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Having spent *much* time looking at our fanfiction while applying the new layout, I feel compelled to share my thoughts on some of our collection.


I especially like the stories by Amy, Blu, Cryptic, Dreamer and Eliz. I like the way they write the characters, I like that their style isn't too dark, and I like that they finish their stories.

If I had to pick a favorite story, it would be Extra Help Needed. It may be a little cheezy (e.g. see the end of Chapter 1) but overall it's original (the author introduces three new characters), consistent, and fun.


I don't care for the stories written by "Jyll & Juls." I admire their enthusiasm - and I respect an author's creative license - but the characters they've presented are so far removed from what we saw on the shows that I find them off-putting.

I also don't care for the stories written by "madkin." They start with a good concept, but the concept is not developed at all, leaving me asking, "What was the point?"

Comments by Anne, the Angel's Secrets webmistress

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