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November 7, 1998

AOLiveMC1: Let's give a big AOL welcome to David Boreanaz!
DvdBoreanz: Hi, good to be here with all my AOL fans.
AOLiveMC1: Here's the first question of the evening for David....
Question: Hey David! I was wondering if we are going to see Buffy and Angel back
Question: together this season?
DvdBoreanz: Oh, can't answer that!
DvdBoreanz: You have to stay tuned for that,
DvdBoreanz: I don't want to give anything away.
DvdBoreanz: I will say that they
DvdBoreanz: will come to a meeting place
DvdBoreanz: once again.
Question: Did you really have to buy Ingrid an outfit evertime you kissed Sarah on
Question: TV????
DvdBoreanz: Yeah, that's the agreement!
DvdBoreanz: That's more or less it.
Question: David, will Spike and Dru be returning any time soon.
DvdBoreanz: Spike actually just did an episode
DvdBoreanz: that won't be on for another month.
DvdBoreanz: Dru will probably be back
DvdBoreanz: for the season finale.
Question: Hey Mr. Boreanaz. This is Liz from Philly. I just wanted to say that
Question: everyone in Philly is so proud to say that you're from here. Do you ever miss
Question: the Tastykakes and (of course!) the Cheesesteaks? :o)
DvdBoreanz: Yeah, I miss it all the time!
DvdBoreanz: The cheesesteaks, the Tastykakes, the people.
DvdBoreanz: Philadelphia has a special place in my heart.
Question: When is the next time we're gonna be able to get your autograph, here in
Question: Chicago?
Michelle & Christina
DvdBoreanz: I was just actually at the Levi's store
DvdBoreanz: I was just there doing autographs.
Question: what is the most embarassing prank a fellow cast member has ever played
Question: on you?
DvdBoreanz: I never really had one played on me...
DvdBoreanz: I usually partake in them.
DvdBoreanz: Nothing really to speak of.
Question: Dear David: Me and my friends love you .We wanted to know if you
Question: can send us a autographed pic of you.Also i wanted to know how you got in show
Question: bizz.Thank you CutieCMK
DvdBoreanz: At a young age.
DvdBoreanz: I was always around the theatre in NYC...
DvdBoreanz: it kinda grew on me as I grew older.
DvdBoreanz: I fell in love with the theatre
DvdBoreanz: and went from there.
Question: The tatooe Angel has on his back is beautiful, I was wondering where it
Question: comes from, is there a story behind the design?
DvdBoreanz: Actually Todd Macintosh designed
DvdBoreanz: that -- he's the makeup artist
DvdBoreanz: for the show.
DvdBoreanz: It's a Keltic tattoo.
Question: Who do you hang out with the most on and off the set?
DvdBoreanz: No one really in particular.
DvdBoreanz: We're so busy working that
DvdBoreanz: we really only see each other
DvdBoreanz: when we're working.
DvdBoreanz: When we're not working
DvdBoreanz: we kinda do our own things.
DvdBoreanz: That'
DvdBoreanz: That's not to say that when
DvdBoreanz: we see each other outside
DvdBoreanz: of work that we don't hang out...
DvdBoreanz: but we rarely do.
Question: What is your favorite esp. this season? I loved Beauty & the Beast. Like
Question: the fall part! :) Love, Faith
DvdBoreanz: So far this season, I don't know really.
DvdBoreanz: We're shooting one now
DvdBoreanz: that will be good.
DvdBoreanz: It's a real turning point in
DvdBoreanz: Angel's character and Buffy's character.
DvdBoreanz: It's being directed by Joss.
Question: Hi, I'm like your biggest fan. I was wondering, do you have any advice
Question: to an aspiring actress???
DvdBoreanz: Just be patient.
DvdBoreanz: Do theatre.
DvdBoreanz: Don't be turned down by rejection
DvdBoreanz: because it happens.
DvdBoreanz: Sooner or later you get a thick
DvdBoreanz: skin with it...
DvdBoreanz: just hang in there.
Question: I've heard some rumors that Angel and Cordelia are going to get together
Question: and leave for L.A....is this rumor true?? :o)
DvdBoreanz: Yep!
DvdBoreanz: It's gonna be a new show coming
DvdBoreanz: out next year, a spinoff called "Angel."
DvdBoreanz: I can't say any more about it
DvdBoreanz: because I don't wanna give
DvdBoreanz: too much away.
Question: What kind of music do you like?
DvdBoreanz: All different types.
DvdBoreanz: I'm a real classic rock n roll type
DvdBoreanz: of guy...
DvdBoreanz: The Stones, Bob Dylan, The Dead.
Question: Hi...I just wanted to say you are a great actor. Also, do you know if
Question: there are any plans of making a Buffy feature film? I really think it would do
Question: well. Keep up the good work and I hope you continue to have great success in
Question: the years to come!
