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I would like to thank BellaDonna who transcribed this article on the pb.


Ellen Gray: Philadelphia Daily News

Will somebody please throw David Boreanaz a chesesteak?

Because until BtVS' favorite undead guy gets he chance to put the bite on some red meat on a roll, he'll apparently be just a bit too distracted to drop more than a hint or two about this season's storylines, much less his spin-off series, "Angel," scheduled to launch on the WB in the fall of 1999.

I recently caught up with Boreanaz at a WB party (that's Hollywood-speak for backing the poor guy up against the bar and sticking a Sony mini-cassette in his face) and found the whole experience less than informative.

Not that Boreanaz, 28, isn't still the friendly, well-brought-up son of WPVI (Channel 6) weatherguy Dave Roberts and his wife, Patti. He'll happily make small talk about his parents (they'll be out to see him in October, they're "very excited" about "Angel") and he'll ask permission before blowing cigarette smoke in your face. (For a state with such tough emission laws, California sure has a lot of smokers.)

But just try to ask him about the things that teen-age girls- and OK, some fortysomething women- are dying to know, like:

Does last season's finale, in which the fallen Angel seemed to undergo some metaphysical transformation, mean he'll be a nice guy again this year?

"I don't know," he said, grinning (a little maniacally). "Maybe. I might be nice, I might be bad, I might be crazy. I'm coming back from hell, so I'm a little messed up."

So's his hair, which still sports the spikes that distinguished bad Angel from good Angel. Could that be a hint?

"Maybe I'll keep it for a while. Maybe I'll chop it off. Maybe I'll do the real Yul Brynner."

Maybe he's pulling my leg.

What Boreanaz, a Malvern Prep grad, really wants to talk about, it quickly becomes clear, is food Specifically cheesesteaks. Seems someone sent him one of those Philly care packages awhile back, where the meat's kept separate from the roll till you're ready to assemble it (the roll, he assured me, is the most important ingredient), and now he's craving another.

"Unbelievable," he said.

Told that if I put that in the paper, he might get more cheesy care packages than he could handle, he claimed not to care.

"Send cheesesteaks," he begged.

(So there it is, folks. Do what you like, but please don't call me for his address. He seems like a nice guy, but I refuse to be his enabler.)

Boreanaz won't be the only Philly boy on "Buffy" this year.

Overbrook Park's Seth Green, 24, whose recurring role last season as a werewolf named Oz has now turned into a full-time gig, doesn't seem to know any more about the coming season than Boreanaz, other than what he found out filming the first episode, in which his genius character discloses that he'll have to repeat his senior year, having failed to attend enough classes to graduate.

Asked about working with Boreanaz, Green, too, changes the subject to food, joking, "We always debate which is better, Upper Darby or Bryn Mawr, Pat's or Jim's, who's got the better steaks. We get into a lot of fights."

Does he know how Boreanaz's character will be written out of "Buffy" at the end of the season?

"I'm pretty much not information guy," Green said laughing.

Information guy is "Buffy" creator Joss Whedon, and he's not telling much, either.

"Angel will still be a major figure in this year's "Buffy", he said.

"Whether or not he's good or bad is an issue. His relationship with Buffy will not be any simpler than it's been," Whedon said.

Redeeming Angel, who committed some horrific murders last season, "is going to be a big issue," he said. "And it's going to be a different issue for every character...They're growing older and they're growing apart in ways. The Angel issue's so divisive."

Maybe they can settle their differences over cheesesteaks.

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