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**Site of the Month Review

Site of the Month November 2000
Winner: Angel's Secrets
Owner: Chrystal
Award Graphic done by: Rebecca

Fight the Flames with Love is giving out Site of the Month awards. The awards are in two parts. One is the normal award going to the site we deem best site of the month, according to the criteria below. The second half is the award itself, which will be new and original for each month and will be the best of the submitted graphics.

The award will go to wonderful sites in the community, that help to make the community what it is. Sites that make the BtVS/A:tS a loving, caring, *community* and not just a bunch of sites. They will be judged on four aspects. Dedication (updates, etc), Attitude/Love (love of the show, visitors, kind, etc.), Community Spirit (promote it), and Quality (features, grpahics, pictures, creativity).

The Review of the November Winner done by Maggi


How often is it updated? Quite a lot actually, about an average of 1 every 3-4 days which is a pretty great ratio, in my opinion anyway.

How long has it been around? January 15, 1998


Do they (the site owner(s)) love the show? Yes, it seems that they are very dedicated to Angel, though I'm not certain about Buffy since it is an Angel site...

Are they friendly? Very, nothing she says is offensive. Chrystal's site reflects a lot of work and respect for the show and its fans.

Do they watch out for people? As far as I can see yes. There are repeated NC-17 warnings and disclaimers in the Creative Works page. There is spoiler space where needed. Though I was a bit upset not to find any anti-flaming signs in Creative Works. Flaming is evil and pretty much what this entire site has been set up to prevent. So any site owners reading this-we advise you to add anti-flaming rules. It scores big brownie points with me.


Do they join clubs/guilds/awards/mailing lists? There is no mention of this posted on the site but that's not to say the site's definitely not involved in the above mentioned.

Creative things for the visitor? On Angel's Secrets you'll find a message board and chat complete with a section listing "who's online" so you know who's there to talk to, "Creative Works" fanfiction section, and my personal favorites- nice short episode reviews that can tell you the facts make you smile and yet don't keep you reading for ten pages with a minute by minute re-play of the entire show.


Are there good features? Well since I've already mentioned a few above I won't repeat them but there are a few more I can add to the list. "Angel's Notes" and "Angel's News" which are the updates and spoilers pages. The sign and view guestbook page that almost every site has as well as a links page and photo gallery.

Does it look nice? I love the layout- the first black and white picture of David and scrawling white lettering creates the dark broody look we all know suits Angel so well. Upon entering the site the black background and lettering are the same although the color has been changed to a dark pink. The names of different links within the site in rows on either side of a delectable picture of David in his classic black on black with black accessories is perfect for a site of it's nature.

Is it creative/unique in some way? I don't know if I can answer this in a comprehensive way. I mean it stands out to me which is why I decided on it, but there is nothing completely belonging to the site that no one else has. The layout and graphics are pretty original from what I've seen in sites so far but it's more the way the site as a whole comes across to me than something that is totally it's own.

Does it have good pictures/graphics? Any picture of Angel is a good picture but these fit with the site better than most. They are not overdone or thrown in haphazardly. There is a main graphic used in all the pages of the site, which is a lattice with roses on the edge adorning the right of the computer screen. In the gallery the Lattice is the same color pink as the roses on a dark chocolate brown background which makes the green stems stand out and looks in my opinion absolutely beautiful. Every where else the background is white, as is the lattice (behind the lattice itself is black so it is still visible) with the roses pink and stems green. It's still a pretty graphic but it has less affect this way. Also the banner for other sites to use as a link is beautiful.

Does it not take forever and a day to load? It didn't for me. This is difficult to answer because in most cases it depends on the computer, time of day etc. There isn't anything on the site that takes more time to download than other things though.

Writers comments: This may not be the best BtVS site on the web right now, but it is very deserving on this award. The constant updates though out the two years show a dedication that few people have. The site reflects work and creativity. Nothing is stolen or without a disclaimer which shows respect to others in the BtVS community. Angel's Secrets has a dark brooding beauty in look but is really light hearted and fun when you read some of the fanfiction and reviews and other things by Chrystal.

My last comment (I swear!): SpikesPet2_AT_buffymail.com- there you have my e-mail address. If you have an actual question or want me to look at your site for a following month type away. Questions, comments or need to bitch about flamers or that annoying kid at your school I'm all ears, and ready to spread the love, that this site has been built upon.

Also if you feel the urge to flame someone about my choices flame me- it will be promptly deleted after I laugh my ass off at it and write Dreamer so she can laugh equally as hard. Though we hate flames- we'd rather take them ourselves than have you flaming site owners. We have the confidence to laugh 'im off.

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