DvdBoreanz: Thank you very much.
DvdBoreanz: There has been talk about a "Buffy" film.
DvdBoreanz: I don't think it'll happen any time soon,
DvdBoreanz: but maybe somewhere down the
DvdBoreanz: line it could happen with some
DvdBoreanz: of the characters.
Question: Hey David! How do you feel about your character now that his soul has
Question: been restored?
DvdBoreanz: Somewhat pleased.
DvdBoreanz: I am gonna enjoy the transition and
DvdBoreanz: the characterizations that I can get into now.
DvdBoreanz: I'm also interested in diving into
DvdBoreanz: his past a little bit more.
Question: David, are you aware that "entertainment asylum" is giving out fan
Question: appreciation awards called YOU'VE GOT FANS? I voted for you for "Coolest Male"
Question: & "Celebrity I'd Most Want On My Buddy List." How do you feel about awards
Question: like this?
DvdBoreanz: That's very nice!
DvdBoreanz: It's great to have that kind of
DvdBoreanz: connection with your fans, especially
DvdBoreanz: with a show like this.
DvdBoreanz: Awards like that are something of a blessing.
DvdBoreanz: They're not political...
DvdBoreanz: I've been very fortunate.
Question: Does David have AOL?
DvdBoreanz: Yep!
Question: Did you have fun doing the MTV special with the entire cast of buffy?
DvdBoreanz: Yeah, it was fun.
DvdBoreanz: It was kinda a long day.
DvdBoreanz: We were doing an episode at the
DvdBoreanz: same time, but it's always
DvdBoreanz: fun when you're doing something
DvdBoreanz: like that with the whole cast.
Question: David, Do you belive in Vampires and Demons???
DvdBoreanz: No.
DvdBoreanz: LOL
Question: Have you played in anything before "Buffy"?
DvdBoreanz: Just in theatre.
DvdBoreanz: I did a lot of theatre...
DvdBoreanz: small bits on TV shows, and in some commercials.
Question: Hi David you are sooooo hot!!!! I love you!! But to the point I was
Question: just wondering what your fav football team is??
DvdBoreanz: Seeing that I'm from Philadelphia,
DvdBoreanz: I like the Eagles -- they're pretty bad
DvdBoreanz: this year.
DvdBoreanz: I also like the Pittsburgh Steelers.
Question: What is the most challenging thing you've had to do on the show so far?
DvdBoreanz: Every day is pretty challenging.
DvdBoreanz: Every day is something different.
DvdBoreanz: I consider most everything a challenge.
DvdBoreanz: I'll take something and do the best
DvdBoreanz: I can with it, as much as I can.
Question: Halloween just over, did you buy REAL candy for your trick-or-treaters?
Question: or the crappy stuff so as not to be tempted to eat it yourself?
DvdBoreanz: I was working, so I really
DvdBoreanz: didn't get a chance to do any of that.
Question: I heard you say you love horses. i have one I am crazy about. Do You
Question: ride
DvdBoreanz: I do ride.
DvdBoreanz: Not as much as I'd like to.
DvdBoreanz: I definitely see horses in my
DvdBoreanz: future somewhere.
Question: Hi David! How good of a kisser is Sarah-Michelle Gellar? How was it
Question: playing such an evil character when you have always been the "nice" vampire?
DvdBoreanz: Sarah's a great person!
DvdBoreanz: It was easy for me because she's so
DvdBoreanz: professional -- she's sweet and loveable.
DvdBoreanz: Playing evil Angel was a stretch
DvdBoreanz: and challenging, again.
DvdBoreanz: I enjoyed it, but I think we're done
DvdBoreanz: with it because we've done all we can with it.
Question: Hi David! First of all I LOVE YOU!!!! But my question is, what was the
Question: first acting "gig" you did that got your career jumpstarted?
DvdBoreanz: I did a "Married With Children" episode back
DvdBoreanz: in 1992. That helped me out.
Question: How is Bertha Blue? I think your dogs are so cute. Love how you get
Question: Bertha's name. How sweet you took Bertha in. Is Bertha a girl/boy?
DvdBoreanz: Bertha's a girl.
DvdBoreanz: She's doing great, enjoying life
DvdBoreanz: as a dog should be.
Question: We often hear how long the days are on set, please describe a typical
Question: day.
DvdBoreanz: It all depends on the episode.
DvdBoreanz: Usually a 16 hour day you're in at 6am
DvdBoreanz: and out late that evening, depending
DvdBoreanz: on whether, for me, I have to go
DvdBoreanz: into prosthetics to become a vampire.
DvdBoreanz: There's a lot of waiting, too, between scenes.
DvdBoreanz: There's lunch... do your work, you're outta there.
DvdBoreanz: That's pretty much it.
Question: Hi david...is there an email address that fans can reach you at, or any
Question: other form of soemthiing we can reach you by?
