will?" Oz asked as he helped her with taking the muffins out of the oven.

"Well you know about Cordy and Josh and Xander. Xander of course still loves her and I think she does too. But they're just too proud to admit it to each other." Willow answered.

"I guess they'll have to work it out on their own."

"That's just it. They won't."

"How about was help them?" Oz suggested.

"I want to. I mean I owe her that much but how?"

"I know..." Oz whispered his plan to her.

"That's great. Now we can fix their relationship while surprising Buff!" Willow cheered. "Wait, but what about Josh? I mean he's been with us for a while and I don't want to hurt his feelings."

"Well that's the beauty of the plan, Cordelia is the one to decide." Oz said.

"But what makes you think that Cordy would not just choose Josh and then our plan would be ruined."

"Experience proves me right." Oz indicated her.

Willow smiled as Oz kissed her.

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