DvdBoreanz: No email address.
DvdBoreanz: Send mail to the WB Network...
DvdBoreanz: I don't know the address, though. :)
Question: when are we going to see you on the big screen?
DvdBoreanz: Have patience!
Question: Are you feeling any pressures coming from the fact that you will be in
Question: the WB's first spin-off sitcom? If so, how are you dealing with them?
DvdBoreanz: No big pressures, no.
DvdBoreanz: I'm fortunate to be with Joss, who's a great writer.
DvdBoreanz: I kinda take it as my job
DvdBoreanz: and the next challenge in my career.
DvdBoreanz: Every day is pressure, really.
DvdBoreanz: I get up every day and do my
DvdBoreanz: best, fail or succeed.
DvdBoreanz: I always know in the long run
DvdBoreanz: I'll learn something from it.
Question: David: What do u like to do in your free time when you are not working?
DvdBoreanz: Golf.
DvdBoreanz: I like to be outdoors.
DvdBoreanz: Hang out with the dogs, see movies...
DvdBoreanz: working out.
DvdBoreanz: Stuff like that.
Question: what would you be if you were not an actor?
DvdBoreanz: Hmmm.
DvdBoreanz: Maybe a horse trainer.
Question: I was wondering how has your life changed since you have been on the
Question: show?
DvdBoreanz: Just been very busy.
DvdBoreanz: Life seems to be very hectic with work,
DvdBoreanz: making appearances, or going to benefits.
DvdBoreanz: Life is a full schedule for me.
DvdBoreanz: Not a lot of time to "come down," which is
DvdBoreanz: important because you have to do
DvdBoreanz: that from time to time.
Question: How do you feel about the why vampires are viewed in modern society, how
Question: some people try to imitate and mimic them?
DvdBoreanz: I really don't think about that much,
DvdBoreanz: how they're viewed, really.
DvdBoreanz: I guess that's because I really
DvdBoreanz: don't believe in vampires.
Question: What do you draw upon as an actor to act the full spectrum of an truly
Question: malevolent character one moment, and a brooding, good character the next?
DvdBoreanz: Focus.
Question: Is anyone in your family in show business?
DvdBoreanz: My father is a weatherman
DvdBoreanz: in Philadelphia.
DvdBoreanz: He's been in television for over 35 years.
Question: Are you anything like the character you play on Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Question: (Angel)?
DvdBoreanz: No.
DvdBoreanz: Not, you know, a vicious killer.
DvdBoreanz: You tend, as an actor, to take
DvdBoreanz: experiences you've had and
DvdBoreanz: blend them into a character you play.
Question: Hi David! I love to watch you on Buffy. How many days do you get to
Question: learn your script before the show?
DvdBoreanz: Not too many.
DvdBoreanz: TV shows are a fast turnaround.
DvdBoreanz: If we're lucky we get the script
DvdBoreanz: 2 days before we start shooting...
DvdBoreanz: if we're lucky!
DvdBoreanz: It's a lot of work.
DvdBoreanz: 8 days to shoot an episode.
DvdBoreanz: episode, that is.
Question: Hi David,,,I've been trying to get an autophoto of you for awhile,,,was
Question: told at a recent SciFi convention that you'll be touring with them soon,,,any
Question: truth in that?? xoxoLeslie
DvdBoreanz: No.
Question: I've seen that you are very close to your parents, what's your favorite
Question: memory w/ them?
DvdBoreanz: Favorite memory...
DvdBoreanz: every day, really.
DvdBoreanz: Nothing in particular.
DvdBoreanz: They've been very supportive.
Question: Who is your hero?
DvdBoreanz: My dad.
Question: I read your interview in TV Guide, and I thought it was so funny! But
Question: just one question: What makes an English muffin so hip? ;)
DvdBoreanz: Cause it's all crunchy...
DvdBoreanz: nooks and crannies.
AOLiveMC1: Here's our final question for the evening for David:
Question: hi David, if you could say anything to the teens of America, what would
Question: you say?
DvdBoreanz: I would definitely say be a free spirit.
DvdBoreanz: Follow your own path,
DvdBoreanz: a truthful path.
DvdBoreanz: Don't be destructive to others.
DvdBoreanz: Live to love life.
DvdBoreanz: Failure is normal,
DvdBoreanz: crying is acceptable...
DvdBoreanz: and always call your mother.
AOLiveMC1: David, it's been a pleasure having you on AOL and having you take time out of
AOLiveMC1: your day to appear with us.
DvdBoreanz: Thanks for having me, I really
DvdBoreanz: enjoyed spending some time with you!
DvdBoreanz: I look forward to spending some
DvdBoreanz: time with you in the future.
AOLiveMC1: Thank you again, David. And thank you to the audience for all those questions!
AOLiveMC1: Good evening! Until next time, AOL....

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